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The Homecoming – A novel of working class life in rural Scotland in the 1960s – Just 99p 0 comments

In the tiny village of Westerbank in the south west of Scotland, the 1960s are not about rock’n’roll and drugs; they’re about survival, making a bare living out of a struggling farm or working for a pittance at whatever job comes along. Nonetheless in this close community friendships go deep and the pub of an evening is a cheery place, at least until too much drink is taken.
Fifteen years ago, Joe McBride left Westerbank under a cloud, and in his absence life has moved on, the secrets he took with him disturbing only occasionally those who were caught up in them. But now Joe McBride is coming home, a changed man, and one who needs to face up to the past before it’s too late.
The truth about the mysterious death of a young girl fifteen years ago is about to come out, and nothing in Westerbank will ever be quite the same again.
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The Little Girl in the Radiator: Mum, Alzheimer’s & Me – £1.99 0 comments

Martin Slevin’s mum was a highly active, very intelligent and fiercely independent woman who ran her own business and ruled Martin and his father with a rod of iron.
But after Martin’s dad dies, her life crumbles, and she becomes listless and forgetful. Eventually, she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Martin puts his own life on hold to care for her. Together, they embark on a journey through the various stages of the condition; the destination is never in doubt, but along the way there are many lighter moments, as she shaves the dog’s bottom, holds sing-songs with an imaginary Irish band and pins all of Martin’s socks to the wall.
And all the time, the question nags away at him: who is the little girl in the radiator, with whom his mum has urgent, whispered conversations each day?
Buy this memoir today for £1.99.
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I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Sports autobiography – £1.99 0 comments

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – professional football’s most mercurial player, Swedish national hero, tabloid fixture, fashion icon, modern-day philosopher and black belt in Taekwondo.
Born to a Muslim father from Bosnia, and a Catholic mother from Croatia, Zlatan recounts his extraordinary life story, from his poverty-stricken upbringing as an outsider in Malmö;, Sweden, to becoming one of the world’s most sought-after and expensive players, gracing Europe’s finest clubs, from Ajax to Juventus, Internazionale to Barcelona, Milan to Paris Saint-Germain.
Buy this sports autobiography for £1.99 today.
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In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom – £1.99 0 comments

‘I am most grateful for two things: that I was born in North Korea, and that I escaped from North Korea.’
Yeonmi Park was not dreaming of freedom when she escaped from North Korea. She didn’t even know what it meant to be free. All she knew was that she was running for her life, that if she and her family stayed behind they would die – from starvation, or disease, or even execution.
This book is the story of Park’s struggle to survive in the darkest, most repressive country on earth; her harrowing escape through China’s underworld of smugglers and human traffickers; and then her escape from China across the Gobi desert to Mongolia, with only the stars to guide her way, and from there to South Korea and at last to freedom; and finally her emergence as a leading human rights activist – all before her 21st birthday.
Buy this book today for £1.99. Audiobook: £5.99.
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While We’re Far Apart – Inspirational WWII-era fiction – Just 96p 0 comments

In an unassuming apartment building in Brooklyn, New York, three lives intersect as the reality of war invades each aspect of their lives. Young Esther is heartbroken when her father decides to enlist in the army shortly after the death of her mother. Penny Goodrich has been in love with Eddie Shaffer for as long as she can remember; now that Eddie’s wife is dead, Penny feels she has been given a second chance and offers to care for his children in the hope that he will finally notice her and marry her after the war. And elderly Mr. Mendel, the landlord, waits for the war to end to hear what has happened to his son trapped in war-torn Hungary.
But during the long, endless wait for victory overseas, life on the home front will go from bad to worse. Yet these characters will find themselves growing and changing in ways they never expected–and ultimately discovering truths about God’s love…even when He is silent.
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Dear Lupin… Letters to a Wayward Son – A memoir – Only £1.99 0 comments

Roger Mortimer’s sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, always generous letters to his son are packed with anecdotes and sharp observations, with a unique analogy for each and every scrape Charlie Mortimer got himself into.
The trials and tribulations of his youth and early adulthood are received by his father with humour, understanding and a touch of resignation, making them the perfect reminder of when letters were common, but always special.A racing journalist himself, Roger Mortimer wrote for a living, yet still wrote more than 150 letters to his son as he left school, and lived in places such as South America, Africa, Weston-super-Mare and eventually London.
These letters form a memoir of their relationship, and an affectionate portrait of a time gone by. Buy the memoir today for £1.99. Audiobook: £3.99.
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Round Ireland With A Fridge – An absurd story of an extraordinary adventure – £1.99 0 comments

‘I hereby bet Tony Hawks the sum of One Hundred Pounds that he cannot hitchhike round the circumference of Ireland, with a fridge, within one calendar month’
A foolhardy attempt to win a drunken bet led to Tony Hawks having one of the most unforgettable experiences of his life. Joined by his trusty travelling-companion-cum-domestic-appliance, he found himself in the midst of a remarkable, inspirational and, at times, downright silly adventure.
In their month of madness, Tony and his fridge surfed together; entered a batchelor festival; and one of them had sex without the other knowing. The fridge got christened, and they even met the poorest king on Earth.
An absurd story of an extraordinary adventure, Round Ireland with a Fridge follows the fearless pair as they battle towards Dublin and a breathtaking finale that is moving, uplifting, and a fitting conclusion to the whole ridiculous affair.
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Secrets of the Sewing Bee – The defiant and courageous women on the home front – Just 99p 0 comments

Orphan Flossy Brown arrives at Trout’s garment factory in Bethnal Green amidst the uncertainty of the Second World War. In 1940s London, each cobbled street is strewn with ghosts of soldiers past, all struggling to make ends meet. For the women of the East End, their battles are on the home front.
Flossy is quickly embraced by the colourful mix of characters working at Trout’s, who have turned their sewing expertise to vital war work. They fast become the family that Flossy has always longed for. Dolly Doolaney, darling of the East End, and infamous tea lady, gives her a particularly warm welcome and helps Flossy settle into wartime life.
In such close quarters, can Dolly manage to contain the secret that binds them all? And how will Peggy and Flossy cope as their lives are shaped and moved by forces outside of their control?
Buy this historical saga for only 99p today. Audiobook: £3.49.
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Remember Me by Leslie Pearse – Historical fiction – £1.99 0 comments

She made a mistake and now she’ll never see home again . . .
Mary, a Cornish mariner’s daughter, makes the biggest mistake of her short life when she steals a silk hat. Convicted and sentenced to be transported to Australia, she endures horrific conditions aboard ship before landing in a brutal and barbaric country.
It will take all her courage just to survive.
But Mary is also determined to make something of herself in this rugged man’s world. And she dreams that one day she will find a way of crossing the cruel seas that lie between her and home . . .
Based on a true story, Remember Me brings Mary Broad vividly to life in this moving story of a woman triumphing against overwhelming odds. Buy this historical novel today for £1.99.
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The Hangman’s Daughter Tale series books 1-5 – Historical fiction – £1.00 each 0 comments

I have listened to the first two book in this series. This series is set in 1600 Germany and isn’t in my usual reading fare. The plot was multi-layered and moved quickly. They are 5-star reads and I recommend them at this great price.

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