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The Big Sky Collection: Three stunning thrillers from C J Box – Three Weeks to Say Goodbye / Blue Heaven / Back of Beyond 0 comments

C. J. Box’s first three thrillers in one fast-paced, dramatic collection. Buy it today for only 99p – SuperCheap!
Three Weeks To Say Goodbye: After years of trying for a child, Jack and Melissa McGuane adopted a beautiful baby girl. Nine months later, a call from the adoption agency plunges them into every parent’s worst nightmare: the father never signed away his parental rights, and now he wants his daughter back.
With three weeks until they must legally hand over their baby, just how far outside the law are they prepared to go to find out?
Blue Heaven: If twelve-year-old Annie hadn’t been angry with her mother, she would never have taken her younger brother William on a secret fishing trip deep into the North Idaho woods and they would never have witnessed the execution. Now they’re running for their lives. There’s nowhere for William and Annie to hide.Until they meet Jess Rawlins. Rawlins, an old-school rancher, knows something is wrong with the law in Blue Heaven. But he is only one against four men who will stop at nothing to silence their witnesses…
Back of Beyond: When Detective Cody Hoyt finds the dead body of his AA sponsor in a burned-out mountain cabin, he doesn’t know what to believe. Was this the last desperate act of an addict? Or is that exactly what someone wants him to think? When evidence incriminates a wilderness guide, Hoyt is ready to track him down. The only problem is the guide has Cody’s son, and he’s taking him into the back of beyond.
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Second Honeymoon by James Patterson – For these unlucky couples, the honeymoon’s over – £2.00 0 comments

FBI agent John O’Hara receives a call from a man desperate for his help. His son and daughter-in-law have been found murdered on their honeymoon in the Caribbean.
The grieving father wants justice, and will pay O’Hara handsomely to hunt down the killer.
Federal agents aren’t allowed to moonlight, but O’Hara is on suspension and battling some serious demons.
He takes on the case, but as O’Hara delves deeper, a past he thought was dead and buried soon comes back to haunt him.
Buy this thriller by James Patterson today for £2.00.
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Still Waters – An irresistible love story set around the airfields of Norfolk during World War II – £1.99 0 comments

Living on the edge of the beautiful Norfolk Broads with her father, the only ripple in Tess Delamere’s calm life is the disturbing dream about her dead mother which haunts her.
She yearns to know more but the arrival of a new stepmother heralds the end of Tess’s hopes that her father might divulge the past.
As she grows up, Tess slowly starts to put together the pieces herself. But the outbreak of war brings tragedy and upheaval, changing Tess’s priorities.
Mal Chandler has travelled the length and breadth of Australia with his feckless father and weary mother. Now the war brings Mal to England as a pilot for the RAF – and into Tess’s world.
Buy this love story today for only £1.99.
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The Moment by Douglas Kennedy – A profoundly affecting tale of romantic certainty and conflicting loyalties – £1.89 0 comments

Thomas Nesbitt is a divorced American writer living a very private life in Maine. Until, one wintry morning, his solitude is disrupted by the arrival of a package postmarked Berlin.
But what is more unsettling is the name accompanying the return address on the package: Petra Dussmann. For she is the woman with whom Thomas had an intense love affair twenty-five years before in a divided Berlin, where people lived fearfully under the shadows of the Cold War.
And so Thomas is forced to grapple with a past he has always kept hidden. For Petra Dussman was a refugee from the police state of East Germany. And her tragic secrets were to re-write both their destinies.
Buy this heart-breaking love story set in Cold War Berlin for £1.89 today.
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Mills & Boon historical romance bundles – £1.19 each 0 comments

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Free now: A Pedigree To Die For – A Melanie Travis Mystery from Kensington Books 0 comments

Free now: A Pedigree To Die For - A Melanie Travis Mystery from Kensington Books
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only and only in some geographical regions.
Melanie’ Travis’s life is going to the dogs. With school out for the summer, a stint as a camp counselor falling through, and her sometime boyfriend dumping her for a Las Vegas chorus girl, the thirty-something Connecticut teacher and single mother figures that things can’t get any worse.
She figures wrong…
Everyone knew that Melanie’s Uncle Max had a weak heart. When Aunt Peg finds him dead on the cold floor of their championship kennel, surrounded by eleven whining, prize-winning Standard poodles, she isn’t shocked…and doesn’t panic. But Melanie is surprised when, three days after the funeral, Peg shows up seeking her help. One of her prize pooches is missing — and it’s beginning to look like Max’s sudden demise is more a matter of… murder.
Posing as a poodle breeder in search of the perfect stud, she mingles with sophisticated exhibitors and professional handlers…and soon starts feeling a little out of her class.
Then the killer strikes again, and Melanie realizes that she has been barking up the wrong tree. As events — mysterious and romantic — culminate in the celebrated Westminster Dog Show, she suddenly finds herself on a long leash of intrigue and greed…hot on the scent of a chilling secret to die for.
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The Book of Lies – On this island your friends and your enemies quickly end up the same . . . – Only 99p 0 comments

-1985- When fifteen-year-old Catherine sees her best friend slip from a wild cliff path she vows never to say a word. But Catherine was the last person to see her alive.
-1940- Charlie is also holding back a secret from the adults on the island. As German soldiers arrive on Guernsey, he carries out an act of rebellion with consequences that will reach far into the future – and into Catherine’s own life.
The Book of Lies is a powerful novel about friendship, love and betrayal. Weaving together two lives across the decades, it proves that no truth is as simple as it seems. Buy this novel for only 99p today.
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A Place to Call Home by Carole Matthews – A novel of new beginnings – £1.99 0 comments

In the dead of night, Ayesha takes her daughter, Sabina, and slips quietly from her home, leaving behind a life full of pain. Boarding a coach to London, all Ayesha wants is a fresh start.
Hayden, a former popstar, has kept himself hidden away for years. He’s only opened up his home to two people – Crystal, a professional dancer with a heart of gold, and Joy, an ill-tempered retiree with a soft spot for waifs and strays.
When Crystal asks Hayden if Ayesha and Sabina can stay with them, he reluctantly agrees and, as different as they may be, they quickly form an unlikely bond. So when enemies threaten their peaceful home, they will do all they can to save it and each other.
Uplifting and emotional, this is a novel of new beginnings, of discovering love and of finding A Place to Call Home. Buy it today for £1.99.
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Rip Tide: A Liz Carlyle Novel – A tense and heart-stopping spy thriller where the secrets are deep – Only 51p 0 comments

When pirates attack a cargo ship off the Somalian coast and one of them is found to be a British-born Pakistani, alarm bells start ringing at London’s Thames House. MI5 Intelligence Officer Liz Carlyle is brought in to establish how and why a young British Muslim could go missing from his well-to-do family in Birmingham and end up onboard a pirate skiff in the Indian Ocean, armed with a Kalashnikov.
After an undercover operative connected to the case turns up dead in the shipping office of an NGO in Athens it looks like piracy may be the least of the Service’s problems. Liz and her team must unravel the connections between Pakistan, Greece and Somalia, relying on their wits – and the judicious use of force – to get to the truth. And they don’t have long, as trouble is brewing closer to home: the kind of explosive trouble that MI5 could do without …
Buy this spy thriller today for only 51p – SuperCheap.
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Survivor by Lesley Pearse – A story of bravery and love – £2.00 0 comments

It is 1938 and Mariette Carrera is a defiant, strong-willed and selfish seventeen-year-old in the small, gossipy town of Russell, New Zealand. Her doting parents, Belle and Etienne, with the world on the brink of war, Mari leaves home on the SS Rimutaka, bound for her aunt and uncle’s house in London.
Armed with the freedom she’s longed for since childhood, Mari quickly falls for Morgan, the handsome cockney steward on board ship. But once she reaches London, there are other temptations.
Mari loves her new life – caught up in a whirl of dances and parties in the glittering West End, relishing her freedom as she earns her own money as a typist. Until it is all snatched away by the war.
As London endures the Blitz, Mari’s new life is cruelly blown apart. She ends up alone in the East End and it’s worlds away from the London she knows. Even in the face of so much despair she finds the chance to make a difference. Amidst the destruction Mari learns that the only way to survive this war is to fight with all the strength, selflessness and compassion within her……and only then will she find true happiness.
Because Mari is a survivor…
Add this novel to your Kindle library today for £2.00.
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