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Storm in a C Cup: My Autobiography – By Caroline Flack- Just 99p 0 comments

In December 2014 Caroline Flack danced her way into the nation’s hearts when she raised the BBC’s coveted Strictly Come Dancing Glitterball. Known for her throaty laugh, edgy humour and quick-fire wit, showcased on some of Britain’s most popular spin-off shows, 2015 saw her thrust into the mainstream, hosting ITV’s flagship talent show, The X Factor, with Olly Murs.
In Storm in a C Cup, Caroline reveals the laughter and pain behind the TV persona, from a sheltered Norfolk childhood shared with her twin sister, through her madcap student days, to the challenging career ladder leading to eventual TV success, not forgetting its dark shadow, when intrusive media attention turned the dream into a nightmare.
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The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band – £1.49 0 comments

Ten years ago, Motley Crue’s bestselling The Dirt—penned with rock chronicler extraordinaire Neil Strauss—set a new bar for rock ‘n’ roll memoirs. A genuine cultural phenomenon, this turbocharged blockbuster has now been reissued to celebrate thirty wild years with rock’s most infamous band. No band has ever lived this hard, and lived to tell the tale.
You won’t just find sex, drugs, violence, fast cars, and every rock & roll cliche turned on its head inside, you will find uses for burritos and telephone handsets that you couldn’t have even imagined in your wildest dreams.
This is the classic book that’s made countless ordinary mortals want to transform into lawless rock stars, and created countless spin-off books for Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, and Mick Mars, who hold nothing back in this outrageous, legendary, no-holds-barred autobiography. Buy it today for £1.49.
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Man at the Helm – A wildly comic novel about an attractive divorcée in an English village in the 1970s – £1.99 0 comments

Not long after her parents’ separation, heralded by an awkward scene involving a wet Daily Telegraph and a pan of cold eggs, nine-year-old Lizzie Vogel, her sister and little brother and their now divorcée mother are packed off to a small, slightly hostile village in the English countryside. Their mother is all alone, only thirty-one years of age, with three young children and a Labrador. It is no wonder, when you put it like that, that she becomes a menace and a drunk. And a playwright.
Worried about the bad playwriting – though more about becoming wards of court and being sent to the infamous Crescent Home for Children – Lizzie and her sister decide to contact, by letter, suitable men in the area. In order to stave off the local social worker they urgently need to find a new Man at the Helm.
Buy this humourous nvoel for only £1.99 today.
You can buy the companion audiobook for an additional £3.49. It was nominated for the 2014 national book awards.
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The Mule – A tale of intrigue, betrayal and romance – Dark comedy – £1.99 0 comments

Jacky is a translator. He is a bit of an eccentric. And he can’t quite understand why the enigmatic and beautiful girl at the bar wants to talk to him.
Even more perplexing is the tatty-looking book she carries with her but won’t let him touch. Written in an untranslatable language – even for him – it contains, quite impossibly, what seem to be photographs of her murder.
When she disappears hours later and the book comes into his custody, the suspicion falls on him. Accused of her murder, Jacky must find a way to decipher the untranslatable book she has left behind. Racing through Paris in pursuit of the truth and the missing girl, he must track her down with nothing but an unwavering determination and the assistance of the world’s most annoying man.
Weaving a tale of intrigue, betrayal and romance, this is the bizarre story of the world’s most enigmatic book. Buy it today for £1.99.
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Being Reem by Joey Essex – The nation’s favourite Essex boy tells his rollercoaster story so far – Just 99p 0 comments

Trendsetter, male grooming icon and all-round good guy, this is the world according to the one and only Joey Essex.
Spreading joy wherever he goes, Joey became an instant favourite after joining the cast of The Only Way Is Essex in 2011. Renowned for his brilliant observations, distinctive style and immaculate hair, his unforgettable appearance on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has confirmed that this Brentwood boy is a national treasure in the making.
But life for Joey hasn’t always been so straightforward. When he was just 10-years-old, his mother, Tina, committed suicide after battling with depression, a fact that Joey didn’t find out until many years later. For the first time Joey opens up about life before fame and the events which have led him to where he is today.
Buy this memoir for only 99p today.
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Dan Taylor Is Giving Up On Women – A humourous novel – £1.24 0 comments

Dan was beginning to think he’d never find the right woman. And then he fell for the wrong one.
After a disastrous New Year’s Eve, when even being mistaken for a tragic widower can’t get him into bed, Dan Taylor declared his retirement from the world of dating. But his best friend Rob and his wife Hannah, aren’t letting him give up so easily. Taking him on as their very own special project, they start breaking him down to build him up again.
But their belief that they can re-build him is put to the test from the start, and it’s while Rob and Hannah put him through unwanted makeovers, ‘flirting practice’, and late-night date post mortems, that Dan realises that life as a couple can be twice as difficult.
Now Dan’s not sure what to despair about the most –
That he’s unable to complete a date without involving the emergency services?
That Rob and Hannah’s marriage may be on the rocks?
Or that the woman of his dreams might be the wife of his best friend?
Buy this humourous novel today for £1.24.
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The Darling Buds of May – A quick humourous read – £1.99 0 comments

‘Home looks nice. Allus does though, don’t it? Perfick’
And so the Larkins – Pop, Ma, Mariette, Zinnia, Petunia, Primrose, Victoria and Montgomery – return from an outing for fish and chips and ice cream one May evening. There, amid the rustic charms of home, they discover a visitor: one Cedric Charlton, Her Majesty’s inspector of taxes.
Mr Charlton is visiting to find out why junk-dealer Pop hasn’t paid his tax – but nothing’s that simple at the Larkins. Mariette takes a shine to ‘Charley’ – as Pop calls him – and before long the family have introduced the uncomplaining inspector to the delights of country living: the lusty scents of wild flowers, the pleasures of a bottle of Dragon’s Blood, cold cream dribbled over a bowl of strawberries and hot, hot summer nights.
In fact, soon Charley can’t see any reason to return to the office at all …
This shorter, humourous read is selling for £1.99 today. Audiobook: £3.49.
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Shakespeare: The World as a Stage by Bill Bryson – £1.99 0 comments

International bestseller Bill Bryson brings us this brilliantly readable biography of the world’s greatest playwright, William Shakespeare.
Join Bill as he takes you on a journey through Elizabethan England, tackling the myths, half-truths and downright lies to make sense of the man behind the masterpieces.
Revel in this glorious celebration of the life of Shakespeare from the much-loved author of ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ and ‘Notes from a Small Island’. Buy the book for £1.99 today. Audiobook: £4.99.
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The Men Who Stare At Goats – Non-fiction (or so they claim) – Only 99p 0 comments

Why are Iraqi prisoners of war being forced to listen to Barney the Purple Dinosaur’s theme tune repeatedly, at top volume? Why have 100 de-bleated goats been secretly placed inside the Special Forces command centre at Fort Bragg, North Carolina? Has the US army really enlisted the help of Uri Geller?
In The Men Who Stare at Goats, Jon Ronson searches for answers to these and many other questions, revealing some of the extraordinary beliefs at the core of the War on Terror. Buy this unique book for only 99p today.
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Wynn in Doubt – Can Wynn ditch her safe, routine life for the chance at an extraordinary future – £1.00 0 comments

Wynn Jeffries has wanderlust. Unfortunately, her life stalled somewhere between graduating from college and slinging drinks at the local dive bar. Stuck in a one-room apartment with no career, no boyfriend, no…life, she dreams of something more. Something amazing. Something like Oliver Reeves, her high school crush, who’s back in town and reminding Wynn of the way she used to be.
When a forgotten news clipping falls out of a book belonging to Wynn’s grandmother, a well-kept family secret is finally revealed. Is Wynn’s gypsy spirit the result of an overactive imagination, or did she inherit it from a woman so determined to live a big life, she gave up everything to have it?
Together, Wynn and Oliver attempt to put together the missing pieces of her family’s past and unravel the mystery behind her great-grandmother’s disappearance. But after so much time succumbing to fear and regret, can Wynn ditch her safe, routine life for the chance at an extraordinary future?
This contemporary novel is selling for only £1.00 today. Audiobook: £3.49.
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