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Wakenhyrst – A dark, gothic tale – Only 99p 0 comments

In Edwardian Suffolk, a manor house stands alone in a lost corner of the Fens: a glinting wilderness of water whose whispering reeds guard ancient secrets. Maud is a lonely child growing up without a mother, ruled by her repressive father.
When he finds a painted medieval devil in a graveyard, unhallowed forces are awakened.
Maud’s battle has begun. She must survive a world haunted by witchcraft, the age-old legends of her beloved fen – and the even more nightmarish demons of her father’s past.
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One Little Mistake – Women’s psychological fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

Vicky Seagrave is blessed: three beautiful children, a successful, doting husband, great friends and a job she loves. She should be perfectly happy.
When she makes a split-second decision that risks everything she holds dear, there’s only person she trusts enough to turn to.
But Vicky is about to learn that one mistake is all it takes; that if you’re careless with those you love, you don’t deserve to keep them . . .
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Walk Me Home – Compelling fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

Carly and her little sister Jen are walking. Something terrible has happened. Something that has left Carly in charge, her faith in humanity shattered. She knows they need help. But she is terrified of her sister being taken away from her. All they have is each other.
Carly wants them to find their way back to the last person she knew she could trust – their stepfather. But Jen holds a secret about him which, if she’s telling the truth, will put them both at far more risk than they could imagine.
And so begins a journey, across hundreds of miles, which neither girl could have anticipated. It isn’t an easy one, and is often dangerous. But along the way they are also confronted with the unexpected kindness of strangers. And ultimately, should they choose to accept it, some new relationships that hold the potential to change everything…
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The Talisman – Fantasy horror by Stephen King and Peter Staub – Just 99p 0 comments

Twelve-year-old Jack spends his days alone in a deserted coastal town, his father gone, his mother dying. Then he meets a stranger – and embarks on a terrifying journey. For Jack must find the Talisman, the only thing that can save his mother.
His quest takes him into the menacing Territories, a parallel world where violence, surprise and the titanic struggle between good and evil reach across a mythic landscape.
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Crow Lake – Literary fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

Orphaned young, Kate Morrison was her older brother Matt’s protégé, her curious fascination for pond-life fed by his passionate interest in the natural world.
Now a zoologist, she can identify organisms under a microscope, but seems blind to the tragedy of her own emotional life. She thinks she’s outgrown her family, who were once her entire world – but she can’t seem to outgrow her childhood or lighten the weight of their mutual past.
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You Deserve Each Other – The perfect escapist feel-good romance – Just 99p 0 comments

Meet Naomi and Nicholas: the Perfect Couple.
Their glorious, lavish wedding is coming up in three short months . . . and they are utterly, miserably sick of each other.
Unfortunately, whoever backs out first will end up bearing the brunt of the wedding bill. When Naomi finds out that Nicholas has been feigning contentment too, the two of them go head-to-head in a battle of sabotage, pranks, and all-out emotional warfare to see who can annoy the other into surrendering first.
Now that they have nothing to lose, they’re finally being themselves. In fact, they’re having so much fun getting on each other’s nerves that it starts to feel like something else entirely…
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The Husband’s Secret – Contemporary fiction by Liane Moriarty – Just 99p 0 comments

Cecilia Fitzpatrick thought she knew her husband.
That is until she finds an envelope with his writing on: ‘to be opened in the event of my death’.
She opens it, and learns a shocking truth he has never dared reveal.
Now Cecilia faces a terrible choice.
Because revealing her husband’s secret will hurt those she loves the most . . .
But could the consequences of staying silent be worse?
You can buy this popular novel for only 99p today. Audiobook: £3.99.
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One by One – A snowy thriller – Only 99p 0 comments

The shareholders and directors of Snoop, the hottest new music app, gather for a make or break corporate retreat to decide the future of the company. At stake is a billion-dollar dot com buyout that could make them all millionaires, or leave some of them out in the cold.
The clock is ticking on the offer, and with the group irrevocably split, tensions are running high. When an avalanche cuts the chalet off from help, and one board member goes missing in the snow, the group is forced to ask – would someone resort to murder, to get what they want?
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Scandalous – Action-packed romance – Only 99p 0 comments

Sasha Miller comes to Cambridge with a dream and leaves on a mission. After falling for the lies and charms of her Director of Studies ‘Theo Dexter’ she finds herself betrayed, humiliated and nursing a bundle of broken dreams. Heading to the US she is determined to rebuild her life.
Years later, Sasha emerges from Harvard Business School with one thing on her mind, the downfall of the now famous Professor Theo Dexter.
Meanwhile Theo’s long suffering wife Theresa also finds herself betrayed and cast aside for a younger and prettier model. Unable to cope she returns to Cambridge a broken woman and tries to rebuild her life away from the scheming Theo Dexter.
One night Sasha turns up at Theresa’s door, she wants revenge at any cost, will Theresa help her?
From the deepest betrayal comes a shocking alliance.
Two vengeful women, one very unlucky man…
Buy this action-packed romance for only 99p today.
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The Sins of the Father – Clifton Chronicles #3 – Family saga – Only 99p 0 comments

New York, 1939. Tom Bradshaw is arrested for first degree murder. He stands accused of killing his brother. When Sefton Jelks, a top Manhattan lawyer, offers his services for nothing, penniless Tom has little choice but to accept his assurance of a lighter sentence. After Tom is tried, found guilty and sentenced, Jelks disappears, and the only way for him to prove his innocence would be to reveal his true identity – something that he has sworn never to do in order to protect the woman he loves.
Meanwhile, the young woman in question travels to New York, leaving their son behind in England, having decided she’ll do whatever it takes to find the man she was to marry – unwilling to believe that he died at sea. The only proof she has is a letter. A letter that has remained unopened on a mantelpiece in Bristol for over a year.
In Jeffrey Archer’s epic novel, family loyalties are stretched to their limits as secrets unravel, and the story moves from the backstreets of Bristol to the boardrooms of Manhattan. Join the great storyteller on a journey where there are no stop signs, no cul-de-sacs and no dead ends. Buy this second book in the Clifton Chronicles family saga series for only 99p today.
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