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J.A. Jance’s Ali Reynolds Mysteries 3-Book Boxed Set – Only 99p 0 comments

This three-novel crime fiction collection featuring former newscaster Ali Reynolds by J. A. Jance is selling at the great price of only 99p today.
The set includes:
Trial by Fire
Fatal Error
Left for Dead.
Buy this crime fiction bundle for only 99p today.
Click here to purchase J.A. Jance’s Ali Reynolds Mysteries 3-Book Boxed Set

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David McCullough American History Box Set: John Adams, 1776, Truman, The Course of Human Events – Just 99p 0 comments

This e-book box set includes the following American History-themed books by David McCullough and is selling for only 99p today:
· John Adams: The magisterial, Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the independent, irascible Yankee patriot, one of our nation’s founders and most important figures, who became our second president.
· 1776: The riveting story of George Washington, the men who marched with him, and their British foes in the momentous year of American independence.
· Truman: The Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Harry Truman, the complex and courageous man who rose from modest origins to make momentous decisions as president, from dropping the atomic bomb to going to war in Korea.
· Special Bonus: The Course of Human Events.
NOTE: This price didn’t last long when sold similarly in the United States’ Kindle Store.
Click here to purchase David McCullough American History E-book Box Set

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The Second Chances Collection: Inspirational romantic suspense by Terri Blackstock – Only £3.99 0 comments
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New York Times Bestselling Author Terri Blackstock’s Second Chances Collection—now available in one volume for only £3.99 today.
Never Again Good-bye: Normally Wes Grayson would have been attracted to the striking woman with the camera. But she has clearly been stalking Amy, his adoptive daughter. Laney Fields has a longing to see the child she’d brought into the world six years ago.
When Dreams Cross: Justin Pierce’s brainchild, Khaki Kangaroo, is exactly the cartoon theme Andi Sherman needs for her world-class amusement park, Promised Land. In turn, Andi’s park is the opportunity that can rocket Justin from obscurity to success. Their shared past may drive them apart.
Blind Trust: Two weeks before he was to marry Sherry Grayson, Clint Jessup disappeared without a trace. Suddenly, eight months later, he’s back with no word of explanation. Whatever secret Clint is hiding, it’s changed him.
Broken Wings: Among the 151 people who died in the crash of Flight 94 was Mick Hammon, the plane’s captain and Erin Russell’s close friend. A pilot herself, Erin now struggles with the shattering losses both of her friend and of her own confidence in the cockpit.
Click here to purchase The Second Chances Collection

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The Rock Harbor Mystery Collection – Inspirational suspense – £1.99 0 comments
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USA Today best-selling author Colleen Coble’s Rock Harbor series now available in one volume! Buy the bundle for £1.99 today.
Without a Trace: Bree thinks a plane crash took the lives of her husband and young son, but her son Davy survived the accident. Can she find him before it’s too late?
Beyond a Doubt: Evidence of a violent crime in Bree’s basement causes police to re-open a cold case. Can she and her K-9 search dog, Samson, stop the killer before he strikes again?
Into the Deep: When Bree’s dog Samson goes missing, it’s just the beginning of her life turning upside down.
Cry in the Night: Bree and Samson discover a crying infant in the snowy Rock Harbor forest. But where are the baby’s parents? And how did she get there?
Silent Night: As Christmas day nears, Bree and her faithful search-and-rescue dog Samson follow the trail of a troubling mystery into the snowy forests of Rock Harbor.
Click here to purchase The Rock Harbor Mystery Collection

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Romantic Getaways Collection – Four romances for beach reading – Just 99p 0 comments
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Buy this four-romance bundle for only 99p today. Includes:
The Unforgettable Spanish Tycoon by Christy McKellen
The Sheikh’s Convenient Princess by Liz Fielding
The Billionaire of Coral Bay by Nikki Logan
Her First-date Honeymoon by Katrina Cudmore
Click here to purchase Romantic Getaways Collection

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The Cape Refuge Collection – Four inspirational suspense novels in one bundle – £1.99 0 comments
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Buy The Cape Refuge Series, four inspirational mystery and suspense novels by Terri Blackstock, for only £1.99 today.
Cape Refuge: When Thelma and Wayne Owens are found murdered where they held their church services, their son-in-law Jonathan is arrested and Thelma and Wayne’s daughters set out to find the real killer.
Southern Storm: Police Chief Cade disappears after hitting and killing a man with his car. When a witness says she saw Cade getting into a blue Buick with a woman before his disappearance, the newspapers report that Cade left town to be with her. But Blair Owens doesn’t believe the rumors.
River’s Edge: Mayoral candidate Ben Jackson seems to have the election locked. But when Jackson’s wife turns up murdered, things begin to shift.
Breaker’s Reef: A teenage girl is found murdered, and the scene matches one in a book by a famous mystery writer who just moved to the island. This murder has a connection to Hanover House—and the residents there might never be the same.
Click here to purchase The Cape Refuge Collection

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Soul Screamers Collection – Ten-book fantasy series for young adults – Just 99p 0 comments
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As a teen banshee, Kaylee’s blood-curdling screams are a death knell for others. Yet she never expected to see her own name at the top of a reaper’s list. The last thing Kaylee needs right now is to be skipping school, breaking her dad’s ironclad curfew and putting her too-hot-to-be-real boyfriend’s loyalty to the test. It’s time for Kaylee to kick some serious Netherworld butt…or die trying!
Buy Rachel Vincent’s spellbinding Soul Screamers series of young adult fantasies for only 99p today.

If you want to read reviews of the first book in the series, go here. NOTE: You can buy the complete series for less than the first book!
Click here to purchase Soul Screamers Collection

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Star Wars: Original Trilogy – Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi – £1.99 0 comments

Luke Skywalker dreamed of adventures out among the stars and alien worlds. But when he intercepted a message from a beautiful captive princess, he got more than he had bargained for—and that was how the adventure of his life began. . . .
Forty years after the groundbreaking movie Star Wars: A New Hope first hit the silver screen, Star Wars remains one of the most beloved sagas ever told. Together, the three original Star Wars movies A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi told one epic: a heroic tale of innocence lost and wisdom gained, of downfall and redemption, of the never-ending fight between the forces of good and evil. Read the story of the movies in one paperback volume and rediscover the wonder of the legend that begins: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . .
Buy this trilogy for only £1.99 today.
Click here to purchase Star Wars: Original Trilogy

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Shana Galen Bundle – Sons of the Revolution Series – Just 49p for three historical romances 0 comments

Equal parts action and passion, discover this Regency romance trilogy by bestselling author Shana Galen and get three books for one low price. Three brothers struggle to reconnect and restore their noble heritage in the aftermath of the French Revolution, each losing his heart along the way. Buy the bundle for only 49p today.
The Making of a Duchess – Julien Harcourt, duc de Valère, is more than willing to marry the lovely young lady his mother has chosen. Little does he know, she’s been sent to prove him a spy and a traitor.
The Making of a Gentleman -Twelve years in prison has stripped Armand, Comte de Valère of his humanity, until his family hires him a beautiful tutor to help him heal.
The Rogue’s Pirate Bride – Out to avenge the death of his mentor, Sebastien Harcourt discovers he’s out of his depth when confronted with a beautiful, daring young woman who is out for his blood.
Click here to purchase Shana Galen Bundle

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Amish Fiction – The Abram’s Daughters Collection – Five Novels in One – Just £2.30 0 comments

This bestselling series from Amish fiction legend Beverly Lewis spans three generations, chronicling the sorrows, joys, faith, and relationships of the Ebersol family.
Collects the five novels of Beverly Lewis’ New York Times bestselling Abram’s Daughters series into one volume!
1 The Covenant
2 The Betrayal
3 The Sacrifice
4 The Prodigal
5 The Revelation
Buy this Amish fiction bundle for only $3.82.
Click here to purchase The Abram’s Daughters Collection

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