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A Mother’s Wish: Wanted: Perfect Partner / Father’s Day – Women’s fiction by Debbie Macomber – £1.49 0 comments

Meg’s teenage daughter, Lindsey, had the nerve to place a personal ad on her behalf – ‘Wanted: Perfect Partner. I’m dating-shy, divorced and seeking a man with marriage in mind.’ Worse, Steve Conlan, who answered the ad, was perfect, according to Lindsey.
Did a teenage matchmaker get it right? Robin Masterton’s young son, Jeff, thinks he needs a dog more than anything in the world. And there just happens to be one next door! But the friendly black Lab belongs to Cole Camden, the unfriendliest man in the neighbourhood. Still, Jeff persists – and ropes his mum in as the persuader. Perhaps there’s a chance he’ll have a dog, and a dad in time for Father’s Day…
Buy this two-novel romance/women’s fiction bundle for only £1.49 today.
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The Ivory Carver Trilogy – Sweeping Native American trilogy – £2.99 0 comments

Now in one volume, international-bestselling author Sue Harrison’s sweeping Native American trilogy set at the dawn of human civilization in Alaska. Available today for £2.99.
Mother Earth Father Sky: After her tribe is slaughtered, a young woman, Chagak, is left alone to care for her infant brother. With nothing left to lose, she sets out on a dangerous quest for survival—and revenge—among the icy waters, vicious enemies, and frozen tundra of Alaska.
My Sister the Moon: Kiin has been betrothed to the son of the tribal chief since birth, but her heart belongs to his brother. When she is suddenly taken from her people, hardships, love, and chance will change Kiin—and ultimately lead her to a new destiny.
Brother Wind: Finally content with her hard-won life, Kiin is devastated when she’s thrust back into the nightmares of her past.
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Two quick picks: Inspirational romances bundles by Grace Livingston Hill – Just 95p each 0 comments

More romances are available for only 95p each. Click here to view the selection.

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Wait For You, Trust in Me: 2-Book Collection – New adult romance – £1.99 0 comments

An amazing two-book collection featuring J Lynn’s bestselling duo, WAIT FOR YOU and TRUST IN ME – two sides of the same love story… Buy this new adult romance bundle for £1.99 today.
WAIT FOR YOU and TRUST IN ME tell two sides of the same beautiful love story.
Some things are worth waiting for…Avery knows she should stay away from Cam Hamilton: he might be the hottest guy on campus but she really doesn’t need that sort of drama right now. Love is best left in the past – along with her troubles.
Some things are worth experiencing…Cameron Hamilton is used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. But when Avery Morgansten comes crashing into his life – literally – he finally meets the one person who can resist his soulful baby blues.
And some things are worth fighting for…And sometimes, the last thing that you want is just the thing you need…
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The Shipshewana Amish Mystery Collection – Just £2.99 0 comments

Award-winning author Vannetta Chapman’s Shipshewana Amish Mystery series now available in one volume. Buy the three-book set for only £2.99.
Falling to Pieces: In the Amish community of Shipshewana, two women—one Amish, one English—reluctantly join forces for a short-term business venture. When the town’s newspaper editor is murdered, the women form an unlikely alliance to solve the mystery.
A Perfect Square: Amish-English sleuthing duo Deborah Yoder and Callie Harper set out to solve a murder. But more than an innocent man’s future is at stake.
Material Witness: The Fall Crafters Fair has barely begun in Shipshewana when murder strikes the small town once again—this time on the property of Daisy’s Quilt Shop. But the stakes are higher than ever before, since the material witness is their best friend’s child.
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The McKennas: Finn, Riley and Brody – 3-book romance bundle – Just 99p 0 comments

This three-book bundle of contemporary romances is selling for only 99p today. Enjoy a series this holiday weekend.
One Day to Find a Husband: It was her best friend’s dying wish that Ellie raise her baby – but to adopt tiny Jiao, Ellie has to be married! All seems lost…until Finn McKenna needs her help. Rival Finn may be an unlikely choice but Ellie proposes a merger with a twist: marriage!
How the Playboy Got Serious: Riley McKenna has led a charmed life – until he’s cut off from the family trust fund. Applying for a job at Stace Kettering’s diner, he expects Stace to fall for him like all the others…but this playboy doesn’t realise he’s finally met his match!
Return of the Last McKenna: While volunteering in Afghanistan, a dying friend asked Dr Brody McKenna to watch over his sister. But when he arrives at her cosy sweet shop, Brody is taken aback – sassy Kate Spencer doesn’t need looking after! Yet somehow he can’t help but insist…
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Kitty Neale 3-Book Bundle – Three poignant, gritty sagas – £2.99 0 comments

Three poignant, gritty novels from best-selling saga author Kitty Neale. Buy this bundle for £2.99.
In A Broken Family when Celia’s son Thomas starts seeing Amy, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, she becomes determined to split them up. She needs an ally so she enlists her elder son Jeremy who wants everything that Thomas has.
Pearl, the heroine of Nobody’s Girl, will do anything to survive. She’s escaped from her cruel orphanage and is determined to start living in the real world.
A Father’s Revenge is the story of a mother fighting to protect all she holds dear. When Pearl’s husband Kevin is released from prison, Pearl knows how dangerous he is and is determined to protect her son from who is father really is.
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Fill the Kindle! Romance bundles – £1.99 each 0 comments

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The Chronicles of St Mary’s Boxset Vol 1 – 3-book time-travel bundle – Just £1.00 0 comments

The Chronicles of St Mary’s Boxset Vol 1 includes bestsellers Just One Damned Thing After Another, A Symphony of Echoes and A Second Chance. Buy this bundle today for only £1.00.
Just One Damned Thing After Another – A madcap new slant on history that seems to be everyone’s cup of tea… Behind the seemingly innocuous façade of St Mary’s, a different kind of historical research is taking place. They don’t do ‘time-travel’ – they ‘investigate major historical events in contemporary time’.
A Symphony of Echoes – Max and the team visit Victorian London in search of Jack the Ripper, witness the murder of Archbishop Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral, and discover that dodos make a grockling noise when eating cucumber sandwiches. But they must also confront an enemy intent on destroying St Mary’s – an enemy willing, if necessary, to destroy History itself to do it.
A Second Chance – St Mary’s is back and nothing is going right for Max. The action jumps from an encounter with a mirror-stealing Isaac Newton to the bloody battlefield at Agincourt. Discover how a simple fact-finding assignment to witness the ancient and murderous cheese- rolling ceremony in Gloucester can result in CBC – concussion by cheese.
So, make the tea, grab the chocolate biscuits, settle back and discover exactly why the entire history department has painted itself blue…
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Beverly Barton Bundle: Dead By Midnight, Dead By Morning, & Dead by Nightfall – Mysteries – £1.98 0 comments

Buy this bundle of mysteries for Beverly Barton for only £1.98 today.
The bundle includes:
Dead By Midnight
Dead By Morning and
Dead by Nightfall
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