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Kindle Daily Deals and Other Great Deals – Including Dying Truth (Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller #8) by Angela Marsons 0 comments
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The Stopover (The Miles High Club) by T L Swan
I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll
Dying Truth (Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller #8) by Angela Marsons
Legacy: Gangsters, Corruption and the London Olympics by Michael Gillard
Spirit Legacy (The Gateway Trilogy Book 1) by E.E. Holmes
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Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All – A madcap adventure – Just 99p 0 comments

It’s always awkward when five thousand kronor goes missing. When it happens at a certain grotty hotel in south Stockholm, it’s particularly awkward because the money belongs to the hitman currently staying in room seven.
Per Persson, the hotel receptionist, just wants to mind his own business, and preferably not get murdered. Johanna Kjellander, temporarily resident in room eight, is a priest without a vocation, and, as of last week, without a parish.
But right now she has two things at her disposal: an envelope containing five thousand kronor, and an excellent idea . . .
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The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon – Just 99p 0 comments

Amazon placed one of the first and largest bets on the Internet. Nothing would ever be the same again.
Though started off delivering books through the mail, its visionary founder, Jeff Bezos, was never content with being just a bookseller. He wanted Amazon to become ‘the everything store’, offering limitless selection and seductive convenience at disruptively low prices. To achieve that end, he developed a corporate culture of relentless ambition and secrecy that’s never been cracked. Until now…
Jeff Bezos stands out for his relentless pursuit of new markets, leading Amazon into risky new ventures like the Kindle and cloud computing, and transforming retail in the same way that Henry Ford revolutionized manufacturing.
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If You Knew Her – The perfect life or the perfect lie? – Suspense – Just 99p 0 comments

Cassie had it all – the fairytale wedding, the stunning home, the perfect husband. But when she arrives on the intensive care ward at St Catherine’s hospital in a coma, it soon becomes clear that she has a secret; a secret that changes everything.
Alice, the chief nurse on the ward begins to feel a connection with Cassie and can’t help but wonder if things are not quite as they seem.
Frank, another patient, can hear and see everything around him but cannot communicate. He understands that Cassie’s life is in danger and only he holds the truth, which no one can know and he cannot tell . . .
Buy this suspenseful novel for only 99p today. Audiobook: £2.99.
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Sing You Home – A moving story by Jodi Picoult – Just 99p 0 comments

Zoe and Max Baxter spent ten years trying to conceive, until the heartbreak of their failure finally broke their marriage apart.
After the dissolution of their marriage, each seems on their own path to healing, as Max turns himself towards an evangelical church whilst Zoe finds solace in a new relationship with a woman, Vanessa. But when Zoe and Vanessa approach Max asking to use the frozen embryos left from their marriage, their paths come hurtling face to face.
In Max’s eyes, Zoe and Vanessa’s desire to raise a child together is an aberration.
And Zoe is not prepared to let her desire for a child go without a fight.
Buy this compelling novel by popular author Jodi Picoult for only 99p today.
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Bridge of Clay – An epic and spellbinding quest for redemption – Just 99p 0 comments

A lost typewriter — A dead dog — The bones of the snake that killed it.
Matthew Dunbar, eldest of five brothers, is on a journey to find them all. Only then can he tell the astonishing story of his family, rocked by tragedy and a long-buried secret.
He will learn of a mother who crosses continents for a new home; of a father searching for love in the keys of an old piano; and, finally, of a brother named Clay, who will make the most challenging journey of them all, and change their lives for ever.
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Brief Answers to the Big Questions – Final book from Stephen Hawking – Just 99p 0 comments

Throughout his extraordinary career, Stephen Hawking expanded our understanding of the universe and unravelled some of its greatest mysteries. But even as his theoretical work on black holes, imaginary time and multiple histories took his mind to the furthest reaches of space, Hawking always believed that science could also be used to fix the problems on our planet.
And now, as we face potentially catastrophic changes here on Earth – from climate change to dwindling natural resources to the threat of artificial super-intelligence – Stephen Hawking turns his attention to the most urgent issues for humankind.
Wide-ranging, intellectually stimulating, passionately argued, and infused with his characteristic humour, BRIEF ANSWERS TO THE BIG QUESTIONS, the final book from one of the greatest minds in history, is a personal view on the challenges we face as a human race, and where we, as a planet, are heading next.
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Free now: The Mistletoe Seller – Romantic novel for Christmas from Harper Collins 0 comments
Free now: The Mistletoe Seller – Romantic novel for Christmas from Harper Collins
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only.


It’s Christmas Eve. Flurries of snow fall on the cobbled streets of Whitechapel and an abandoned baby, swaddled in a blanket, is found on a doorstep in Angel Lane . . .
Named after the street on which she was found, Angel Winter was blessed to be taken from the harsh streets into a loving home. But fate deals a cruel blow and she’s torn from the only family she has ever known, and thrown onto the cobbles of Covent Garden to fend for herself.
With winter closing in, Angel scratches a living selling mistletoe to the City gentlemen who pass through the market, hoping they will take pity on her as she shivers in the snow. The only way she can survive is to make her own luck. She will never sell the one treasure that could feed her for a month, the gold and ruby ring that was hidden in her swaddling – it could hold the key to the secrets of her past . . .
Audiobook: £2.99.
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Lies – Psychological thriller – Just 99p 0 comments

Joe Lynch is just an ordinary happily-married man – until one split-second decision throws his life into crisis.
When Joe sees his wife having a confrontation with family friend Ben, it’s the first hint that she’s been lying to him – about everything. And when he steps in to protect her, a harmless shove knocks Ben to the ground. And he’s not moving…
Buy this psychological thriller for only 99p today. Audiobook: £2.99.
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Christmas at Tuppenny Corner – Romance and intrigue – Just 99p 0 comments

Liverpool, 1939: As winter descends on Tuppenny Corner and rumours of war float across the canals, fifteen-year-old Rosie O’Leary must come to terms with her own dramatic upheaval. Forced to say goodbye to all she holds dear and embark on a new life aboard The Kingfisher, her world is suddenly full of uncertainty.
But new beginnings open up new possibilities… When fellow bargee – the handsome Tim Bradley – offers to show Rosie the sights of Liverpool, she jumps at the chance and it’s not long before their friendship grows into something more.
But when Tim is called up to join the RAF, Rosie’s dream of a future together must be put on hold. If Rosie can find the strength to embrace her new life on the canals, there might still be the chance of a miracle this Christmas…
Buy this holiday historical romance with intrigue for only 99p today.
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