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Kindle Daily Deals: Friends of the Dusk by Phil Rickman, The New Woman and more 0 comments

Friends of the Dusk (£1.39 Audiobook £4.99): When Autumn storms blast Hereford, centuries-old human bones are found amongst the roots of a tree blown down on the city’s Castle Green. But why have they been stolen?
The New Woman (£0.99 Audiobook £3.49): Luke Livingstone is a lucky man. He’s a respected solicitor, a father and grandfather, a pillar of the community. He has a loving wife and an idyllic home in the Oxfordshire countryside. Yet Luke is struggling with an unbearable secret, and it’s threatening to destroy him.
Shots Fired (£0.99): Ten stories from international bestseller C.J. Box, full of dark deeds and dangerous impulses.
The Guides (Free) App for Kindle Fire and Android thru Underground: The Guides is a journey that will challenge your wit, stretch your imagination and test your ingenuity in unique and innovative ways.
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (£1.99) Audible Deal of the Day: Written as a “report into the circumstances surrounding the decision to introduce salmon into the Yemen”, this is a novel that is made up of e-mails, letters, diary extracts, records of the prime minister’s Question Time, interviews, and chapters from the memoirs of a fantastically weaselly Peter Mandelson-type figure.
Prices good today only until 11:59pm. Regular daily posts are below this post.


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Under Your Skin – A gripping psychological thriller – Just 99p 0 comments

Gaby Mortimer thought she had a perfect life: a high-powered job, loving husband, beautiful daughter. But then early one morning she discovers the body of a murdered woman – a woman who looks like her, and seems to be wearing her clothes…
Buy this gripping psychological thriller for only 99p today.
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First Sight by Danielle Steel – Contemporary women’s saga – £1.99 0 comments

New York. London. Milan. Paris. Fashion week in all four cities. A month of endless interviews, parties, unflagging work and attention to detail. At the centre of the storm is Timmie O’Neill, who has created an international empire that inspires, fills, and consumes her life.
Yet as blessed as Timmie feels by her success, she harbours the private wounds of a devastating childhood and past tragedy. Always willing to take risks in business, she never risks her heart – until an intriguing Frenchman comes into her life during Paris Fashion Week.
There is every reason why they must remain apart. But neither can deny their growing friendship and the electricity that sparks whenever they meet. Are they brave enough to face what comes next?
Buy this women’s saga by Danielle Steel for only £1.99 today. Audiobook: £3.99.
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Key Witness – Suspense novel set in New Mexico – £1.25 0 comments

Heading west for the serene deserts of New Mexico with his three-legged dog, Patch, Abe Freeman hopes to escape the memories of his girlfriend’s lost battle with cancer. He expects his cross-country journey to be healing, not life-threatening. And he definitely doesn’t plan to wind up as the main suspect when a drifter he meets along the way, Easy Jackson, gets murdered.
When Abe’s lost knife turns up at the crime scene and Easy’s key appears in Abe’s backpack, Abe finds himself hunted by the police, biker gangs, and drug dealers, all of whom are determined to get their hands on that key. Caught up in the violence, Abe becomes desperate to prove his innocence. With help from Navajo police officer Emily Etcitty, he just might survive…and his heart just might find another reason to keep on beating.
Buy this police procedural for £1.25 today.
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Forgotten Promises – A new adult mixed martial arts romance – Just 49p 0 comments

Morgan Young had a perfect upbringing, and now she’s got a perfect boyfriend and a perfect future—until her twenty-first birthday changes everything. First Morgan finds out, in the most painful way possible, that her relationship is a sham. But that’s nothing compared to the nightmare about to unfold.
It’s too late for Tucker Noscalo. A brutal childhood left him with a bad reputation and a criminal record. Fresh out of jail, Tucker has a score to settle with Baybrook’s crooked chief of police—his own father. Nobody will believe Tucker’s explosive accusations without proof and a good lawyer, neither of which he has on his side. Until he sees someone he used to know, someone who just so happens to be the daughter of the best lawyer in the county.
He needs Morgan to convince her father of the ugly truth. But first he has to convince her, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get her to listen. Confronted by the story of Tucker’s dark past, Morgan feels utterly compelled to help him. And as their connection grows into a fierce bond fueled by raw passion, Morgan finds herself falling for the wrong guy—but never has the promise of love felt so right.
Buy this new adult romance for only 49p today.
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The Mark of Halam – A Jeff Bradley Thriller – USS Ulysses: State-of-the-art nuclear submarine. Deterrent. Target. – £1.00 0 comments

When an Olympic medalist is the subject of an attempted assassination, former SAS trooper Jeff Bradley knows his past is once again casting a shadow over his new life. A note left by the assassin confirms his suspicions: Bradley made an enemy back in Kosovo, and the man is out for revenge. But Jeff knows the killer is not working alone: higher up the ranks sits Avni Leka, a terrorist warlord who will stop at nothing to achieve his bloody goal.
And it’s not just Bradley who is under threat. A hijacking leads him to sense something bigger is being planned—a plot that, if successful, will end thousands of innocent lives, and could light the touchpaper of global conflict.
He can’t allow it to happen. But events are spiralling out of control. Bradley knows he must reach the eye of the storm before it tears his world apart.
Buy this military thriller for only £1.00 today.
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Hope by Lesley Pearce – Her existence would be the ruin of her mother – Historical fiction – £1.99 0 comments

Baby Hope, the unfortunate proof of Lady Harvey’s adultery, is smuggled out of a privileged aristocratic household to a nearby village. There, her true identity a secret, she grows up in the arms of the poor, but loving, Renton family.
But the day comes when Hope must pay her way. What could be more natural than being taken into service by the Harveys? However when she sees something she should not, she is threatened and blackmailed into leaving her beloved Rentons forever.
Destitute on the streets of an unfriendly city, Hope’s courage and kindness are recognized by a doctor. A talent for healing sees her taken on as nurse and destined for the horrific battlefields of the Crimea.
But will Hope ever come home and uncover the true story of her birth?
Buy this historical fiction novel for £1.99 today.
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The Darling Buds of May – A quick humourous read – £1.99 0 comments

‘Home looks nice. Allus does though, don’t it? Perfick’
And so the Larkins – Pop, Ma, Mariette, Zinnia, Petunia, Primrose, Victoria and Montgomery – return from an outing for fish and chips and ice cream one May evening. There, amid the rustic charms of home, they discover a visitor: one Cedric Charlton, Her Majesty’s inspector of taxes.
Mr Charlton is visiting to find out why junk-dealer Pop hasn’t paid his tax – but nothing’s that simple at the Larkins. Mariette takes a shine to ‘Charley’ – as Pop calls him – and before long the family have introduced the uncomplaining inspector to the delights of country living: the lusty scents of wild flowers, the pleasures of a bottle of Dragon’s Blood, cold cream dribbled over a bowl of strawberries and hot, hot summer nights.
In fact, soon Charley can’t see any reason to return to the office at all …
This shorter, humourous read is selling for £1.99 today. Audiobook: £3.49.
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A Dinner of Herbs by Catherine Cookson – Historical fiction novel – Just 99p 0 comments

Roddy Greenbank was brought by his father to the remote Northumberland community of Langley in the autumn of 1807. Within hours of their arrival, however, the father meets a violent death and the boy is left with all memory gone of his past life.
Adopted and raised by old Kate Makepeace, Roddy found his closest companions in Hal Roystan and Mary Ellen Lee. These three stand at the heart of a richly eventful narrative that spans the first half of the nineteenth century, their lives lastingly intertwined by the inexorable demands of a strange and somewhat cruel destiny.
Buy this historical fiction novel for only 99p today.
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Blind Alley – DI Jack Brady #3 – Three brutal attacks. One near-fatal beating. And a deadly score to settle. – Just 99p 0 comments

DI Jack Brady is riding high after the successful outcome of his previous case but his world is about to come crashing down.
There’s a serial rapist plaguing the streets of Whitley Bay. Three young women have been horribly abused and his boss and the press are screaming for answers. Everything seems to point to his old friend and foe gangster Martin Madley though Brady still struggles to believe he’s capable of such acts.
With time running out before the villain strikes again Brady must follow every scrap of evidence. But there are forces at work he knows nothing about, and his persistence is leading both him and those close to him ever further into danger…
You can add this police procedural to your Kindle library for only 99p today.
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