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Quick picks: Two romance bundles – Just 99p each 0 comments

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Inspirational romance bundle – The Shores of Moses Lake Collection – Just £1.84 for four novels 0 comments

In these contemporary romances from Lisa Wingate, four women find love, hope, and unexpected adventures on the shores of Moses Lake, Texas.
Includes four novels in one volume:
1 Larkspur Cove
2 Blue Moon Bay
3 Firefly Island
4 Wildwood Creek
Buy this bundle for only £1.84 today.
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Lucado 3-in-1: Come Thirsty, Traveling Light, Next Door – Inspirational non-fiction – £1.99 0 comments

Water for the thirsty, rest for the weary, and a friend for the lonely.
Three books in one, bringing you closer to the Savior.
In Come Thirsty, Max Lucado encourages you to visit the well and drink deeply, to receive Christ’s work on the cross, the energy of his Spirit, and his lordship over your life, and his unending, unfailing love.
Using the illustration of weary travelers in Traveling Light, Lucado invites us to release the burdens of our excess baggage that we were never intended to bear–with the Twenty-third Psalm as our guide.
In Next Door Savior, master storyteller Max Lucado presents the life of Jesus Christ in stunning contrast, revealing the irresistible human qualities and the undeniably divine characteristics of Jesus. Lucado describes, as only he can, a Savior who is as approachable as a next-door neighbor, yet mighty enough to save humanity.
Buy this three-book bundle for only £1.99 today.
Click here to purchase Lucado 3-in-1: Come Thirsty, Traveling Light, Next Door

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It Happened In Rome – Three-book contemporary romance set – Just 99p 0 comments

Italian temptation…
When Emily Blake innocently kissed formidable Italian count Rafael Di Salis two years ago, she didn’t know that she was bound by her late father’s wishes to marry him. Count Rafael has bided his time, but now she will be his!
There’s no woman Allesandro di Vincenzo can’t have – until he meets Laura Stowe. Allesandro needs her family connections, so he must woo the ugly duckling into his bed.
Vincente Farnese is rich and devastatingly handsome, his own special brand of dark Italian temptation! But it is no coincidence that Vincente has sought out Elise Carlton. What will she do when she discovers he wants her only for revenge?
With love…from the city of desire.
Buy this bundle of romances for only 99p today.
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Hester’s Hunt for Home Trilogy – Three-book Amish saga – £1.99 0 comments

In colonial America, a Native American orphan raised among the Amish explores her identity, torn between two cultures and unsure of where she belongs. When she’s forced to leave everything behind and forge her own path, where—and with whom—will Hester choose to make her new home?
Buy this three-book Amish saga bundle for only £1.99 today.
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The Acostas Box Set – Six-book romance bundle – Only 99p 0 comments

The Acostas Box Set – Superb, passionate six book Modern Romance collection by Susan Stephens featuring the sexy, glamorous Argentinean Acosta family. Buy this bundle for only 99p today.
Bundle includes:
The Shameless Life of Ruiz Acosta
The Argentinian’s Solace
A Taste of the Untamed
The Man from Her Wayward Past
Taming the Last Acosta
Christmas Nights with the Polo Player
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Playing for Hearts: The Complete Series – Sports romance bundle – Just 99p 0 comments

There’s something undeniably sexy about a man in uniform. No matter their sport, these strong, talented heroes know how to get your pulse racing:
• Wildly: Former Wimbledon champion Grayson Schyler discovers the gal he once knew as wild child Shauna Marino is still trouble.
• Seductively: Russian hockey player Dominic Chekovsky appeals to B&B owner Diana Spenner to help him even the score by keeping his adoring female fans in check.
• Conveniently: Juan Santiago, a two-time gold medalist on the U.S. Olympic men’s downhill ski team, has been warned to avoid a scandal. Will marrying a CEO’s daughter, Dana Reese, on a whim wipe out everything he’s worked for?
• Secretly: There’s no way Gary Satchel, wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, will let his best bud’s sister, Angie Swanson, move in with him when she’s down on her luck.
• Surprisingly: Bruce Coldwell, world-class pro bass fisherman, creates the perfect bait to hook a supermodel – he asks his friend and her neighbor, Crista Johnson, to pose as his lover.
Buy this bundle for only 99p today.
Click here to purchase Playing for Hearts: The Complete Series

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The Aloha Reef Collection – Inspirational romantic suspense – £3.99 0 comments

Set on the breathtaking Hawaiian island of Kauai, the Aloha Reef Collection provides an intoxicating mix of romance and suspense with the rhythms of island life from USA Today bestselling author Colleen Coble—now available in one volume! Buy this set today for only £3.99.
Distant Echoes: When a tragic accident downs a tourist boat off the coast of Hawaii, dolphin researcher and Lieutenant Commander Jesse Matthews team up in the investigation.
Black Sands: As a volcano on Hawaii begins to rumble, family crisis brings an unlikely couple together.
Dangerous Depths: Leia ditched a promising medical career to settle on a secluded island in Hawaii. Her ex-fiancé Bane has come to the island to find out why.
Midnight Sea: Losing her sight turns Lani’s world upside down, bringing danger, mystery . . . and unexpected romance.
Holy Night: One sinister phone call has derailed their wedding. Will they let it tear them apart forever?
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Rosie Goodwin Omnibus: The Bad Apple, No One’s Girl, Dancing Till Midnight – Sagas – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Rosie Goodwin’s first three novels, and some of her best loved work, is now available in an omnibus edition for the first time. Buy it today for only 99p.
The Bad Apple: Louise Hart can take no more abuse from her callous husband Paul. One cold December night in 1959 she can take no more. She and her son Davey escape to her mother. But Paul is in trouble with dangerous men.
No One’s Girl: Jane Reynolds seems a devoted daughter, but her father’s cruelty has left her afraid to love. After his sudden death she becomes a virtual recluse. But everything changes when she finds a young runaway hiding near her cottage.
Dancing Till Midnight: Grace Collins, orphaned as a child, was raised by her severely religious aunt. Starved of love, she falls for the first man who shows her affection, Barry Swan.
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Housekeeping – Comments on Collections and a Cheaper Read 3 comments

Commentary on Collections
Two electronic devices I love like an appendage: my cell phone and my Kindle.
Two electronic devices I could improve: my cell phone and my Kindle.
For the phone, I’d make a docking station that would amplify the ringer so I could hear it all through the house. As for the Kindle, I’d make the collections feature more useful.
When Amazon added the ability to sort your e-books into collections, it was a big step forward from a single list of books on the homepage. Yet it still falls short of what it really should be. Columnist Clayton Morris describes the frustrations because collections don’t show up on the Kindle app on smartphones.
My biggest wish is that the collections carried over into the archives. It would be nice when I’m in the mood for, say, a good mystery, I could just open that file instead of sorting through a list of titles that don’t mean too much if you haven’t read the book. That’s another thing I’d do – make a folder to archive books after I’ve read them. Another file for freebies that I have no intention reading but couldn’t resist because they were free. As it is, if there’s a book I think I’ll be interested in reading in the next few months, I keep it stored on the device rather than risk losing it that ever-growing list of archived items.
Feel free to share any tips you’ve picked up in using the collections feature.
I just discovered a cell phone ringer at Looks like the Kindle is the only thing left to fix.
If you are not familiar with Collections on your Kindle, you can read about the feature here.
A Reduced Price on a Three-Book Bundle
In June we featured The Oslo Trilogy by Jo Nesbo. The set was selling then for £9.48. Today the price is £8.09 making the bundle an even better cheap read.
The Redbreast: A report of a rare and unusual gun being fired sparks Detective Harry Hole’s interest. Then a former soldier is found with his throat cut. Next, Harry’s former partner is murdered. Why had she been trying to reach Harry on the night she was killed?
Nemesis: A man is caught on CCTV, shooting dead a cashier at a bank. Harry begins his investigation but after a dinner with an old flame, wakes up with no memory of the last 12 hours. Then the girl is found dead and he begins to receive threatening emails: is someone is trying to frame him for her death?
The Devil’s Star: When a young woman is murdered in her Oslo flat and a tiny red diamond in the shape of a five-pointed star is found behind her eyelid, Harry is assigned the case alongside his long-time adversary Tom Waaler. On notice to quit the force, Harry is forced to drag himself out of his alcoholic stupor when it becomes apparent that Oslo has a serial killer on its hands.

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