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An Untamed Heart – Red River of the North Series – Inspirational romance – Just 49p 0 comments

Twenty-year-old Ingeborg Strand is certain she is destined to be an old maid. That is, until she meets a university student from Oslo, and feelings stronger than friendship begin to develop between them. But tragedy strikes, and the future begins to look bleaker than ever.
Grief settles heavily over Ingeborg, and her mother suggests that she leave Norway and start afresh in America. But how will she accomplish that with little money and no one to accompany her?
She meets Roald Bjorklund, a widower who has been planning to go to America for some time, lured by the promise of free land. He’s a good man–and he has a young son who desperately needs a mother. Is he the answer to her prayers? And what about love? This isn’t how she’s always imagined it. Ingeborg Strand has a heartrending decision to make…
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The Alaskan Courage Collection – Five inspirational romantic suspense novels – £2.51 0 comments

Dani Pettrey’s bestselling romantic suspense series, Alaskan Courage, features the nail-biting adventures of the McKenna family siblings as they encounter danger in the Alaskan wilderness.
Now available in one volume!
1 Submerged
2 Shattered
3 Stranded
4 Silenced
5 Sabotaged
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Rhythms of Rest – Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World – Just 49p 0 comments

Sabbath-keeping not only brings physical refreshment, it restores the soul. God commands us to “remember the Sabbath,” but is it realistic in today’s fast-paced culture? In this warm and helpful book, Shelly Miller dispels legalistic ideas about Sabbath and shows how even busy people can implement a rhythm of rest into their lives–whether for an hour, a morning, or a whole day.
With encouraging stories from people in different stages in life, Miller shares practical advice for having peaceful, close times with God. Ultimately, this book is an invitation to those who long for rest but don’t know how to make it a reality. Sabbath is a gift from God to be embraced, not a spiritual hoop to jump through. Buy it today for only 49p.
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Inspirational suspense: A Colleen Coble Christmas Collection – Four novellas – Just 99p 0 comments

Buy this inspirational suspense Christmas novella bundle for only 99p today.
Silent Night:As Christmas day nears, Bree and her faithful search-and-rescue dog Samson follow the trail of a troubling mystery into the snowy forests of Rock Harbor.
Holy Night:One sinister phone call has derailed their wedding. Will they let it tear them apart forever?
All Is Calm: Brendan Waddell needs a place to recuperate. Lauren Everman needs a place to hide. It’s going to be an unexpectedly romantic Christmas at Bluebird Ranch.
All Is Bright: A romantic, Christmas wedding at her seaside hotel gives Delilah a chance to shine with her unique gifts. But will her light be snuffed out before the bride and groom say “I do”?
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The Fisherman – A spellbinding first-person account of the life of Simon Peter – Biblical fiction – Only 49p 0 comments

He was a fisherman. An ordinary man providing for his family and dreaming of how to expand his business.
Until Jesus entered his life.
Here, in a spellbinding first-person account of the life of Simon Peter, Larry Huntsperger shows the gritty spiritual journey of one of Christianity’s greatest men. When Peter met Jesus, his life turned upside down as he left everything to follow the Savior. Through Peter’s eyes, you’ll experience the miracles Jesus performed. You’ll laugh as Peter contemplates launching a thriving business with Jesus’ ability to turn water into wine. You’ll agonize with Peter as he stands on Golgotha and witnesses the crucifixion of the one he loves the most. Watch the events of the Gospels unfold as Peter makes choices that will change the world for all time.
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A Confident Heart – How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Live in the Security of God’s Promises – Just 49p 0 comments

Often the biggest obstacle to living out our faith is our own doubt–about our worth, our abilities, our relationship with God, and situations in our lives. A Confident Heart gives voice to the questions, doubts, struggles, and hopes so many women have.
Author Renee Swope shows women how to identify, overcome, and even use doubt in order to live confidently in God’s power, truth, and grace. Perfect for women’s small groups or individuals, A Confident Heart is an authentic, insight-filled and encouraging message for any woman who wants to exchange destructive thought patterns with biblical truth that will transform the way she thinks, feels, and lives. You can buy this book for only 49p today.
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The Hadassah Covenant – Biblical fiction – Just 49p 0 comments

The modern-day Hadassah, introduced to readers in the previous novel, is the wife of Israel’s Prime Minister, with all its reflected power but also its isolation. The inner pain she feels as her beloved land and people are terrorized by political strife and bombings is made even more personal as her own father comes under attack. And then she learns of information that could have tragic repercussions on Jews living in Iraq, where Queen Esther had laid her own life on the line to save her people.
The successor to Xerxes has no love for the Jews, and when he discovers the Star of David medallion on Leah (the young queen’s candidate Esther wrote to in Hadassah), he is outraged. Leah is delegated to the “rejected” category, virtually a prisoner for life in the king’s palace, with no hope and no future.
Will Queen Esther and Mordecai be able to rescue Leah from the “ash heap” of Persian royal tradition? And even if they can, will Leah ever be able to truly love someone after all she has been through? Buy this Biblical novel for only 49p today.
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For Time and Eternity – Inspirational historical romance – Just 99p 0 comments

All Camilla Deardon knows of the Mormons camping nearby is the songs she hears floating on the breeze. Then she meets one of them—a young man named Nathan Fox. Never did she imagine he would be so handsome, so charming, especially after Mama and Papa’s warnings to stay away. Though she knows she should obey her parents, Camilla can’t refuse her heart. But even Nathan’s promises cannot prepare her for what she will face in Utah.
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God’s Power to Change Your Life – Living with Purpose – Just 99p 0 comments

What does it take to…Become more loving? Live more peacefully? Develop patience? Have self-control? “In the years I have been a pastor,” writes Rick Warren, “the number-one question I’m asked is, ‘Rick, why can’t I change?’” People want to change—but they’re stuck.
Do you want to get unstuck? Here’s how. Drawing simple but powerful truths from the Bible, this book gives you practical guidance for specific types of change, and it links you up with the power to actually make the changes you long to make.
As you apply the truth of God’s Word by the power of his Spirit, your life will change. You’ll move out of your rut—and get on track with God’s wonderful purposes for your life.
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Dying Declaration – Inspirational legal thriller – Just 87p 0 comments

Thomas and Theresa Hammonds believe in tough love and old-fashioned discipline. They do not believe in doctors. When their controversial beliefs lead to personal tragedy, the Hammonds face heartbreaking loss, a crisis of faith—and a charge of negligent homicide by a relentless prosecutor.
Defending Thomas and Theresa is freewheeling lawyer Charles Arnold. He believes in grace and mercy, but nothing in his colorful past has prepared him for the challenges of this shocking case, or for the dangerous conspiracy at its heart.
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