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The Final Whistle: The Great War in Fifteen Players – Only 99p 0 comments

In the years leading up to the First World War, the Rugby grounds of Britain became training grounds for war. The Final Whistle plays tribute to the pivotal role Rugby played in the Great War by following the poignant stories of fifteen men who played for Rosslyn Park, London.
They came from diverse backgrounds, with players from Australia, Ceylon, Columbia, Ireland and South Africa, but they were united by their love of the game and their courage in the face of war. Stephen Cooper follows them from London to the Western Front, Mesopotamia, Turkey, Italy and Dublin, through some of the war’s fiercest battles.
The Final Whistle is a must-read for any rugby enthusiast or First World War historian. Buy it today for only 99p.
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The Heart of a Champion: Inspiring True Stories of Challenge and Triumph – Only 48p 0 comments

What makes a champion? Olympic champion Bob Richards says it’s the will to win no matter what the odds. In The Heart of a Champion, he shares the incredible stories of athletes who have overcome hardship, disability, racism, sexism, and more to become the best the world has ever seen. A celebration of hard work and the indomitable human spirit, this book captures Richards’s contagious enthusiasm for individual greatness as well as the beauty of working as a team.
These inspirational true stories have been loved for fifty years. Now repackaged for a new generation of athletes and coaches, The Heart of a Champion is poised to influence thousands more with its message of hope and perseverance. Buy this book today for only 48p.
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The Boys in the Boat – An epic journey from Depression-era America to the heart of Hitler’s Berlin – £1.49 0 comments

An epic journey from Depression-era America to the heart of Hitler’s Berlin.
The Boys in the Boat is the story of Joe Rantz, a charismatic young man born dirt poor in the woods of Washington State, who dreams of escaping the challenges of the Great Depression, and a complicated family life full of painful memories. What follows is an extraordinary journey, as Joe and eight other young men exchange the sweat and graft and dust of ordinary life for the purer rigours of sport at its very highest level — a journey at the end of which lies a gold medal rowing race at the Berlin Olympics of 1936, in front of Hitler himself.
Buy this sports history book for only £1.49 today.
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The Crossing: Conquering the Atlantic in the World’s Toughest Rowing Race – Only 99p 0 comments

When James Cracknell and Ben Fogle decided to compete in the Atlantic Rowing Race, they thought they knew what awaited them: nearly three thousand miles of empty ocean, stormy weather and colossal physical stress. But their epic journey would become a living hell that tested the strength of every fibre of their being. Forty nine days later James and Ben were the first pair to cross the finishing line.
They had pushed themselves physically, psychologically and emotionally to the limit. They had survived without water rations, lost the few clothes they had in a freak wave, capsized, hallucinated, played games, wept, fought, grown beards, nursed blisters and rowed 2,930 miles. They will never be the same again.
Buy this story of a great sporting adventure for only 99p today.
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How Not to Be a Professional Footballer by Paul Merson – £3.99 0 comments

An anecdote-driven narrative of the classic footballer’s ‘DOs and DO NOTs’ from the ever-popular Arsenal legend and football pundit Paul Merson, aka ‘The Merse’.
When it comes to advice on the pitfalls of life as a professional footballer, Paul Merson can pretty much write the manual. In fact, that’s exactly what he’s done in this hilarious new book which manages to be simultaneously poignant and gloriously funny.
Merson was a prodigiously talented footballer in the 80s and 90s, gracing the upper echelons of the game – and the tabloid front pages – with his breathtakingly skills and larger-than-life off-field persona.
His much-publicised battles with gambling, drug and alcohol addiction are behind him now, and football fans continue to be drawn to his sharp footballing brain and playful antics on SkySports cult results show Soccer Saturday.
The book delights and entertains with a treasure chest of terrific anecdotes from a man who has never lost his love of football and his inimitable joie de vivre through a 25-year association with the Beautiful Game.
How Not to be a Professional Footballer is a hugely entertaining, moving and laugh-out-loud funny story. Buy it today for £2.99 now £3.99.
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Pele: The Autobiography – Told with his characteristic grace and modesty – £1.58 0 comments

Even people who don’t know football know Pelé. The best of a generation of Brazilian players universally acknowledged as the most accomplished and attractive group of footballers ever to play the game, he won the World Cup three times and is Brazil’s all-time record goalscorer.
But how did this man — a sportsman, a mere footballer, like many others — become a global icon? Was it just by being the best at what he did, or do people respond to some other quality?
The world’s greatest footballer now gives us the full story of his incredible life and career.
Told with his characteristic grace and modesty, but covering all aspects of his playing days and his subsequent careers as politician, international sporting ambassador and cultural icon, Pele: The Autobiography is an essential volume for all sports fans, and anyone who admires true rarity of spirit. Buy the book today for £1.58.
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CMJ: A Cricketing Life – Sports biography – £2.99 0 comments

Christopher Martin-Jenkins, or CMJ to his many fans as well as listeners of Test Match Special, was perhaps the voice of cricket; an unparalleled authority whose insight and passion for cricket, as well as his style of commentary, captured what it is that makes the sport so special.
In his many years as a commentator and journalist – reporting for the BBC, The Times and the Cricketer among others – CMJ covered some of the biggest moments in the sport’s history. And in this memoir he looks back on a lifetime spent in service to this most bizarre and beguiling of sports and tells the stories of the players, coaches and fans he met along the way.
Recounted with all the warmth and vigour that has endeared CMJ to generations of cricket fans, this memoir relives the moments that defined modern cricket and which shaped his life in turn. It is a must-have book for all devotees of the sport. Buy it today for £2.99.
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David Beckham: My Side – The Autobiography – £1.99 0 comments

He may live in Madrid but he continues to make front-page headlines. This is David Beckham’s own story of his career to date, for Manchester United, Real Madrid and England, and of his childhood, family and private life. Featuring David’s first full account of a turbulent year in Spain, on and off the field, and England’s fortunes in Euro 2004.
This is Beckham’s fascinating life story in his own words. His rise through the ranks at the biggest club side in the world. His complex relationship with United boss Alex Ferguson. The England story, from being vilified by the nation before returning as the prodigal son to eventually captaining his country. His acrimonious falling-out with his manager and departure from Old Trafford in June 2003. And starting a new chapter of his life on foreign soil in the glare of the world’s press.
Intimate and soul-searching, this is the real David Beckham like we have never seen before. Buy this autobiography for £1.99 today.
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Iron War: Two Incredible Athletes. One Epic Rivalry. The Greatest Race of All Time. – £1.13 0 comments

On October 14, 1989, driven by one of the most intense and lasting two-man rivalries in any sport, a pair of generational talents at the height of their powers ran a race that redefined human limits.
The battle between Dave Scott and Mark Allen at the 13th Hawaii Ironman stands as one of the most dramatic stories in the history of athletics. The two greatest athletes of triathlon’s pioneering generation raced side by side, literally, for eight straight hours at breakneck speed before Allen finally tore away from his longtime nemesis with less than two miles left in the 140.6-mile event. His margin of victory was a scant 58 seconds.
So intense was the drama, the race came to be known as ‘Iron War’ – the single most awe-inspiring sporting event ever witnessed. More than a compelling story, Iron War is a fascinating exploration of how Scott and Allen pushed themselves and each other – and what it takes for anyone to break through perceived limits.
You can buy this book today for only £1.13.
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Alive and Kicking – Welsh soccer star Andy Legg’s emotional account – Only 59p 0 comments

In 2005 Welsh soccer star Andy Legg’s life was turned upside down. Forced to retire after finding out that a lump in his neck was cancer, it seemed that his 15-year career, which included playing for Cardiff and Swansea City, was over. But an operation to remove the tumour was successful and the 42-year-old Neath-born star is now back on the field.
Alive and Kicking is his emotional account of his fears for his career and his life, and his gratitude for the support of his fans which give him the strength to fight on. Buy this book today for only 59p.
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