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Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities – My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions – Just 99p 0 comments

Over the last two decades, writer-director Guillermo del Toro has mapped out a territory in the popular imagination that is uniquely his own, astonishing audiences with Cronos, Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, and a host of other films and creative endeavors.
Now, for the first time, del Toro reveals the inspirations behind his signature artistic motifs, sharing the contents of his personal notebooks, collections, and other obsessions. The result is a startling, intimate glimpse into the life and mind of one of the world’s most creative visionaries. Complete with running commentary, interview text, and annotations that contextualize the ample visual material, this deluxe compendium is every bit as inspired as del Toro is himself.
Buy this book today for only 99p.
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The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds – Just 99p 0 comments

They were the bestselling singles band in the world. They had awards, credibility, commercial success and creative freedom. Then they deleted their records, erased themselves from musical history and burnt their last million pounds in a boathouse on the Isle of Jura. And they couldn’t say why.
This is not just the story of The KLF. It is a book about Carl Jung, Alan Moore, Robert Anton Wilson, Ken Campbell, Dada, Situationism, Discordianism, magic, chaos, punk, rave, the alchemical symbolism of Doctor Who and the special power of the number 23.
Wildly unauthorised and unlike any other music biography, THE KLF is a trawl through chaos on the trail of a beautiful, accidental mythology. Buy it today for only 99p.
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No Cunning Plan – A funny, self-deprecating and always entertaining read – Just 99p 0 comments

Sir Tony Robinson is a much-loved actor, presenter and author with a stellar career lasting over fifty years. Now, in his long-awaited autobiography, he reveals how the boy from South Woodford went from child stardom in the first stage production of Oliver!, a pint-sized pickpocket desperately bleaching his incipient moustache, to comedy icon Baldrick, the loyal servant and turnip aficionado in Blackadder.
It wasn’t all plain sailing though. Along the way he was bullied by Steve Marriott, failed to impress Liza Minnelli and was pushed into a stinking London dock by John Wayne.
Packed full of incident and insight, No Cunning Plan is a funny, self-deprecating and always entertaining read. Buy it today for just 99p.
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Top Four for Summer by Sherban Young, author and reader 0 comments

Sherban Young is the author of Fleeting Memory (£2.14), Double Cover (£2.14) and the humorous mini-mystery collection, Dead Men Do Tell Tales.
It might seem strange, but these days I find myself reading more and more older books on my Kindle. I don’t mean last-summer-old—I mean 80-90 years old. The Kindle just seems to lend itself to exploring these old favorites. Maybe it’s not so strange, after all. The best technologies tend to bring us the best of the present, the past and the future. It’s much the same with the Kindle, and that’s why I have included two – well, let’s call them what they are – “ancient” re-reads for my Top Summer Reads. But the Kindle is also about the new, and so we’ll start with two excellent books I may not have come across if not for the e-book revolution.
Executive Lunch by Maria E. Schneider is the first book in the Sedona O’Hala series and shows how she got into investigating. In many ways, corporate investigations make more sense than the traditional detective motif, and allow for a greater sense of realism. That’s one of the best qualities about this book. You feel like the main character is a friend telling you a story. There’s also plenty of humor to balance out the tension. Lots of fun. For a very limited time you can purchase Executive Lunch for only £0.86.

Citizen Insane is the latest in the Barbara Marr saga. Karen Cantwell has settled comfortably into what one might call suburban cozy: a modern take on the classic innocent-drawn-in. There’s action and mystery and lots of humor. Movie lovers will delight in all the film references. You can buy this cozy mystery for £2.13.
Murder on the Orient Express I chose Murder on the Orient Express for a few reasons. It was the first Agatha Christie I ever read. It’s also her best. And lastly, if it’s your first too and you are one of those lucky few who doesn’t already know who dunnit in Orient Express, you won’t have to worry that you’ll inadvertently learn the answer in another Hercule Poirot novel. Poirot makes a reference to the solution of Orient Express in at least two other novels, so unless you read them in perfect order, it’s possible that you’ll come across the little Belgian’s spoiler. Don’t take the chance.
I particularly enjoy reading Christie on the Kindle. The Hercule Poirot novels are like potato chips to me. Once I finish one, I’m ready for another, and it’s nice not having to wait longer than a few seconds before the next one is ready to be devoured. I’d be happier if the publisher priced them a little cheaper, but £3.99 isn’t the worst, especially for the Queen of Crime.
Code of the Woosters I chose Code of the Woosters for my list because, again, it was my first. It’s also possibly Wodehouse’s best, and arguably the strongest of the Jeeves & Wooster series. You can’t go wrong if you start with Wodehouse here. Today this book is selling for £4.94.

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2010 Top Four Reads – Jim Chambers 0 comments

Jim Chambers spent 40 years designing highways in Georgia. He was an avid scuba diver for twenty-two years, and his underwater photography has been featured in National Geographic and Popular Photography. Always an avid reader, Jim is now trying his hand at writing. His first book is Recollections: A Baby Boomer’s Memories of the Fabulous Fifties . Jim lives with his wife Deborah in Tucker, Georgia.

Jim loves reading Kindle books. Here are four of his favorites:

A marvelous memoir by Terry Gelormino Silver about growing up in three orphanages – two of them run by a very strict order of nuns – during the 1930s. Think “Oliver Twist” meets “Angela’s Ashes,” and you’ve got it. Not a tear-jerker, however, the book is surprisingly upbeat. You can purchase Nunzilla Was My Mother and My Stepmother Was a Witch for only £0.72 today.

Wet Desert, a thriller by Gary Hansen: This is one of the most gripping and tension-filled books I’ve ever read. Imagine a terrorist blowing up the Glen Canyon dam, setting loose a huge wall of water pouring through the narrow valleys of the Colorado River with horrifying consequences. What a thriller movie “Wet Desert” would make! You can purchase this thriller for only £0.86.
We Interrupt This Date , humor and romance by L.C. Evans: Ms. Evans writes brilliantly of a fictional family so dysfunctional that it’s a full-time job by one overburdened member of the family to keep them all from self-destructing. Very very funny, but most readers will recognize at least one or two members of their own family. If you haven’t purchased this book yet, you can today for £2.21.
Click here to purchase Radium Halos , historical fiction by Shelley Stout: A beautiful and poignant novel about the ladies who painted radium dials on watches and clocks many years ago before the hazards of radiation were known. I loved this book; I think it’s a classic that will be read for years to come. This is story telling at its best. This novel is available today for £2.21.

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