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Kindle Daily Deals: The Lowland, Echopraxia (Firefall) and more 0 comments

The Lowland (£1.09 Audiobook £3.99) Kindle Book: From Subhash’s earliest memories, at every point, his brother was there. In the suburban streets of Calcutta where they wandered before dusk and in the hyacinth-strewn ponds where they played for hours on end, Udayan was always in his older brother’s sight.
Echopraxia (Firefall) (£0.99) Kindle Fiction: It’s the eve of the 22nd century and the beginning of the end.
The Amber Fury (£0.99) Kindle Fiction: Enthralled by the bloodthirsty justice of the ancient world, the teenagers begin to weave the threads of their own tragedy – one that Alex watches, helpless to prevent.
Laserbreak Pro (Free) App for Kindle Fire and Android: Laserbreak Pro is the fully unlocked version of Laserbreak including 90 amazing levels to entertain you for many hours.

Do No Harm (£1.49) Audible Deal of the Day: What is it really like to be a brain surgeon, to hold someone’s life in your hands, to drill down into the stuff that creates thought, feeling and reason? In this brutally honest account, one of the country’s top neurosurgeons reveals what it is to play god in life-and-death situations. Henry Marsh gives us a rare insight into the intense drama of the operating theatre and the exquisite complexity of the human brain.
Prices good today only until 11:59pm. Regular daily posts are below this post.

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Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement 0 comments

All –

We are greatly humbled with the outpouring of prayers, words of sympathy and encouragement extended to us at the death of our 45-year-old brother. Yesterday (Thursday) we assisted our sister-in-law in planning the service to celebrate John’s life.
As is the custom in the United States, on Friday evening the family will welcome friends and relatives to visit at the church for several hours where we will share our remembrances. Saturday morning we will celebrate John’s life at a church service. The next two days will be difficult and your continued prayers are appreciated.
Today I removed the comment approval function and your comments will post immediately. I apologize for neglecting to do that yesterday.

–Paula and Susan

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The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair – Literary fiction – Only 99p 0 comments

August 30, 1975. The day of the disappearance. The day Somerset, New Hampshire, lost its innocence.
That summer, struggling author Harry Quebert fell in love with fifteen-year-old Nola Kellergan. Thirty-three years later, her body is dug up from his yard, along with a manuscript copy of the novel that made him a household name. Quebert is the only suspect.
Marcus Goldman – Quebert’s most gifted protégé – throws off his writer’s block to clear his mentor’s name. Solving the case and penning a new bestseller soon merge into one. As his book begins to take on a life of its own, the nation is gripped by the mystery of ‘The Girl Who Touched the Heart of America’.
But with Nola, in death as in life, nothing is ever as it seems.
Buy this novel today for only 99p. Audiobook: £3.99.
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The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly – Harry Bosch #3 – £1.49 0 comments

When LAPD detective Harry Bosch shot and killed Norman Church – the ‘Dollmaker’ – the police were convinced it marked the end of the search for one of the city’s most bizarre serial killers.
But four years later, Norman Church’s widow is taking Bosch to court, accusing him of killing the wrong man. To make matters worse, Bosch has just received a note, eerily reminiscent of the ones the Dollmaker used to taunt him with, giving him a location where a body can be found.
Buy this crime thriller for £1.49 today. Audiobook: £2.99.
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Gypsy Girl: A life on the road – £1.66 0 comments

Imagine being born into a world where communities are constantly on the move, but freedom is not a birthright. Rosie grew up travelling all over England and Ireland in her family’s caravan. She had an idyllic childhood roaming fields and meadows with her younger brothers and sisters – free from the trappings of modern life, but restricted by the expectations of her culture.
When Rosie was 14, the family’s happiness was shattered when her grandfather – who was loved and respected by the whole community – was killed in a tragic accident. Suddenly everything in Rosie’s life unravelled and she was forced to abandon the traditional way of life she loved. Her family fell apart in grief and Rosie tried her best to take care of her younger siblings and hold the family together.
Eventually though life at home became unbearable and Rosie met Stevie, a traveller boy who promised her a different kind of life. Sadly though, Stevie was battling his own demons and Rosie’s journey to freedom had only just begun…
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A very personal post 14 comments

Our hearts are broken
The two ladies who bring you this blog of cheap reads are sisters. Suddenly yesterday afternoon our 45-year-old brother John suffered a fatal massive heart attack. Our loss is great; our hearts are broken.
John worked for years at the local General Motors dealership, managing the parts department and body shop and most recently in sales.
He served in his state’s National Guard for 27 years; including deployments in Afghanistan and Kosovo. John had a wide circle of friends and knew just about everyone in his hometown.
JohnJessCropHis family lived with our 95-year-old father. John tended the cattle and all things around the farm so Dad could continue to live there.
John’s wife of just a few years is devastated as are his children and step-children. If you are a praying person, please pray for his widow Sherrilyn and his children Jessi, James, Sara and Abby. Please pray for Dad, too.
I’ve taken the comment moderation off so that you can post without my approval. I’m sorry if spam comes through. The site may be a bit shortened the next few days as our family gathers to cry, remember and grieve together.
We are John’s sisters –
Paula and Susan

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All that Glitters – A story of sex, ambition and murder – Just 89p 0 comments

Isabel doesn’t want to marry a tycoon. She wants to be one.
Isabel Suarez-Octavio is ravishing, intelligent and ambitious. But unlike some of her friends, she’s not planning to use her looks to seduce a billionaire and become someone’s trophy wife. She’s just arrived at Oxford University, and she is determined to make her mark on the world.
The city of dreaming spires is everything she hoped for. The parties are riotous, the societies thrilling, and the people are the power brokers of tomorrow. Before long, Isabel is prowling the corridors of Westminster by day, partying in Miami by night: a rising star pursuing good times and a glittering career.
Until a yacht trip along Italy’s glamorous Amalfi Coast goes horribly wrong. Suddenly, Isabel is in the frame for murder, standing utterly alone against some of the world’s most powerful men. After years of thinking only of the future, she must finally confront the secrets of her past – and face her biggest challenge yet.
Buy this story of sex, ambition and murder, set amid the glistening super-yachts of the Amalfi coast for 89p today.
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Secrets She Left Behind by Diane Chamberlain – £2.39 0 comments

What if you did something so devastating, you regretted it for the rest of your life?
Nineteen-year-old Maggie Lockwood spent a year in prison for her part in a fire that cost three lives. The scars carried by the surviving victims – inside and out – are still raw and Maggie’s release from jail does nothing to free her from the guilt.
Returning home, Maggie hides herself away, too afraid to see Keith, the boy she grew up with, played with as a child – and recently learnt is her half-brother.
Keith nearly lost his life in the fire and the emotional and physical wounds he carries have changed him forever. With childhood innocence gone, Maggie and Keith must learn to come to terms with their new lives, but trying to move forward will have deadly consequences…
Buy this novel today for £2.39. Audiobook: £3.99.
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A Division of the Light – Contemporary fiction – £1.05 0 comments

It begins on a quiet city street. A young woman is robbed, with the crime witnessed by a man holding a camera. In the aftermath, victim and voyeur meet.
It ends six months later, by which point both their lives – and the way they choose to live them – have changed irrevocably.
This is the story of what happened in between.
Buy this novel today for £1.05.
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True Fire – True Trilogy #1 – Young adult fantasy – Just 99p 0 comments

THE MISSION. Her sister stolen. Her grandfather murdered. Her home burned to the ground. At just 16, her life destroyed. Now, Megan wants revenge.
THE ENEMY. But the men who took Megan’s precious twin are no ordinary soldiers. The brutal witches, armour-clad and branded with the mark of the True, will stop at nothing to take back the power they once had.
THE DECEPTION. Desperate for a way to destroy them, Megan uncovers a terrifying lie.
A lie that will cast doubt on everything she has ever known, and everyone she has ever trusted. A lie that will put Megan at the heart of the greatest war her world has ever seen…
Buy this first book in a young adult fantasy series for only 99p today.
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