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Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher – The true and intoxicating story of her life – Just 99p 0 comments

In Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher tells the true and intoxicating story of her life with inimitable wit. Born to celebrity parents, she was picked to play a princess in a little movie called Star Wars when only 19 years old. “But it isn’t all sweetness and light sabres.”
Alas, aside from a demanding career and her role as a single mother (not to mention the hyperspace hairdo), Carrie also spends her free time battling addiction and weathering the wild ride of manic depression.
It’s an incredible tale – from having Elizabeth Taylor as a stepmother, to marrying (and divorcing) Paul Simon, and from having the father of her daughter leave her for a man, to ultimately waking up one morning and finding a friend dead beside her in bed. Buy this autobiography for only 99p today.
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Tales from the Dance Floor by Craig Revel Horwood – £1.99 0 comments

Following his hugely successful autobiography All Balls and Glitter, in this frank, funny and revealing book, Craig Revel Horwood turns the spotlight behind the scenes and uncovers some sensational stories from his life and times onstage.
As well as his four unforgettable stints as the Wicked Queen in panto alongside Ann Widdecombe, the multi-talented dancer, director and choreographer reveals the challenges of competing in last year’s Maestro at the Opera, beating contestants including Trevor Nelson and Josie Lawrence.
Buy this memoir today for £1.99.
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The Round Robin Letters: The Ultimate Collection of Christmas Letters – Just 99p 0 comments

Every Christmas, unwanted round robin letters, stuffed with news of young Chloe’s nauseating excellence at – well – everything, the announcement of Janet’s cousin’s husband’s friend’s divorce, or the details of Terry’s colonoscopy, accumulate on doormats. One day, Simon Hoggart decided to do something about it.
He mercilessly presented the most eye-popping examples of such letters in his bestseller, The Cat that Could Open the Fridge, and followed it up with The Hamster that Loved Puccini, hoping he had put a stop to them. And yet the letters, booklets and photo-montages kept on coming. So here, to drive home his message, The Round Robin Letters brings together his two collections in an anthology that will have everyone choking with laughter on their Christmas pudding. Buy it today for only 99p.
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Puppy Love – Touching, original, and very funny, it is a story of the best friend a girl could ever have – Just 99p 2 comments

Hercules is a dachshund, and his new mistress Caroline is the greatest human being on earth. She’s the one who rescued him from the animal shelter, who smells of summer and strawberries, and who laughs when the little pup snuggles up with her on the sofa.
So when Caroline is badly treated by her bossy, dog-hating boyfriend, Hercules decides it’s high time he rescued his mistress for a change. And so begins an epic quest to find his favourite woman the perfect man…
Touching, original, and very funny, Puppy Love is a story about love, life, and the best friend a girl could ever have. Buy this fun book today for just 99p.
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The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman – Crime comedy, love story and literary adventure all at once – £1.99 0 comments

Atticus Craftsman never travels without a supply of Earl Grey and a favourite book. So when he is sent to shut down a failing literary magazine in Madrid, he packs both. A short Spanish jaunt later, he’ll be back in Kent, cup of tea and smoked-salmon sandwich in hand.
But the five ladies who run the magazine have other ideas. They’ll do anything to keep the jobs they love – even if it involves hoodwinking Atticus with flashing eyes, the ghosts of literature past and a winding journey into the heart of Andalucía.
With not the most efficient of detectives in pursuit, it’s only a matter of time before Atticus Craftsman either falls in love, disappears completely or – worst of all – runs out of Earl Grey.
Crime comedy, love story and literary adventure all at once, The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman is fiendishly fun and delightfully different. Buy this fun book today for £1.99.
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Driving Jarvis Ham – Comic fiction – Just £1.49 0 comments

Meet Jarvis Ham: tea-room assistant, diarist, lift-cadger, Princess Di fan, secret alcoholic, and relentless seeker of fame. Jarvis may be an all-round irritant, but he’s harmless, and deep down, you know, he’s got a heart of gold. Hasn’t he?
As his oldest (and only) friend reflects on his life with Jarvis Ham – infatuations, questionable hairstyles, home-made charity singles, reality TV auditions, paedophile alerts at the local swimming baths – he wonders what it would have been like if they had never met. But what are you going to do? He’s a mate. DRIVING JARVIS HAM is a novel for anyone who has ever found themselves looking across at a childhood friend, and wondering why they still know them.
This comic fiction is selling for only £1.49 today.
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The Sherlock Holmes Book – Chronicles every case of the world’s greatest detective – £1.99 0 comments

The Sherlock Holmes Book chronicles every case of the world’s greatest detective and his assistant Dr Watson. The game is afoot and now you can discover every detail of Sherlock Holmes’ world.
From the first novel A Study in Scarlet, through to the masterpiece that is The Hound of the Baskervilles and the detective’s last story, The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place, The Sherlock Holmes Book explores every facet of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most memorable creation. Discover how Holmes reaches his conclusions through deductive reasoning, plus in-depth biographies of key characters, from Holmes and Watson themselves to Inspector Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, and the detective’s arch-enemy Professor Moriarty.
Whether you’re a fan of the books, movies or TV shows, The Sherlock Holmes Book offers all you want to know about the world-famous sleuth and his stories. Buy it today for only £1.99.
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Camp David – It’s time to get serious with Britain’s favourite funny man – £1.99 0 comments

Famous comedian, funniest judge on Britain’s Got Talent, irresistible ladykiller and high-achieving sportsman, David Walliams is a man of many talents. Launched to fame with the record-breakingLittle Britain, his characters – Lou, Florence, Emily, amongst others – became embedded in our shared popular culture. You couldn’t enter a playground for a long while without hearing “eh, eh, eh” or “computer says no”.
Yet Walliams is a mystery. Often described as a bundle of contradictions, he is disarming and enigmatic, playing up his campness one minute and hinting about his depression the next.
To read Camp David is to be truly shocked, as well as tickled pink, as David Walliams bares his soul like never before and reveals a fascinating and complex mind.
Buy this memoir today for £1.99.
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The Two of Us: My Life with John Thaw by Sheila Hancock – £1.79 0 comments

When John Thaw, star of The Sweeney and Inspector Morse, died from cancer in 2002, a nation lost one of its finest actors and Sheila Hancock lost a beloved husband. In this unique double biography she chronicles their lives – personal and professional, together and apart.
John Thaw was born in Manchester, the son of a lorry driver. When he arrived at RADA on a scholarship he felt an outsider. In fact his timing was perfect: it was the sixties and television was beginning to make its mark. With his roles in Z-Cars and The Sweeney, fame came quickly. But it was John’s role as Morse that made him an icon.
In 1974 he married Sheila Hancock. Theirs was a sometimes turbulent, always passionate relationship, and in this remarkable book Sheila describes their love – weathering overwork and the pressures of celebrity, drink and cancer – with honesty and piercing intelligence, and evokes two lives lived to the utmost. Buy this memoir today for £1.79.
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The Amateurs – A tale of infidelity, contract killing and … golf – £1.99 0 comments

Gary is a sweet and decent man. Only two things would improve his life – having children with his gorgeous wife Pauline, and a lower golf handicap. Both are unlikely.
Pauline is wondering how she ended up living in an ugly little house, driving a second-hand car and making a living dressing up as Tinkerbell. She’s planning to leave Gary for a self-made carpet millionaire.
Findlay, the Carpet King of Scotland, wants to trade in his obese wife for a younger model. But if he goes for a divorce she’ll take him to the cleaners. If only there was some way she could be made to disappear…
Lee, Gary’s luckless brother, has botched one too many drug deals. Local crime overlord Ranta Campbell gives him one more job – one last chance to get it right. Lee’s done some bad things – but murder?
When Gary gets smashed on the head by a golf ball and miraculously develops an absolutely perfect swing, everyone finds their fates rest on the final day of the Open Championship…
Buy this outrageously funny crime novel is selling for £1.99 today.
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