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The Things I Know – Contemporary women’s fiction – £1.00 0 comments

Thomasina ‘Hitch’ Waycott loves living and working on the remote family farm and B&B. But she also wants more. To see the world. To own her own home. To fall madly in love.
But those are fairy tales, and if her life is a fairy tale, then she’s the ugly duckling. Her deformed lip, her crooked limbs and her weak heart have kept her from taking chances. But that’s about to change.
When Grayson Potts comes to stay, he’s unlike anyone Thomasina has ever met. He’s aloof, eccentric and exceptionally kind. He’s also totally unconcerned with the physical flaws that have always defined Thomasina.
The two form a bond that neither has had before. It’s possible that it could become something more, but Thomasina also wonders if it’s too good to be true. By putting her heart on the line, Thomasina may open herself to heartbreak. But she may also open herself to so much more.
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Seven Stones to Stand or Fall – A Collection of Outlander Short Stories – Only 99p 0 comments

Featuring all the characters you’ve come to love from the Outlander series, this brilliant collection of short stories throws you into the magical world of Outlander. Includes previously published Virgins, The Space Between, Plague of Zombies, A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows and The Custom of the Army, plus two never seen before works – Besieged and A Fugitive Green.
A must-read for all Outlander fans! Buy it today for only 99p.
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A Nearly Normal Family – A page-turning psychological thriller – Just 99p 0 comments

Every murder case starts with a suspect.
What if the suspect is your daughter?
Would you believe her, or the evidence against her?
The Father
Believes his daughter has been framed.
The Mother
Believes she is hiding something.
The Daughter
Believes they have no idea what she’s truly capable of . . .
There are three sides to the story.
And the truth will shatter this family to pieces.
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Finisterre – Historical fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

Desperate to avoid the humiliation of unconditional surrender, German intelligence launch Operation Finisterre – a last-ditch plan to enable Hitler to deny the savage logic of a war on two fronts and bluff his way to the negotiating table.
Success depends on two individuals: Stefan Portisch, a German naval officer washed ashore on the coast of Spain after the loss of his U-boat, and Hector Gomez, an ex-FBI detective, planted by Director J. Edgar Hoover in the middle of the most secret place on earth: the American atomic bomb complex. Both men will find themselves fighting for survival as Operation Finisterre plays itself out.
Buy this historical fiction novel for only 99p today.
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Where Eagles Dare – A classic World War II thriller by Alistair MacLean – Just 99p 0 comments

One winter night, seven men and a woman are parachuted onto a mountainside in wartime Germany. Their objective: an apparently inaccessible castle, headquarters of the Gestapo. Their mission: to rescue a crashed American general before the Nazi interrogators can force him to reveal secret D-Day plans.
This classic World War II thriller from the acclaimed master of action and suspense is selling for only 99p today. Audiobook: £2.99.
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He Will Find You – Nail-biting psychological suspense – Just 99p 0 comments

Kaitlyn Best is stuck in a rut. So when she discovers she’s pregnant after a one-night-stand with Alex, her school crush, she throws caution to the wind and accepts his offer to make a new life together in the depths of the Lake District, far from her home… and her demons.
But Alex is not what he seems. And when Kaitlyn’s world begins to crumble before her eyes, she realises she barely knows the man she has agreed to spend the rest of her life with.
Since Alex won’t tell her his secrets, Kaitlyn vows to find them out for herself. But when she uncovers the truth, she realises she has made a terrible mistake…
Buy this psychological thriller for only 99p today.
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The Killing Habit – Tom Thorne #15 – Crime thriller – Just 99p 0 comments

We’ve all heard about the signs: coldness, cruelty, lack of empathy. DI Tom Thorne knows the psychological profile of a psychopath all too well, so when pets start disappearing on suburban London streets, he sees a chance to stop a future murderer.
Others are less convinced, so Thorne relies on DI Nicola Tanner to help him solve the case, before the culprit starts hunting people. The journey brings them face to face with a killer who will tear their lives apart.
Buy this crime thriller for just 99p today. Audiobook: £2.99.
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The Plus One – A laugh-out-loud summer holiday read – Only 99p 0 comments

Polly Spencer is fine. She’s single, turning thirty and only managed to have sex twice last year (both times with a Swedish banker called Fred), but seriously, she’s fine. Even if she’s still stuck at Posh! magazine writing about royal babies and the chances of finding a plus one to her best friend’s summer wedding are looking worryingly slim.
But it’s a New Year, a new leaf and all that. Polly’s determined that over the next 365 days she’ll remember to shave her legs, drink less wine and generally get her s**t together. Her latest piece is on the infamous Jasper, Marquess of Milton, undoubtedly neither a plus one nor ‘the one’. She’s heard the stories, there’s no way she’ll succumb to his charms…
Buy this laugh-out-loud summer holiday read for only 99p today.
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Survivor – A gangland crime thriller of murder, danger and unbreakable bonds – Lolly Bruce – Only 99p 0 comments

Lolly has always known her mum was different. Sometimes Angela Bruce was ill in a quiet sort of way, but other times she roamed the Mansfield estate shouting about whatever had wormed its way into her head that day. Either way, Lolly was on her own so she learned how to look after herself pretty quickly.
Mal Fury has never got over the disappearance of his daughter all those years ago, but there’s still hope because the police never found Kay’s body. So when his private investigator turns up a lead that connects Kay to Lolly, Mal needs to find out more. But in doing so, he’s delving into a decades-old mystery that could throw Lolly’s entire world into chaos and she’ll need every ounce of her survival instinct if she’s to make it out the other side . . .
Buy this crime thriller for just 99p today. Audiobook: £2.99.
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