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Do You Remember?: HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance – Just 99p 0 comments

2005 was the most traumatic year of Emma Barron’s life. It was the year her mother died and the year she met Guy Duval. Eight years on, she’s an English teacher with a doting boyfriend and a young son. Life’s been hard but now it’s comfortable. She’s settled and content…so why would she risk it all for another chance with the man that broke her heart?
Guy’s an international renowned footballer newly signed to a top UK team. But behind the confident facade is a man determined to drown the horrors from his childhood with fame, success and money.
Unable to confide in her best friend, Ally, Emma tries to hold her life together as her heart is pulled apart. Did she turn her back on love too soon?
Neither of them know what really happened on 5 September 2005 and as events are slowly revealed can anyone cope with the truth?
Buy this romance for only 99p today.
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The Marriage Bargain – Marriage to a Billionaire #1- Contemporary romance – Only 99p 0 comments

To save her family home, impulsive bookshop owner Alexa McKenzie, casts a love spell, which conjures up an unexpected visitor – her best friend’s older brother and the powerful man who once shattered her heart.
Billionaire Nicholas Ryan doesn’t believe in marriage, but in order to inherit his father’s corporation, he needs a wife and needs one fast. When he discovers his sister’s childhood friend is in dire financial straits, he’s offers Alexa an interesting proposal…
A marriage in name only, the rules? Avoid entanglement. Keep things businesslike. Do not fall in love.
The arrangement is only for a year so the rules shouldn’t be that hard to follow… Except Fate has a way of upsetting the best laid plans…
Buy this contemporary romance for only 99p. Audiobook: £3.99.
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The Wedding Diaries & The Baby Diaries – Only £1.49 each 0 comments

The Wedding Diaries (£1.49) Kiki Carlow is shocked but delighted when boyfriend Thom proposes. Planning a wedding is easy, right? That’s as long as you ignore:
1. The utterly bankrupting price of the only dress you’ll ever truly love.
2. Your suddenly pregnant sister – surprise!
3. The celebrity wedding you’re covering for work which is devouring your every waking thought.
4. The Mother of the Bride. Entirely.
Kiki soon discovers that planning the perfect wedding might just bring total chaos to the rest of her life. Can she stop being a Bridezilla in time to marry the man she loves?
The Baby Diaries (£1.49) “I’d be sick right now, but I never like to reinforce a cliché.” A few weeks after Kiki and Thom return from honeymoon, Kiki finds there’s a noticeable absence. An extremely serious noticeable absence of something, it turns out, Kiki now realises she was pretty glad about. One pregnancy test later, Kiki’s breaking the “good news” (Thom: Wow. We’re so… Edwardian.) and rewriting all the plans she’d made before.
With an ever-expanding waistline, her nightmare childhood “friend” Annie pregnant too, all the problem authors at Polka Dot Books she could (not) wish for and an army of NW London’s Smug Mothers to deal with, these nine months might not be the nine months of blooming relaxation she’d been promised…

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McKnight in Shining Armor – Contemporary romance – £1.23 0 comments

When did love get so complicated? That’s the question Kelsie Connors keeps asking herself. Stung by a bitter divorce, Kelsie’s been married to her job as a high-end animal wrangler ever since. So when her disastrous first encounter with advertising executive Alexander McKnight—a man so gallant he’ll overlook the destruction of his office by an out-of-control chimpanzee—blossoms into romance, she finds herself in uncharted waters. She certainly never expected to fall for a man this charming, this flawless, this quickly.
For Alec, Kelsie’s devotion to her career is the only thing keeping her from saying yes to the best business proposition of all: a new relationship. He’ll try every trick in his arsenal to get her to put down the phone, set aside her calendar, and let him care for her and her two children. But with only so many hours in the day, can she set aside enough time to learn to love again?
Buy this contemporary romance for £1.23 today.
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Kate & Alf – A romantic comedy – Just 99p 0 comments

Kate loves Alf. And Alf loves Kate… Doesn’t he?
Kate can’t wait for her long-term boyfriend Alf to propose. So he might be a bit of a control freak who’s obsessed with his career … and he also seems to have conveniently forgotten their two-year plan to get married, buy a bigger house and have children. But Kate’s sure that ring will be on her finger soon.
When her thirty-second birthday ends in humiliating, proposal-less disaster, even Kate is left wondering if Alf really is The One. Then Alf’s friend, Marcus, needs a place to stay. With his dark eyes, easygoing manner and kind concern for Kate, Marcus is everything Alf is not – and it’s not long before Kate begins to wonder if there’s more to life than diamonds.
Add this romantic comedy to your summer reading list when you buy it for only 99p.
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The Lost Princes: Darius, Cassius & Monte – Three romance bundle – Only 59p 0 comments

Buy this bundle of three contemporary romances for only 59p today – SuperCheap!
Secret Prince, Instant Daddy!: David Dykstra is determined to claim his rightful place as Prince Darius of Ambria, until Ayme shows up, identifying him as the father of her sister’s baby… David’s journey to becoming prince isn’t going to be simple!
Single Father, Surprise Prince!: Kelly Vrosis has a bombshell for soldier and single dad Joe Tanner…he’s the lost Prince Cassius of Ambria. She wanted to tell him and get out – falling for Joe wasn’t on the cards…
Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride!: Innocent Pellea couldn’t forget her time in Monte DeAngelis’s arms, even when she was promised against her will to his enemy. For Pellea had a secret…she was pregnant with the Prince of Ambria’s baby!
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Not Quite Perfect – A sparkling, funny tale of two sisters – £1.99 0 comments

Sometimes having it all isn’t enough… Emma has everything she’s ever wanted. Her boyfriend’s just proposed and her career has finally taken off. And so what if her latest client just happens to be downright gorgeous? She’s getting married. Isn’t she? Rachel’s married with 2.4 children (well, actually, 3) and life is all about trying to leave the house in a non-stained top. Once it was about skinny cappuccinos, cocktails and dynamic ad agency meetings. She wants her old life back, but can it ever be the same?
A sparkling, funny tale of two sisters and how often you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Buy it today for only £1.99 .
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Abby Road – Entangled Embrace – New adult romance – Just 99p 0 comments

Fame can’t buy her love…
It’s been exactly one day since rock star Abigail Kelly fled her chaotic life in L.A. to her sister’s home in Florida. One day without her demanding manager, paparazzi, ridiculous tour schedules, and recording sessions. For the first time in five years, she has the summer off. To be anonymous. A summer to not think about losing her brother…or that her once-normal life has turned into a mess of panic and heartbreak.
But all it takes is one twist of fate-to enter a stranger’s surf shop while trying to dodge some fans-for everything to change.
Because the shop owner happens to be a really cute guy with an amazing laugh.With Todd, an ex-Marine sniper turned surfer, she feels things she hasn’t felt for a long time. Possibly never. But when the real world comes crashing back in, Abby is caught between the superstar she’s become…and the painfully real human being she longs to be.
This new adult romance is selling for only 99p today.
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Greetings from the Flipside – A fun inspirational romance – Just 99p 0 comments

Hope Landon has been rewriting other people’s greeting cards since she was six years old. There’s always a funnier caption in there somewhere. She’s ready to chase her creative dreams in New York City with her fiancé—until he leaves Hope at the altar.
That may give her something to write about . . .
Hope disappears for the time that would have been the couple’s month-long honeymoon, and upon returning learns of her own funeral. Everyone concluded Hope must have killed herself after being jilted. Needing a fresh start more than ever, she heads for the Big Apple only to discover it isn’t easy to rent a place when you’ve been declared dead.
Taking shelter at the YMCA, Hope lands a job at an inspirational greeting card company assisting Jake, the guy who shut down his organization’s humor department. She has lost her faith in love; he needs to find something or someone that will make him laugh again.
Buy this fun inspirational romance for only 99p today.
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Two quick picks: Contemporary romance bundles – Only 59p each 0 comments

Indecent Arrangements (Just 59p) Bundle includes: Tabloid Affair, Secretly Pregnant!: Payton hadn’t seen Nate Evans in years, but when the millionaire offered her a wild proposal – a sexy and irresistible affair – she could not resist.
Do Not Disturb: When Mirandi becomes PA to CEO Joe Sinclair,she’s surprised to find he’s no longer the bad boy she remembered! Until, on a business trip, Joe pulls her into his hotel room and locks the door…
Forbidden or For Bedding?: Guy de Rochemont’s name is a byword for wealth and power – and now his duty is to wed. Alexa – the one woman Guy wants – is also the one woman he cannot take as his wife.
Single Dad Needs Nanny (Just 59p) Bundle includes: Sheriff Needs a Nanny: Sheriff Trace Oliver was looking for a nanny and he wanted someone ordered and precise, not fun-loving. Except ex-nursery teacher Nikki is excellent with babies.
Nurse, Nanny…Bride!: Nurse Alice’s world was turned upside down by the gorgeous new ER consultant, Andrew Barrett. Because, despite everything, Andrew was the man she loved. So when she becomes part-time nanny to his little girl, Alice can’t believe her luck!
Romancing the Nanny: Dan Major needed a wife and his nanny Amy seemed like the ideal candidate. All he had to do was make her fall in love with him.

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