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Kindle Daily Deals: The Trinity Game and The Devil’s Game by Sean Chercover and more 0 comments

The Trinity Game and The Devil’s Game (£0.99 each Audiobooks £3.49 each): Buy the first two books in the Game Trilogy of suspense fiction by Sean Chercover for only 99p each. Daniel Byrne is an investigator for the Vatican’s secretive Office of the Devil’s Advocate—the department that scrutinizes miracle claims.
The Memory Palace – Learn Anything and Everything (£0.99): Install knowledge into your brain using the very same memory technique used by the world’s top memorizers.
Conspiracy (£2.99) Audible Deal of the Day: Paris, 1585: Giordano Bruno has come to Paris, a city on the edge of catastrophe. Alone and near destitute, Bruno turns to old friend and zealous preacher Paul Lefevre. But when the priest is murdered, Bruno is pulled into a dangerous world. If Bruno can’t uncover the truth, not only is the future of the de Valois monarchy threatened – but his own life will be the forfeit.


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Kindle Books Half Term Sale – Books for readers of all ages – Starting at just 99p each 0 comments

Shop over 150 Kindle Books from 99p to keep everyone entertained this week during the Kindle Books Half Term Sale. Sale ends 31 October, 2016. Four books in the sale are:


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Six quick picks: Jesse Stone Mystery series by Robert B. Parker – Just 99p each 0 comments

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Sleepwalker – Romantic suspense by Karen Robards – Just 99p 0 comments

When rookie cop Micayla Lange arrests a man she discovers breaking into her old family friend Nicco Marino’s mansion, her troubles have only just begun.
Because, as she pulls a gun on professional thief Jason Davis, he drops the bag he’s stolen – and it spills open to reveal photographs of Micayla’s genial ‘uncle’ Nicco handing money to a number of Detroit’s most powerful politicians and law-makers. No-one was meant to see those photos, least of all a police officer.
And – with close circuit cameras capturing every moment of Micayla’s realisation that Uncle Nicco is seriously involved with the mob – she may now be in mortal danger. But Jason has a suggestion. Perhaps if they team up – then maybe there’ll a chance they’ll both get out alive… He’s her only hope. But can she trust him with her life?
Buy this crime fiction novel for only 99p today.
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Someday, Someday, Maybe – Contemporary women’s fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

It’s January 1995, and Franny Banks has just six months left of the three-year deadline she set for herself when she came to New York, dreaming of Broadway and doing “important” work. But all she has to show for her efforts so far is a part in an ad for ugly Christmas sweaters, and a gig waiting tables at a comedy club.
Everyone tells her she needs a backup plan, and though she can almost picture moving back home and settling down with her perfectly nice ex-boyfriend, she’s not ready to give up on her goal of having a career.
Everything is riding on the upcoming showcase for her acting class, where she’ll finally have a chance to perform for people who could actually hire her. And she can’t let herself be distracted by James Franklin, a notorious flirt and the most successful actor in her class, even though he’s suddenly started paying attention.
Meanwhile, her bank account is rapidly dwindling, her father wants her to come home, and her agent doesn’t return her calls. But for some reason, she keeps believing that she just might get what she came for.
Buy this contemporary women’s novel for only 99p today. Audiobook: £5.99.
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Amazon Daily Deals: PhD Nutrition Synergy & A variety of pet products 0 comments

Save over 65% on PhD Nutrition Synergy ISO-7, Double Chocolate£18.99
Up to 40% off a variety of pet products£3.83 – £136.00


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Free now: Extraordinary People – Enzo Macleod #1 – Mystery from Quercus 0 comments
Free now: Extraordinary People – Enzo Macleod #1 – Mystery from Quercus
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only.


PARIS. An old mystery.
As midnight strikes, a man desperately seeking sanctuary flees into a church. The next day, his sudden disappearance will make him famous throughout France.
A new science.
Forensic expert Enzo Macleod takes a wager to solve the seven most notorious French murders, armed with modern technology and a total disregard for the justice system.
A fresh trail.
Deep in the catacombs below the city, he unearths dark clues deliberately set – and as he draws closer to the killer, discovers that he is to be the next victim.
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Eve’s Apples – Family saga – Just 99p 0 comments

When 12-year-old Daisy Smith steals a carrot for Jackie Murphy, an Irish barrow-boy, a love affair begins which will last for both their lives. Even when Jackie’s family leave for Australia, Daisy cannot forget her childhood sweetheart.
She determines to follow her love to Australia – after all, she would follow him to the ends of the earth if she had to.
Though Daisy and Jackie are destined never to marry, their love affair continues. In Australia they both make their fortunes – Jackie in the opal mines and Daisy through the outback bar she runs with her husband. And as time goes on, their various children start new lives thousands of miles away from their East End roots . . .
Buy this saga today for only 99p.
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The Heart Of Devin MacKade – Contemporary romance by Nora Roberts – Only 99p 0 comments

Sheriff Devin MacKade had always had his eye on Cassie Connor Dolin. Twelve years of trying to watch over her and her children. Twelve years of being the dependable friend, of seeing his beauty married to a beast. Twelve years of hell.
Now that was going to change, though he knew he’d have to be careful, move slow. But if Cassie came any closer, he might just toss her over his shoulder and carry her off! And he wasn’t sure either of them was quite ready for that yet. But soon…
Buy this contemporary romance by Nora Roberts for only 99p today. Audiobook: £3.49.
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Fire and Brimstone – Dan Starkey #5 – A quirky mystery – Just 99p 0 comments

When billionaire’s daughter Alison Wolff disappears following a massacre at a party, nobody knows if she has been kidnapped or killed. Dan Starkey is hired to find the missing student but instead is drawn into a violent struggle between rival gangs.
A drugs war is tearing the city apart and in response, a new church movement has sprung up. But when a controversial new abortion clinic is firebombed, Dan is asked to prove their involvement.
In a Belfast rapidly descending back into chaos, Dan is left with an impossible choice – betray his client or risk losing his family…
Buy this quirky mystery for only 99p today.
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