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This Thing Of Darkness – An epic novel of sea-faring adventure – Only 99p 0 comments

This is an epic novel of sea-faring adventure set in the 19th century charting the life of Robert Fitzroy, the captain of `The Beagle` and his passenger Charles Darwin. It combines adventrure, emotion, ideas, humour and tragedy as well as illuminating the history of the 19th century.
Fitzroy, the Christian Tory aristocrat, believed in the sanctity of the individual, but his beliefs destroyed his career and he committed suicide. Darwin, the liberal minor cleric doubts the truth of the Bible and develops his theory of evolution which is brutal and unforgiving in human terms.
The two friends became bitter enemies as Darwin destroyed everything Fitzroy stood for.
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DS Jessica Daniel series: Locked In/Vigilante/The Woman in Black – Books 1-3 – £1.64 0 comments

Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel works for the Greater Manchester Police force. Apart from fighting the daily battle against the northern weather, she also has to deal with exasperating colleagues, a hopeless best friend and managing her ever-growing floordrobe. And that’s before she even gets started on some of Manchester’s more challenging crimes . . .Buy this three-book bundle today for £1.64.
Locked In: When a body is found in a locked house Jessica has little in the way of leads. Then a second body shows up in identical circumstances to the first . . .
Vigilante: The national media can’t believe their luck with an apparent vigilante on the streets, while Jessica’s new boss seems grateful someone else is doing their job for them as the victims are all hardened criminals themselves.
The Woman in Black: A severed hand is found in the centre of Manchester. With a lengthy missing persons list and frantic families wondering if the body part could belong to their absent loved ones, Jessica has plenty to deal with – and that’s before more sinister evidence starts to emerge.
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Ghost Flight by Bear Grylls – An action and adventure thriller – £1.99 0 comments

A mother and child savagely abducted from a snow-swept mountainside.
A loyal soldier tortured and executed on a remote Scottish moor.
A lost warplane discovered in the heart of the Amazon jungle, harbouring a secret of earth-shattering evil.
A desperate race to defeat a terrifying conspiracy emanating from the darkest days of Nazi Germany.
One thread unites them all.
Only one man can unravel it.
Will Jaeger. The Hunter.
Buy this action and adventure thriller for £1.99 today.
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Model Misfit – Geek Girl #2 – Teen and young adult fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

Harriet Manners knows a lot of facts.
She knows that humans have 70,000 thoughts per day.
She knows that Geek + Model = a whole new set of graffiti on your belongings.
And that the average person eats a ton of food a year, though her pregnant stepmother is doing her best to beat this.
But Harriet doesn’t know where she’s going to fit in once the new baby arrives. And with her summer plans ruined, modelling in Japan seems the perfect chance to get away.
Can Harriet cope with the craziness of Tokyo, her competitive model flatmates and her errant grandmother’s ‘chaperoning’. Or seeing gorgeous Nick everywhere she goes?
Will geek girl find her place on the other side of the world?
Buy this fun and humourous novel for teens and adults for only 99p today.
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Repost at a lower price – Now just 99p – An Ember in the Ashes – ‘A captivating, heart-pounding fantasy’ 0 comments

Under the Martial Empire, defiance is met with death.
When Laia’s grandparents are brutally murdered and her brother arrested for treason by the empire, the only people she has left to turn are the rebels.
But in exchange for their help in saving her brother, they demand that Laia spy on the ruthless Commandant of Blackcliff, the Empire’s greatest military academy. Should she fail it’s more than her brother’s freedom at risk…Laia’s very life is at stake.
There, she meets Elias, the academy’s finest soldier. But Elias wants only to be free of the tyranny he’s being trained to enforce. He and Laia will soon realize that their destinies are intertwined – and that their choices will change the fate of the Empire itself.
You can add this fantasy to your Kindle library when you buy it today for £1.99 just 99p.
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The Heretic’s Treasure – Ben Hope #4 – An exhilarating treasure-hunt thriller – Just 99p 0 comments

Ex-SAS operative Ben Hope is living a peaceful life in rural France – until a phone call from an old army comrade turns his world upside down. Eminent Egyptologist Morgan Paxton has been brutally murdered while working on the mysterious ‘Akhenaten Project’ in Cairo, and Colonel Harry Paxton wants Ben to find his son’s killer.
Ben is unable to refuse the request from the man who once saved his life – but when Harry asks him to avenge his son’s death he’s in dangerous territory.
Carving through the seedy Cairo underworld, Ben soon realises that there was more to Paxton’s research than meets the eye as he is plunged into one double-cross after another.
At the end of the trail lies the ultimate treasure, hidden away by three rebel High Priests during the reign of the ‘Heretic’ Pharoah Akhenaten – a collection so valuable that some will stop at nothing to possess it…
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My Sister’s Secret – Everything you’ve built your life on is a lie – Just 99p 0 comments

Willow’s memories of her parents are sun-drenched and full of smiles, love and laughter. But a mysterious invitation to a photographic exhibition exposes a secret that’s been buried since a tragic accident years ago.
Willow is forced to question everything she knew about Charity, her late mother, and Hope, the aunt she’s lived with since she was a child.
How was the enigmatic photographer connected to Willow’s parents? Why will Hope not break her silence?
Willow cannot move forward in her life without answers. But who can she really trust? Because no one has been telling the truth for a very long time.
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Gold by Chris Cleve – Contemporary fiction – Just 99p 0 comments

Usually, this is where we’d tell you what this book is about. But with Chris Cleave, it’s a bit different. Because if you’ve read The Other Hand or Incendiary, you’ll know that what his books are about is only part of the story – what really matters is how they make you feel. Gold is about the limits of human endurance, both physical and emotional. It will make you cry.
Gold is about what drives us to succeed – and what we choose to sacrifice for success. It will make you feel glad to be alive. Gold is about the struggles we all face every day; the conflict between winning on others’ terms, and triumphing on your own. It will make you count your blessings. Gold is a story told as only Chris Cleave could tell it. And once you begin, it will be a heart-pounding race to the finish. This novel is selling for just 99p today.
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The Husband’s Secret – We must live with the consequences of our actions – whether we like it or not – £1.99 0 comments

Mother of three and wife of John-Paul, Cecilia discovers an old envelope in the attic. Written in her husband’s hand, it says: to be opened only in the event of my death.
Curious, she opens it – and time stops.
John-Paul’s letter confesses to a terrible mistake which, if revealed, would wreck their family as well as the lives of others.
Cecilia – betrayed, angry and distraught – wants to do the right thing, but right for who? If she protects her family by staying silent, the truth will worm through her heart. But if she reveals her husband’s secret, she will hurt those she loves most . . .
You can buy this popular novel for £1.99 today. Audiobook: £3.99.
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Tucked Away – Hearts of Montana Western romance – Just 99p 0 comments

Charlie Ryan’s cheating fiancé left her with a broken heart and even broker bank account. She’s hit rock bottom, but everything is about to change. Suddenly, she’s inherited a Montana farm named Tucked Away from a grandmother she never knew existed. A fresh start is just what she needs – and no men in her future this time, even if the local vet is as hot as a Montana summer.
Zack Cooper is content with his simple life. Running his veterinary practice and raising his daughter are enough to keep him busy, and he doesn’t need a high-maintenance city girl like his ex who plans to sell her grandma’s ranch and split faster than a setting sun. So why can’t he stop thinking about Charlie and her hot-pink cowboy boots?
Just when both start to believe love might be worth the risk…one night will change everything.
Buy this Western romance for only 99p today.
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