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Free Now: Memory of the World: The treasures that record our history from 1700 BC to the present day – From UNESCO 0 comments

Free Now: Memory of the World: The treasures that record our history from 1700 BC to the present day – From UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only and only in some geographical regions.
From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, priceless documentary heritage records the diversity of languages, peoples and knowledge that has influenced humanity from the early days of human history to the present. This heritage documents important events, discoveries or inventions that have transformed the world.
The UNESCO Memory of the World programme was created to preserve these recorded treasures of humanity and mobilize resources so that future generations can enjoy this legacy which is preserved in the major libraries, archives and museums across the globe.
This book is a full listing of all entries on the official UNESCO Memory of the World international register:
• Unique list of documentary heritage from around the world
• Photographs and descriptions for 244 precious documents
• All entries identified by the UNESCO International Advisory Committee and endorsed by the Director-General
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Back from the Brink: 1000 Days at Number 11 by Alistair Darling – Only 99p 0 comments

In the late summer of 2007, shares of Northern Rock went into free-fall, causing a run on the bank – the first in over 150 years. Northern Rock proved to be only the first. Twelve months later, as the world was engulfed in the worst banking crisis for more than a century, one of its largest banks, RBS, came within hours of collapse.
Back from the Brink tells the gripping story of Alistair Darling’s one thousand days in Number 11 Downing Street. As Chancellor, he had to avert the collapse of RBS hours before the cash machines would have ceased to function; at the eleventh hour, he stopped Barclays from acquiring Lehman Brothers in order to protect UK taxpayers; he used anti-terror legislation to stop Icelandic banks from withdrawing funds from Britain. From crisis talks in Washington, to dramatic meetings with the titans of international banking, to dealing with the massive political and economic fallout in the UK, Darling places the reader in the rooms where the destinies of millions weighed heavily on the shoulders of a few. His book is also a candid account of life in the Downing Street pressure cooker and his relationship with Gordon Brown during the last years of New Labour.
Back from the Brink is a vivid and immediate depiction of the British government’s handling of an unprecedented global financial catastrophe. Alistair Darling’s knowledge and understanding provide a unique perspective on the events that rocked international capitalism. It is also a vital historical document. Buy it today for your Kindle for only 99p.
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Free now: Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture – A public policy book from the International Monetary Fund 0 comments

Free now: Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture - A public policy book from the International Monetary Fund
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only and only in some geographical regions.
The first two decades of the twenty-first century have witnessed an influx of innovations and reforms in public financial management. The current wave of reforms is markedly different from those in the past, owing to the sheer number of innovations, their widespread adoption, and the sense that they add up to a fundamental change in the way governments manage public money.
This book takes stock of the most important innovations that have emerged over the past two decades, including fiscal responsibility legislation, fiscal rules, medium-term budget frameworks, fiscal councils, fiscal risk management techniques, performance budgeting, and accrual reporting and accounting. Not merely a handbook or manual describing practices in the field, the volume instead poses critical questions about innovations; the issues and challenges that have appeared along the way, including those associated with the global economic crisis; and how the ground can be prepared for the next generation of public financial management reforms.
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Churchill – The eternally fascinating story of Winston Churchill’s appointment with destiny – Only 69p 0 comments

Uniquely endowed with talent, energy and determination, Winston Churchill was, as a close wartime colleague put it, ‘unlike anyone you have ever met before’.
To many, he was the saviour of the nation, even of Western civilization, ‘the greatest Briton’ who ever lived. Others would have agreed with Evelyn Waugh who described him ‘always in the wrong, surrounded by crooks, a terrible father, a radio personality’. Whatever one’s view, Winston Churchill remains splendidly unreduced and enormous fun.
Ashley Jackson describes the contours and contradictions of Churchill’s remarkable life and career as a soldier, politician, historian, journalist, painter and homemaker. In doing so, he resists the temptation to conflate Churchill’s post-war career with Britain’s demise on the international stage. Nor does he endorse the notion that Churchill became an anachronism as he lived and continued to work, at a prodigious rate, through his seventies and eighties.
From thrusting subaltern to high-flying politician, Cabinet outcast to elder statesman, this is the eternally fascinating story of Winston Churchill’s appointment with destiny. Add this biography to your Kindle library for only 69p today.
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Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly – Chronicles both the heroism and deceit of Camelot – £2.68 0 comments

The anchor of The O’Reilly Factor recounts in gripping detail the brutal muder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy – and how a sequence of gunshots on a Dallas afternoon not only killed a beloved president but also sent America into the cataclysmic division of the Vietnam War and its culture-changing aftermath. In January 1961, as the Cold War escalates, John F. Kennedy struggles to contain the growth of Communism while he learns the hardships, solitude and temptations of what it means to be president of the United States.
Along the way he acquires a number of formidable enemies, among them Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Alan Dulles, director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In addition, powerful elements of organized crime have begun to talk about targeting the president and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy.
In the midst of a 1963 campaign trip to Texas, Kennedy is gunned down by an erratic young drifter named Lee Harvey Oswald. The former Marine Corps sharpshooter escapes the scene, only to be caught and shot dead while in police custody. The events leading up to the most notorious crime of the twentieth century are almost as shocking as the assassination itself.
Killing Kennedy chronicles both the heroism and deceit of Camelot, bringing history to life in ways that will profoundly move the reader. This may well be the most talked about American book of the year. You can buy it today for £2.68.

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Red Alert – The vision of apocalyptic threat of nuclear war – £1.29 0 comments

Peter Bryant’s 1958 novel Red Alert tells the terrifying tale of just how close to nuclear destruction the world can be. Here, we are faced with the worst possible of all worst-case scenarios in the Cold War; an American general loses his reason and orders a full-scale nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. Air Force Brigadier General Quinten is a dying man suffering from the paranoid delusion that he can make the world a better place by setting in motion this catastrophic attack with Strategic Air Command bombers armed with nuclear weapons.
Once they get wind of it, the President of the United States and his advisors work frantically in all efforts to stop the attack. They order the American bombers shot down, and they succeed – all but with one frightening exception – a lone bomber called the “”Alabama Angel”” escapes destruction. The crew of the Angel ignore the President’s orders and continue on with their deadly mission.
This book was originally published in the U.K. under the title Two Hours to Doom (written by Peter Bryant, the penname of writer Peter George). This intricately plotted and well-thought out novel conjures the vision of apocalyptic threat of nuclear war and illustrates just how absurdly easy such an attack can be triggered. Buy this shorter read for only £1.29.

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Housekeeping: Housekeeping Returns; Book Covers; All I Want for Christmas Poll, and A Cheap Read 0 comments

Housekeeping Returns
Housekeeping is a column to bring you information about Kindles, Amazon, books and anything else that strikes my fancy. I’m reviving the column on this site and will post as time allows. Also, the number of posts is increasing to five a day as I have time and the books are priced below our price point.
Not completely covered
Like many of you, I have thousands of books on in my Kindle library, books of nearly every genre. What you won’t find in my library are the books known as erotica.
Usually these books can be easily identified by the book cover and/or the title. While scrolling through my library of book covers on my Kindle Fire device, I came upon a cover that I will describe as inappropriate. A carefully placed title kept the picture from being the worst that it could be.
Researching things a bit I found that I had downloaded the book – a backlisted romance that had enjoyed a successful run as a paperback with a major publisher. The cover I downloaded featured a man in a military uniform with a woman fully-clothed and smiling at the soldier.
Perhaps the cover picture of the soldier and his girl wasn’t generating the sales the author desired. However, when she changed the cover, she lost this reader forever.
The book cover displayed on your Kindle Fire and Paperwhite is the cover currently in the Kindle Store. If you have children (or your mother-in-law) on your account, please periodically review your book covers for appropriateness.
All I want for Christmas

Prague Winter by Madeleine Albright
I posted this book earlier this month when it was priced at £1.99, but the price changed before the post went live. That happened to be in the middle of the night where I live. Happily the book has returned for that incredible price. Now if the price just holds for a few days. . . .
Book Description: Before Madeleine Albright turned twelve, her life was shaken by the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia—the country where she was born—the Battle of Britain, the near total destruction of European Jewry, the Allied victory in World War II, the rise of communism, and the onset of the Cold War.
Albright’s experiences, and those of her family, provide a lens through which to view the most tumultuous dozen years in modern history. Drawing on her memory, her parents’ written reflections, interviews with contemporaries, and newly available documents, Albright recounts a tale that is by turns harrowing and inspiring. Prague Winter is an exploration of the past with timeless dilemmas in mind and, simultaneously, a journey with universal lessons that is intensely personal.
The book takes readers from the Bohemian capital’s thousand-year-old castle to the bomb shelters of London, from the desolate prison ghetto of TerezÍn to the highest councils of European and American government. Albright reflects on her discovery of her family’s Jewish heritage many decades after the war, on her Czech homeland’s tangled history, and on the stark moral choices faced by her parents and their generation. This memoir is selling today for only £1.99.
This e-book contains exclusive content that enhances your reading experience. Enhancements may include audio, video, bonus photos, playlists, author interviews, or interactive galleries. The enhancements are available only on the Kindle application on iDevices. All others will receive the text of the book.

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Free now: Year of the Monkey – Acclaimed as one of the most important novels of the Vietnam War 0 comments

Free now: Year of the Monkey - Acclaimed as one of the most important novels of the Vietnam War – offered free by the author this Remembrance Day. Originally published by Simon & Schuster.
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only and only in some geographical regions.
In the poisoned soul of Saigon, Russ Payne is an army journalist partying his nights away when a wild grunt named Willingham is lobbed into his life like a grenade. Willingham, the lone survivor of a Special Forces squad, has been reassigned, inexplicably, to Payne’s cushy rear unit. Suddenly Payne’s fragile peace is shattered when he’s forced to spy on his new friend as part of a secret CIA investigation. On a mind-bending odyssey into the depths of the war-torn jungle, he follows Willingham in his bloody quest to avenge the massacre of his former unit–and discovers a hell of his own.
Cutting through an apocalyptic jungle of intrigue, Payne falls in love with a woman who welcomes him into the fold of a Viet Cong camp, witnesses the death of his childhood friend, discovers the horrific meaning of attrition…and ultimately leads to him committing a crime beyond redemption.
In stunning scenes of combat and intrigue, we glean as in no other novel or movie the patch-quilt nature of the Vietnamese people and the murderous deceit of sinister body count politics.
In the year of the monkey, Payne will come to understand the terrible consequences of following orders–and of ignoring them.
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Winston Churchill World War II Collection – Six books – £2.99 each 0 comments

Winston Churchill’s monumental The Second World War, is a six volume account of the struggle between the Allied Powers in Europe against Germany and the Axis. RosettaBooks’ collection of Churchill’s best writing is gathered together here, reflecting his first-hand experience, notations, speeches, and journals. Churchill won the Nobel Prize for Literature in large part due to the writing reflected in these important books that journal the everyday happenings and relationships between the Axis and the Allies during World War II and other major 20th century conflicts. The six books of the series are in order below and are selling for £2.99 each today.

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Israel at War : Inside the Nuclear Showdown with Iran – Only £1.53 0 comments

Is the crisis in the Middle East hurtling toward the point of no return?
Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, tells the U.N. that Iran could have nukes by spring.
Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has called for the end of the United States and Israel.
Chaos is erupting throughout the region.
Rumors abound of an impending Israeli first strike against Iran’s nuclear program.
Is war imminent?
New York Times best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg looks at the events developing in the Middle East and asks the tough questions: Could Israel launch a preemptive strike at any moment? How might an Israel-Iran war set the Middle East on fire? What should we be watching for? Israel at War will help you understand what is happening right now behind the scenes in this volatile region—and how this high-stakes showdown could affect the future of the Middle East and the world. Buy this short book for only £1.53 today.

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