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Inspirational historical fiction bundles – Great prices for complete trilogies 0 comments

Harmony Trilogy (Only 63p) Follow the lives of the Mennonites in Harmony, Kansas, and outsider Gracie Temple, who comes to live among them. Gracie has trouble fitting in from the start when she inherits a heavy secret from her estranged uncle. Then just when Harmony starts to feel like home, her graphic design career puts her in a suspicious position that threatens the town’s way of life. And when life and love are finally falling in place, Gracie’s attempts to help a Mennonite teen realize her dreams backfire. Will Gracie ever be in harmony with the town she has grown to love?
The Quilt Chronicles Boxed Set (£1.28) Every quilt has a story to tell. While incarcerated for the murder of her husband, Jane Prescott creates a quilt to send to her young daughter in hopes she will remember the good and forget the bad.
As Juliana Sutton snips the threads outlining her dead husband’s name and rips them from a fundraising quilt, she vows to move on from the pain and disgrace he caused.
When news reporter Emilie Rhodes meets a Chautauqua lecturer, she knows there is a message hidden in the quilt he always keeps with him.

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Amanda Flower’s Appleseed Creek Trilogy: A Plain Death, A Plain Scandal, A Plain Disappearance – Just £2.99 0 comments

For the first time, you can now get all three novels in Amanda Flower’s Appleseed Creek Mystery Series together in one trilogy book. Buy the bundle for only £2.99 – SuperCheap!
The series begins with the Amish mystery novel A Plain Death. After moving to Amish country, new resident and computer whiz Chloe Humphrey must take on the role of detective when she is involved in an accident that is soon after labeled as murder by local police.
The second installment in the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series is the novel A Plain Scandal. Soon after the dust has settled on the “accident thought to be murder” in the first book, we take another thrill-ride with Chloe Humphrey as she attempts to discover who is murdering the Amish and cutting off their hair and beards in Appleseed Creek.
It is Christmas time in Amish country, and once again we meet Chloe Humphrey in the final installment of the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series entitled A Plain Disappearance. Chloe has begun to settle in to her life in Appleseed Creek, and is excited to see where her new relationship with Timothy Troyer will lead. Unfortunately, it leads to another murder mystery when the couple discovers the body of Amish teenager Katie Lambright while on their first date.
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The Lost Princes: Darius, Cassius & Monte – Three romance bundle – Only 59p 0 comments

Buy this bundle of three contemporary romances for only 59p today – SuperCheap!
Secret Prince, Instant Daddy!: David Dykstra is determined to claim his rightful place as Prince Darius of Ambria, until Ayme shows up, identifying him as the father of her sister’s baby… David’s journey to becoming prince isn’t going to be simple!
Single Father, Surprise Prince!: Kelly Vrosis has a bombshell for soldier and single dad Joe Tanner…he’s the lost Prince Cassius of Ambria. She wanted to tell him and get out – falling for Joe wasn’t on the cards…
Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride!: Innocent Pellea couldn’t forget her time in Monte DeAngelis’s arms, even when she was promised against her will to his enemy. For Pellea had a secret…she was pregnant with the Prince of Ambria’s baby!
Click here to purchase The Lost Princes: Darius, Cassius & Monte

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Stephen Bly’s Horse Dreams Trilogy: Memories of a Dirt Road, The Mustang Breaker, Wish I’d Known You Tears Ago – Inspirational fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

For the first time, you can now get all three novels in Stephen Bly’s Horse Dreams Series together in one trilogy book. Buy the bundle for only 99p today – SuperCheap!
In Memories of a Dirt Road, we meet Develyn Worrell, a fifth-grade schoolteacher from southern Indiana who is broken-hearted about her husband’s death and her daughter’s decision not to come home for the summer. Devvy decides to find a little dirt road town in Wyoming where she vacationed as a child. When she arrives, she purchases her very own Roan mare, rents a little cabin with an incredible sunset view, and watches as God brings three very important men into her life.
In The Mustang Breaker, heavy-hearted Develyn Worrell’s mood is changing as she begins to escape the worries of her past and enjoy the equine charms of her picture-perfect small Wyoming town. It is there that the Lord’s leading is beginning to become clear, even as cowboy romances and the relationship with her grown daughtr get more complicated.
In the final installment of the trilogy, soul-searching Develyn Worrell has finally found her groove. Ready to savor the end of summer in small town Wyoming, she settles in to enjoy “end of summer” peace and contentment. That is, until her daughter pays a visit, an eclectic friend plans to marry, a suspicious stranger enters the picture, and a dear mentor suffers a heart attack.
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Two quick picks: Contemporary romance bundles – Only 59p each 0 comments

Indecent Arrangements (Just 59p) Bundle includes: Tabloid Affair, Secretly Pregnant!: Payton hadn’t seen Nate Evans in years, but when the millionaire offered her a wild proposal – a sexy and irresistible affair – she could not resist.
Do Not Disturb: When Mirandi becomes PA to CEO Joe Sinclair,she’s surprised to find he’s no longer the bad boy she remembered! Until, on a business trip, Joe pulls her into his hotel room and locks the door…
Forbidden or For Bedding?: Guy de Rochemont’s name is a byword for wealth and power – and now his duty is to wed. Alexa – the one woman Guy wants – is also the one woman he cannot take as his wife.
Single Dad Needs Nanny (Just 59p) Bundle includes: Sheriff Needs a Nanny: Sheriff Trace Oliver was looking for a nanny and he wanted someone ordered and precise, not fun-loving. Except ex-nursery teacher Nikki is excellent with babies.
Nurse, Nanny…Bride!: Nurse Alice’s world was turned upside down by the gorgeous new ER consultant, Andrew Barrett. Because, despite everything, Andrew was the man she loved. So when she becomes part-time nanny to his little girl, Alice can’t believe her luck!
Romancing the Nanny: Dan Major needed a wife and his nanny Amy seemed like the ideal candidate. All he had to do was make her fall in love with him.

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The Joe Sandilands Omnibus (Books 1-4) – Historical crime fiction – £4.35 0 comments

Buy this four-book bundle of historical mysteries for only £4.35 today.
The Last Kashmiri Rose: India 1922. In Panikhat, 50 miles from Calcutta, the wives of officers in the Bengal Greys have been dying violently, one every year and each in March. To help solve these mysterious deaths, the Governor of Bengal calls on the reluctant help of Joe Sandilands, Scotland Yard detective and war hero who happens to be on secondment to the Bengal police.
Ragtime in Simla: Simla 1922. The summer capital of the British Raj is fizzing with the energy of the jazz age. When Joe Sandilands’ travelling companion, a Russian opera singer, is shot dead at his side in the back of the Governor’s car on the road up to Simla, he finds himself plunged into a murder investigation.
The Damascened Blade: The North-West Frontier, 1910. The screams of a wounded British officer abandoned at the bottom of a dark ravine are heard by a young Scottish subaltern. Over a dozen years later the backwash of this tragedy threatens to engulf Joe Sandilands. After a skirmish which results in the death of a Pathan prince and the taking of hostages, Joe and his companion James are given seven days in which to identify, arrest and execute the killer before the frontier erupts into war.
The Palace Tiger: India, 1922. Scotland Yard detective Joe arrives in the princely state of Ranipur at the request of the Maharajah, an old ally of the British. The Maharajah is dying, and the succession is unclear. The death of his first son, while panther-wrestling, is suspicious, but as Joe begins to investigate a second son dies dramatically right before his eyes. With only the youngest, aged 12, now left to succeed, can Joe ensure his survival?
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Las Vegas: Scandals – 3-book bundle of contemporary romances – £1.00 0 comments

Buy this 3-book bundle of contemporary romances for only £1.00.
Prince Charming for One Night by Nina Bruhns: One night suave millionaire Conner Rothchild meets stripper Vera LaRue in a search for his stolen family heirloom. Suddenly, a night of unbridled passion doesn’t seem out of the question, especially when they team up to catch the elusive thief!
Her 24-Hour Protector: Socialite Jenna Rothchild swooned when FBI agent Lex Duncan was participating in a charity bachelor auction. Winning a hot date with Lex was easy. Getting information about a priceless diamond required a lot more finesse. The only rule: don’t fall in love.
Five Minutes to Marriage: Jack Cortland had crashed and burned during his rock ‘n’ roll heyday. Although the handsome loner had sworn off love, he was single-handedly raising his motherless sons, so he hired a nanny, Marisa Perez. He just didn’t expect they’d end up married in Vegas!
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Jacqui Rose 2-Book Bundle – A bargain set of two gritty and gripping reads – £2.07 0 comments

A bargain set of two gritty and gripping reads from a fantastic female crime writer.
In Trapped teenagers Maggie and Johnny fall hard and fast in love. But they don’t know that they’re from rival gangland families in London’s criminal underworld. And Maggie’s violent father Max is watching their every step …
Taken’s Casey Edwards has demons to put to rest. Since she had to give away her baby at 15 she’s been lost in booze and bad company. But now she wants to find her child and put things right …
Buy this bundle for only £2.07 today.
Click here to purchase Jacqui Rose 2 Book Bundle

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Kings of California 3-in-1 set – Romances by Maureen Child – Only 59p 0 comments

Buy this three-book romance bundle by Maureen Child for only 59p today.
Bargaining for King’s Baby: Gina knew her father had made a bargain to ‘sell’ her in exchange for next-door neighbour Adam King’s much-desired land…so she decided to make a deal with the millionaire herself.
Marrying for King’s Millions: The only way millionaire Travis King could get his biggest client off his back was to marry someone else. So he handpicked home-town girl Julie.
Falling for King’s Fortune: For Jackson King, business always triumphs over romance. Until Casey, the beautiful stranger he shared a mind-blowing tryst with, reveals he’s a father.
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The Little Shop of Afternoon Delights: 6 Book Romance Collection – Just 99p 0 comments

A six-book collection of delicious romance tales in this one bundle that is selling today for only 99p – SuperCheap.
Featuring these fun-filled, bite-sized collection of romantic delights:
Kathy Jay’s brilliant novel What If He’s The One
Nikki Moore’s unputdownable Crazy, Undercover, Love
Jane Linfoot’s superbly sexy The Right Side of Mr Wrong
Sue Fortin’s deliciously sexy United States of Love
Stable Mates by the brilliant Zara Stoneley and
Sarah Lefebve’s wonderfully crafted rom-com The Park Bench Test.
Click here to purchase The Little Shop of Afternoon Delights

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