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The Greek Wants a Wife – 3-romance bundle – Just 99p 0 comments

Buy this three-romance bundle for only 99p today.
A Bride for the Island Prince: Brooding single dad Prince Alexius will do anything to help his four-year-old daughter learn to speak – so he opens up to bubbly speech therapist Dottie. But, as he watches Zoe blossom in her care, Alexius can’t bear to imagine letting Dottie go…
Georgie’s Big Greek Wedding: When paramedic Georgie Carides’s family unexpectedly come to stay, she convinces her colleague Josh Wetherly to pose as her fiancé! The plan? Call the wedding off before anyone says ‘I do’! But Georgie didn’t expect their fake attraction to feel so real…
Greek Doctor Claims His Bride: Years ago, Tanya Angelapoulos parted from Manolis Stangos amidst the pain of losing their baby. Now Tanya is back on their Greek island home and Manolis is a single dad, convinced he can make them a family again… if Tanya will let him.
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The Alex Benedict Collection: A Talent For War, Polaris, Seeker – Sci-fi adventure – Just 99p 0 comments

THE ALEX BENEDICT COLLECTION brings together sci-fi master Jack McDevitt’s stellar first three novels in the award-winning Alex Benedict series. Buy the bundle today for only 99p.
In A TALENT FOR WAR, Alex Benedict unearths a piece of information with the power to rewrite history and expose interstellar hero Christopher Sim as a fraud.
In POLARIS, Alex Benedict is determined to solve the mystery of the luxury space yacht that never returned from its interstellar journey sixty years ago.
In the Nebula award-winning SEEKER, Alex Benedict is convinced that he has stumbled across an artefact from the infamous transport ship that fled a religious dictatorship in twenty-seventh-century America.
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A Daughters of the Promise Collection: Plain Promise, Plain Paradise, Plain Proposal – Amish fiction bundle for only 99p 0 comments

From best-selling novelist Beth Wiseman, three complete stories about living and loving plain in Lancaster County. Buy this three-novel bundle for only 99p today.
Plain Promise: Winters can be brutally cold and lonely in Pennsylvania. Young Amish widow Sadie Fisher rejoices when a renter leases her guest cottage. Kade Saunders turns out to be impulsive, frustrating, and attractive, but romance with an Englischer is forbidden according to the Ordnung.
Plain Paradise: Linda’s Amish life seems like paradise. The bishop’s grandson has been courting her and may propose soon. Then she discovers that she’s adopted.
Plain Proposal: Miriam Raber could have her pick of any bachelor in Lancaster County, but she only has eyes for Saul Fisher. Even when rumors circulate that he may leave the Amish community to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime apprenticeship, Miriam makes a bold assertion: she will stand by him, whether he stays or goes.
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Ten quick picks: Bob Skinner mysteries by Quentin Jardine – Just 99p each 0 comments

Ten Bob Skinner Scottish crime mysteries by Quentin Jardine are selling for only 99p each today.
I recommend that you buy The Bob Skinner Collection – a bundle for the first three books priced at only 99p.
Fill your Kindle with great crime whodunits for late summer reading.
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The Millionaires’ Cinderellas – 3-in-1 romance bundle – Just 99p 0 comments

Feisty Real-Life Cinderellas Need Real Men! Buy this romance bundle for only 99p today.
Playing the Greek’s Game: When hotel magnate Zac Constantinides hears his London designer has dug her claws into his brother, he transfers her to New York! Annoyed by her impossibly arrogant boss, Emma can’t resist! She’ll be every bit as bad as he thinks she is…
The Forbidden Innocent: After a childhood in care, Ashley Jones desperately needs her new live-in job and she is filled with trepidation when she meets formidable Jack Marchant. Her heart goes out to him. Then one private kiss becomes a passionate affair…
Too Proud to be Bought: Wilful waitress Zara Evans doesn’t belong in glittering high society. That is until she finds herself unexpectedly at an exclusive party and manages to captivate the most sought-after man in the room – Russian oligarch Nikolai Komarov.
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The Charlie Parker Collection 1-4 – Former NYPD detective Charlie Parker – £1.49 for the bundle 0 comments

The first four novels in the Charlie Parker series, available together as a digital-only package. Buy the bundle for £1.49 today.
Former NYPD Charlie Parker first appears in EVERY DEAD THING on a quest for the killer of his wife and daughter. He is a man consumed by violence, guilt and the desire for revenge. When his ex-partner asks him to track down a missing girl, Parker embarks on a grim odyssey through the bowels of organised crime to a unique serial killer: The Travelling Man.
In DARK HOLLOW, Private detective Charlie Parker embarks on a nerve-shredding manhunt and closes in on his prime suspect. But someone else is tracking them both.
Parker’s empathy with the powerless victims of crime makes him a natural choice to investigate the death of Grace Peltier in THE KILLING KIND – a death that appears to be a suicide. Genial killers Angel and Louis join Parker again as he descends into a honeycomb world populated by dark angels and lost souls.
In THE WHITE ROAD, a black youth faces the death penalty for rape and murder; his victim, the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in South Carolina. It is a case with its roots in old evil, and old evil is Charlie Parker’s speciality. Evil men from his past unite to exact a terrible revenge on the private detective.
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Rising Stars Collection 2015 & It Started With… Collection – Twelve romance novels each – Just 99p 0 comments

Rising Stars Collection 2015 (Just 99p) Rising Stars Collection 2015 A special collection of four romance anthologies, containing twelve super novels, from some of our really popular writers. Twelve novels, 2,240 pages.
It Started With… Collection (Just 99p) One of the world’s Queens of Romance Miranda Lee has been writing exciting, sexy and intense romances for many years. We have put together an amazing collection of some of our favourites of this international bestseller’s novels. Twelve novels, 2,240 pages.

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Rosie Goodwin Omnibus: The Bad Apple, No One’s Girl, Dancing Till Midnight – Family sagas – £2.99 0 comments

Rosie Goodwin’s first three novels, and some of her best loved work, is now available in an omnibus edition for the first time. Buy these three sags for only £2.99 today.
The Bad Apple: Louise Hart can take no more abuse from her callous husband Paul. She and her son Davey escape to her mother one cold December night in 1959. But Paul is in trouble with dangerous men.
No One’s Girl: Jane Reynolds seems a devoted daughter, but her father’s cruelty has left her afraid to love. After his sudden death she becomes a virtual recluse. Everything changes when she finds a young runaway hiding near her cottage.
Dancing Till Midnight: Grace Collins, orphaned as a child, was raised by her severely religious aunt. Starved of love, she falls for the first man who shows her affection, Barry Swan. Then Grace falls pregnant. They marry and, for a while, Grace knows happiness. Barry adores her and is a wonderful father, but something is missing.
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His Summer Bride – A 3-in-1 romance bundle – Just 99p 0 comments

Buy this three-book bundle of contemporary romances for only 99p today.
Becoming Dr Bellini’s Bride: When Katie Logan’s father falls ill while she’s visiting him in California, Nick Bellini, her dad’s business associate, steps in to help. And the longer Katie spends with gorgeous vineyard owner Nick, the more she wishes she never had to leave…
Summer Seaside Wedding: When Amelie Benoir arrives in Bluebell Cove on what should have been her wedding day, she’s meant to be licking her wounds – not falling for impossibly handsome Leo Fenchurch!
Wedding in Darling Downs: Rebel surgeon Declan O’Malley feels out of place in a small town GP surgery – but working with Emma Armitage is a consolation! It’s clear his new partner thinks he’s trouble.
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DS Jessica Daniel series: Locked In/Vigilante/The Woman in Black – Books 1-3 – £1.64 0 comments

Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel works for the Greater Manchester Police force. Apart from fighting the daily battle against the northern weather, she also has to deal with exasperating colleagues, a hopeless best friend and managing her ever-growing floordrobe. And that’s before she even gets started on some of Manchester’s more challenging crimes . . .Buy this three-book bundle today for £1.64.
Locked In: When a body is found in a locked house Jessica has little in the way of leads. Then a second body shows up in identical circumstances to the first . . .
Vigilante: The national media can’t believe their luck with an apparent vigilante on the streets, while Jessica’s new boss seems grateful someone else is doing their job for them as the victims are all hardened criminals themselves.
The Woman in Black: A severed hand is found in the centre of Manchester. With a lengthy missing persons list and frantic families wondering if the body part could belong to their absent loved ones, Jessica has plenty to deal with – and that’s before more sinister evidence starts to emerge.
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