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Merry Christmas from our house to yours 0 comments

Today is a special day. It’s Christmas and the air is filled with a magic and excitement that you can practically feel.
As Christians, we’re two cheap chicks who will be celebrating this holiday with special meaning. This is Susan and I wanted to share a little something that happened last year on Christmas Eve, when we went to church. The service was simple and moving, two teenagers portraying Joseph and Mary, gifted musicians singing old carols and new worship songs.
In the row behind me, young Emily started getting restless. It’s hard to sit through a church service when you’re just 2 years old, especially on Christmas Eve. She wiggled down out of the seat and peered around the chair to watch the stage, intrigued by the scene, especially when a doll was laid in the straw.
The pastor read the passage that described Jesus being laid in a manger, the angels who announced his birth and the shepherds who came to worship him. But Emily was not listening. Her dad put her on his lap and shushed her, which only made her squirm and fuss more. Exasperated, she told her dad very plainly about the situation.
“There’s a baby up there and I want to see it.”
Her innocent voice cut through all the extra layers surrounding Christmas and went straight to the point. Why pay attention to anything else when there is a baby?
Emily’s advice has helped me to keep my focus this holiday season. All the presents and cookies and lights are nice, but is my greatest desire to see the Savior and to be near Him? This Christmas, I pray that you can catch a glimpse of the baby and see Jesus for all he is.

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e-Ramble: Games for the Kindle – will it work on your K2? K3? Other Application? 0 comments

e-Ramble is a post that happens on a whimsy when one of the two ladies who bring you this site wants to give her opinion, offer suggestions, or just chat about items Kindle or book related.
Lynne posted a comment to the post we had placed on the site on December 1 for a free Sudoku game for the Kindle. Lynne noted that the game must not be available as the link no longer worked. And, she’s right. The free Sudoku game is gone.
I did a bit of research and found that the Sudoku games available from MobileReference, the company that had made the free game, were available for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX only. As I prefer to read on my Kindles and haven’t spent much time using the games that are offered, I would not have even noticed that games may work on the K2, but not the K3, if not for Lynne’s comment.
The early Kindle pioneers who own the K1 versions have long lamented that many games and updates of features are not available for their e-readers. If you own a K3, please confirm that the game you may be about to purchase will work on your Kindle. Also, many of the games available cannot be played on tablet or phone devices.
Always feel free to add a comment or send us a note via the Your Two Pence Worth tab on the website. We do not have the time or staff to keep up on everything and we appreciate when you let us know how we can improve or correct the site. We will take action and respond to your input. Yes, I even appreciate when you correct my American English!

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