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Free now: Extraordinary People – Enzo Macleod #1 – Mystery from Quercus 0 comments
Free now: Extraordinary People – Enzo Macleod #1 – Mystery from Quercus
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PARIS. An old mystery.
As midnight strikes, a man desperately seeking sanctuary flees into a church. The next day, his sudden disappearance will make him famous throughout France.
A new science.
Forensic expert Enzo Macleod takes a wager to solve the seven most notorious French murders, armed with modern technology and a total disregard for the justice system.
A fresh trail.
Deep in the catacombs below the city, he unearths dark clues deliberately set – and as he draws closer to the killer, discovers that he is to be the next victim.
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Eve’s Apples – Family saga – Just 99p 0 comments

When 12-year-old Daisy Smith steals a carrot for Jackie Murphy, an Irish barrow-boy, a love affair begins which will last for both their lives. Even when Jackie’s family leave for Australia, Daisy cannot forget her childhood sweetheart.
She determines to follow her love to Australia – after all, she would follow him to the ends of the earth if she had to.
Though Daisy and Jackie are destined never to marry, their love affair continues. In Australia they both make their fortunes – Jackie in the opal mines and Daisy through the outback bar she runs with her husband. And as time goes on, their various children start new lives thousands of miles away from their East End roots . . .
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The Heart Of Devin MacKade – Contemporary romance by Nora Roberts – Only 99p 0 comments

Sheriff Devin MacKade had always had his eye on Cassie Connor Dolin. Twelve years of trying to watch over her and her children. Twelve years of being the dependable friend, of seeing his beauty married to a beast. Twelve years of hell.
Now that was going to change, though he knew he’d have to be careful, move slow. But if Cassie came any closer, he might just toss her over his shoulder and carry her off! And he wasn’t sure either of them was quite ready for that yet. But soon…
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Fire and Brimstone – Dan Starkey #5 – A quirky mystery – Just 99p 0 comments

When billionaire’s daughter Alison Wolff disappears following a massacre at a party, nobody knows if she has been kidnapped or killed. Dan Starkey is hired to find the missing student but instead is drawn into a violent struggle between rival gangs.
A drugs war is tearing the city apart and in response, a new church movement has sprung up. But when a controversial new abortion clinic is firebombed, Dan is asked to prove their involvement.
In a Belfast rapidly descending back into chaos, Dan is left with an impossible choice – betray his client or risk losing his family…
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Liverpool Angels – Historical saga – Just 99p 0 comments

Born at the turn of the twentieth century, Mae Strickland is only a few days old when her mother suddenly dies. Her aunt Maggie brings Mae up together with her own children, Eddie and Alice, and the girls become like sisters. In spite of Mae’s unhappy start, life feels full of promise.
Then, as the First World War looms, everything changes. While the local men – including young Eddie – leave to fight, Mae and Alice train as field nurses. As they travel to the front line in the wake of family tragedy, nothing can prepare them for the hardship that lies ahead.
Yet there is solace to be found amid the wreckage of the war, and for both, romance is on the horizon. But it will take great courage for Mae and Alice to follow their hearts. Can love win out in the end?
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Shock Wave – Virgil Flowers Series #5 – Suspense fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

The superstore chain PyeMart has its sights set on a Minnesota river town, but two very angry groups want to stop it: local merchants, fearing for their businesses, and environmentalists, predicting ecological disaster. The protests don’t seem to be slowing the project, though, until someone decides to take matters into his own hands.
The first bomb goes off on the top floor of PyeMart’s headquarters. The second one explodes at the construction site itself. The blasts are meant to inflict maximum damage-and they do. Who’s behind the bombs, and how far will they go? It’s Virgil Flowers’s job to find out . . . before more people get killed.
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Dark Intelligence: Transformation #1 – One man transcends death for vengeance – £1.29 0 comments

Thorvald Spear wakes in hospital, having been brought back from the dead. He died in a human vs. alien war that ended a century ago.
Spear had been trapped on a planet, surrounded by alien Prador forces, when he spotted a rescue ship. Yet he and his entire squad were killed by the ship’s Artificial Intelligence, Penny Royal, which turned rogue. Now, reliving these traumatic final moments, Spear finds the drive to keep on living. That drive is vengeance.
The AI still roams free and Spear vows to destroy it, planning to exploit another of its victims in his quest. But crime-lord Isobel Satomi has been modified by Penny Royal, turning her into something far from human. And as she evolves into the ultimate predator, will she turn Spear from hunter to hunted?
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Always and Forever – Aching hearts and their love on the line – Contemporary women’s fiction – Just 98p 0 comments

Lisa and Matt can’t believe their luck. They have a dream house and a dream marriage, and very soon they’ll have a dream family too. But life is rarely that simple. When their beautiful life is rocked by tragedy, they are forced to make an unbearable choice. Suddenly the future they’ve built together looks fragile and exposed.
With aching hearts and their love on the line, they set off on a road trip through the stunning Californian landscape, hoping that time—and distance from the life they thought perfect—will help them start again. Matt is desperate not to lose Lisa, but as they confront their grief in different ways, he may have lost her already.
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The Knights Templar Collection – Three books of historical fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR COLLECTION brings together three engrossing novels in the widely acclaimed and much loved Knights Templar series. Escape into the evocative medieval world of Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock, as you join them on the suspenseful trail of three murder mysteries.
Set includes:
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Other novels in The Knights Templar series are selling for only 99p each. Browse the collection here.

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The King’s Concubine – One marriage. Three people. Proud king. Loving wife. Infamous mistress. – Historical fiction – Only £1.49 0 comments

One marriage. Three people. Proud king. Loving wife. Infamous mistress. 1362. Philippa of Hainault selects a young orphan from a convent. Alice Perrers, a girl born with nothing but ambition. The Queen has a role waiting for her at court. ‘I have lifted you from nothing Alice. Now you repay me.’ Led down the corridors of the royal palace, the young virgin is secretly delivered to King Edward III – to perform the wifely duties of which ailing Philippa is no longer capable. Power has a price, and Alice Perrers will pay it. Mistress to the King. Confidante of the Queen. Whore to the court. Her fate is double edged; loved by the majesties, ostracised by her peers. Alice must balance her future with care as her star begins to rise – the despised concubine is not untouchable. Politics and pillow talk are dangerous bedfellows. The fading great King wants her in his bed. Her enemies want her banished. One mistake and Alice will face a threat worse than any malicious whispers of the past.
Written by Anne O’Brien, you can purchase The King’s Concubine for only £1.49 today.
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