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The Fire Witness – Joona Linna #3 – Scandinavian thriller – Only 99p 0 comments

At a home for troubled girls, a young girl has been brutally murdered during the night. Her body is found arranged in bed with her hands covering her eyes.
Vicky Bennet is the only girl unaccounted for. When a bloody hammer is discovered under her pillow, it appears that she was more than just a witness to the killing.
Detective Inspector Joona Linna is called in to piece the evidence together. But the case quickly descends into darker, more violent territory, leading him finally to a shocking confrontation with the past
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The Museum of Things Left Behind – A heart-warming fable for our times – Just 99p 0 comments

Vallerosa is every tourist’s dream – a tiny, picturesque country surrounded by lush valleys and verdant mountains; a place sheltered from modern life and the rampant march of capitalism. But in isolation, the locals have grown cranky, unfulfilled and disaffected. In the Presidential Palace hostile Americans, wise to the country’s financial potential, are circling like sharks …
Can the town be fixed? Can the local bar owners be reconciled? Can an unlikely visitor be the agent of change and rejuvenation this broken idyll is crying out for?
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Love Rules by Freya North – When you fall in love do you follow your heart or use your head? – Just 99p 0 comments

Thea Luckmore believes in love – the magic spark of true, old-fashioned, romantic love. She’s determined only ever to fall head over heels, or rather, heart over head.
Alice Heggarty, her best friend, is always falling in lust – with dashing rogues who invariably break her heart. As yet another disastrous relationship ends, Alice makes a decision. It’s time to marry and she knows just the man.
For Thea, Saul Mundy promises to be the perfect fit and Thea finds herself falling in love and loving it.
When it comes to love, should you listen to your head, your heart, or your best friend?
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The Image of You: I thought I knew you. But you’re a liar. – Gripping tragic and atmospheric story – Just 99p 0 comments

Anna and Zoe are twins. Identical in appearance, utterly different in personality, they share a bond so close that nothing – or no one – can rip them apart.
Until Anna meets charismatic Nick.
Anna is trusting, romantic and hopeful; she thinks Nick is perfect.
Zoe is daring, dangerous and extreme; she thinks Nick is a liar.
Zoe has seen Anna betrayed by men before. She’ll stop at nothing to discover if Nick is as good as he seems.
The problem is, lies may hurt. But honesty can kill.
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Cards on the Table – Hercule Poirot #15 – Classic mystery by Agatha Christie – Just 99p 0 comments

Mr Shaitana was famous as a flamboyant party host. Nevertheless, he was a man of whom everybody was a little afraid. So, when he boasted to Poirot that he considered murder an art form, the detective had some reservations about accepting a party invitation to view Shaitana’s private collection.
Indeed, what began as an absorbing evening of bridge was to turn into a more dangerous game altogether…
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Dear Rosie Hughes – A feel good and emotional novel – Just 99p 0 comments

It’s been fifteen years since Aggie’s friendship with Rosie Hughes ended abruptly. But now she’s heard from the village rumour mill that Rosie is off to war, she knows her best friend needs her more than ever – despite what’s happened between them in the past.
As Rosie faces a desert full of danger and Aggie falls further from the path to love she’ so wants, the two friends write each other letters.
The comfort in their shared words is an anchor to the life they knew before…and the only constant in a world as increasingly unpredictable as the wind.
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The Scarlet Thief – Jack Lark #1 – Historical fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

1854: The banks of the Alma River, Crimean Peninsular. The Redcoats stagger to a bloody halt. The men of the King’s Royal Fusiliers are in terrible trouble, ducking and twisting as the storm of shot, shell and bullet tear through their ranks.
Officer Jack Lark has to act immediately and decisively. His life and the success of the campaign depend on it. But does he have the mettle, the officer qualities that are the life blood of the British Army? From a poor background Lark has risen through the ranks by stealth and guile and now he faces the ultimate test…
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Last Letter from Istanbul: Escape with this epic holiday read of secrets and forbidden love – Just 99p 0 comments

Istanbul 1921. Before the Occupation, Nur’s city was a tapestry of treasures: the Grand Bazaar alive with colour, trinkets and spices; saffron sunsets melting into the black waters of the Bosphorus; the sweet fragrance of the fig trees dancing on the summer breeze . . .
Now the shadow of war hangs over the city, and Nur lives for the protection of a young boy with a terrible secret. Stumbling through the streets, carrying the embroideries that have become her livelihood, she avoids the gazes of the Allied soldiers. Survival is everything.
When Nur chances upon George Monroe, a medical officer in the British Army, it is easy to hate him. Yet the lines between enemy and friend grow fainter.
She and the boy would both be at risk. Nur knows that she cannot afford to fall – impossibly and dangerously – in love . . .
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The Summer Maiden – River Maid #2 – Family saga – Just 99p 0 comments

1873. When Carrie Manning’s father dies her mother, Esther, is heartbroken. Essie leaves London to convalesce with her good friend Lady Alice, and it is down to Carrie to look after her family and take charge of the shipping company that her father has left behind.
But the company is in dire straits, forcing Carrie seek work as a companion to Maria Colville. When Carrie and Maria try to track down Maria’s mother, they have no idea of the secrets that they will discover. Secrets that link the Colvilles, the Mannings and figures from the past who return to England.
Carrie’s journey is as unpredictable as the waters that link the rival shipping companies, but will her determination be enough to preserve the legacy of her family’s name?
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Cross Her Heart – Psychological thriller – Only 99p 0 comments

Lisa tells lies.
Most of them are small white lies intended to make the life of her daughter, Ava, easier.
But her biggest lie of all about to be exposed.
Because Lisa is lying to everyone.
Lisa isn’t who she says she is.
Lisa isn’t even called Lisa at all.
Her real name is Charlotte Nevill and as a child she was convicted of the brutal murder of her half-brother, Daniel.
Someone out there knows the truth. They’re determined to make Lisa pay. And they won’t stop until everything she loves is destroyed.
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