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The First Wife – Pulse-pounding thriller – Just 99p 0 comments

Despite the ten-year age gap and the differences in their backgrounds, Bailey was meant to be with Logan – she’s sure of it. It’s natural that they should marry as soon as they can.
But when Logan brings Bailey home to his magnificent estate on ninety wooded acres, her dreams of happily-ever-after begin to unravel. She can’t ignore the rumours about what happened to Logan’s first wife and then when a local woman goes missing, all signs point to her husband.
Has Bailey made a terrible mistake trusting Logan? What happened to his first wife? Suddenly Bailey is facing an impossible decision: should she believe what everyone is saying, or should she bet her life on the man she loves, but hardly knows?
Buy this pulse-pounding thriller for only 99p today.
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Her Royal Spyness – A mix of Wodehousian farce and whodunit by Rhys Bowen – Just 99p 0 comments

My ridiculously long name is Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie. Thirty-fourth in line for the throne, I am, as they say, flat broke. When my brother Binky cut off my meager allowance, I bolted from Scotland – and my engagement to Fish-Face (I mean, Prince Siegfried) – for London, where I have:
a) built a fire in the hearth – entirely on my own, thank you very much
b) fallen for an absolutely unsuitable Irish peer
c) made a few quid housekeeping incognito, and
d) been summoned by the Queen Herself to spy on her playboy son.
Less than thrilled with this last bit, I’m wondering what to do, when an arrogant Frenchman – who was trying to swipe our family estate! – winds up dead in my bathtub. Now, my new job is to clear that very long family name . . .
Buy this historical cozy for only 99p today.
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Depth of Lies – Domestic suspense novel – Only £1.00 0 comments

When Shea Walker, a sunny, easygoing mom, is found dead in a bathtub with a stomach full of booze and pills, the shocking discovery shatters the complacency of her comfortable suburban community.
Kat Burrows, Shea’s longtime friend and former neighbor, is hit hardest. How could a woman she thought she knew so well come to such a sordid end? What could lead happy, well-adjusted, responsible Shea to accidentally overdose on alcohol and narcotics? Or, worse, drive her to suicide?
Compelled to uncover the truth of Shea’s final months, Kat delves beneath the orderly surface of her familiar world to discover a web of thwarted desire, shameful secrets, and shocking betrayal that suggests a scarier explanation for what happened to Shea. As her carefully constructed reality begins to crumble, Kat must question every reassuring assumption her life is built upon to solve the mystery…and summon the courage and resourcefulness to survive it.
Buy this domestic suspense novel for only £1.00
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My Girl – A chilling thriller – Psychological suspense – Just 98p 0 comments

Paige Dawson: the mother of a murdered child and wife to a dead man.
She has nothing left to live for… until she finds her husband’s handgun hidden in their house.
Why did Ryan need a gun? What did he know about their daughter’s death?
Desperate for the truth, Paige begins to unearth her husband’s secrets.
But she has no idea who she is up against, or that her life isn’t hers to gamble – she belongs to me.
Buy this psychological suspense novel for only 98p today.
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200 Really Easy Recipes: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook – Just 99p 0 comments

Cooking a meal from scratch can be a satisfying, relaxing and rewarding experience, no matter what your level of experience and time available.
If you are keen to develop your culinary skills but are unsure where to begin, 200 Really Easy Recipes: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook provides the perfect solution. Here is a collection of varied and simple-to-make dishes for every occasion, from starters and main meals to delicious desserts. Why not impress your friends and family with roasted pumpkin soup, a warm scallop salad or perhaps a caramel ice cream cake? You can buy this cookbook today for just 99p.
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Nina is Not OK – A dark, funny – sometimes shocking coming-of-age tale – Just 99p 0 comments

Nina does not have a drinking problem. She likes a drink, sure. But what 17-year-old doesn’t?
Nina’s mum isn’t so sure. But she’s busy with her new husband and five year old Katie. And Nina’s almost an adult after all.
And if Nina sometimes wakes up with little memory of what happened the night before, then her friends are all too happy to fill in the blanks. Nina’s drunken exploits are the stuff of college legend.
But then one dark Sunday morning, even her friends can’t help piece together Saturday night. All Nina feels is a deep sense of shame, that something very bad has happened to her…
Buy this coming-of-age tale for only 99p today – written by one of the UK’s leading comedians.
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Angels And Demons – Robert Langdon #1 – Thriller by Dan Brown – Just 99p 0 comments

CERN Institute, Switzerland: a world-renowned scientist is found brutally murdered with a mysterious symbol seared onto his chest.
The Vatican, Rome: the College of Cardinals assembles to elect a new pope. Somewhere beneath them, an unstoppable bomb of terrifying power relentlessly counts down to oblivion.
In a breathtaking race against time, Harvard professor Robert Langdon must decipher a labyrinthine trail of ancient symbols if he is to defeat those responsible – the Illuminati, a secret brotherhood presumed extinct for nearly four hundred years, reborn to continue their deadly vendetta against their most hated enemy, the Catholic Church.
Buy this Dan Brown thriller today for only 99p.
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Britain Etc. – Insight into the psyche of Britain – Just 99p 0 comments

Mark Easton’s Britain Etc.looks at the UK through its relationship to 26 subjects – one for each letter of the alphabet. From Alcohol, Beat Bobbies, Cheese and Dogs through Immigration, Justice, Knives and Murder to the Queen, Umbrellas, Vegetables and the Zzzz of a well-deserved rest, the book’s meticulously researched but accessible essays map the back-story of contemporary Britain.
This is a book that offers insight into the psyche of Britain; a nation’s obsessions, prejudices, values and idiosyncrasies. What sort of place is it, what are the natives like, and how did we get to where we are? Buy it today for only 99p.
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The Little Clock House on the Green – Whispers Wood #1 – A heartwarming cosy romance – Just 99p 0 comments

Welcome to the little village of Whispers Wood and one glorious summer when friendships are forged, secrets are revealed and romance delightfully bursts into bloom.
Kate Somersby has finally returned home after years of running away. She’s heard that Old Man Isaac is selling the clock house on the green and she’s determined to make him an offer – the very bricks that make up the little clock house hold precious memories for her.
Only gorgeous entrepreneur Daniel Westlake is standing in her way. Their rivalry is the talk of the village and soon rumours are spreading thicker than jam on a scone…
Buy this romance for only 99p today.
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