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Kindle Daily Deals: Fatal Hearts, Fire & Chasm and more 0 comments

Fatal Hearts (£0.99 Audiobook £3.49): The reports stated Josh McBride’s death was from sudden cardiac arrest, but homicide detective Boyd McBride can’t shake the idea that his identical twin brother’s death was somehow connected to his search for the adopted boys’ birth parents. Josh must have been close to the truth…and it cost him his life.
Fire & Chasm (£0.99 Audiobook £3.49): Azeril is a ward of the Church, and their most cunning weapon. By day he hides in plain sight as a student, but with his beloved obsidian knife, he also kills wizards.
Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions (Free) App for Kindle Fire and Android thru Underground : Rebels wanted! Are you ready to stand up against the Empire? Become an intergalactic hero in Star Wars Rebels™: Recon Missions, the new action-platformer mobile game!
Clarity (£1.49) Audible Deal of the Day: Learn to clear your mind and think like a winner. We all have so much going on. A million different projects, to-do lists longer than your arm. We all worry about things – money, deadlines. With all this buzzing around in our heads it’s often a nightmare trying to concentrate on one thing. What if someone could show you how to empty your mind of all the noise? Jamie Smart, state-of-mind specialist, can do just that.
Prices good today only until 11:59pm. Regular daily posts are below this post.

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Bestselling humour in the Summer Sale – The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden – An tale of luck, love and international relations – £1.99 0 comments

The Summer Sale ends 31 August. Don’t miss the most popular books in the sale.
This is a tale of how one woman’s attempt to change her future ended up changing everything.
Nombeko Mayeki is on the run from the world’s most ruthless secret service – with three Chinese sisters, twins who are officially one person and an elderly potato farmer. Oh, and the fate of the King of Sweden – and the world – rests on her shoulders.
Born in a Soweto shack in 1961, Nombeko was destined for a short, hard life. When she was run over by a drunken engineer her luck changed. Alive, but blamed for the accident, she was made to work for the engineer – who happened to be in charge of a project vital to South Africa’s security. Nombeko was good at cleaning, but brilliant at understanding numbers. The drunk engineer wasn’t – and made a big mistake. And now only Nombeko knows about it …
As uproariously funny as Jonas Jonasson’s bestselling debut, this is an entrancing tale of luck, love and international relations. Buy this novel today for £1.99.
Click here to purchase The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

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City Lives by Patricia Scanlan – Three women who have one great certainty in their lives – £1.49 0 comments

Devlin, Caroline and Maggie. Women in their prime. They have it all. Careers. Success. Marriage. They are the envy of their peers. But at what price?
Just when Devlin has everything she has ever dreamed of, a callous betrayal shows her that there’s no room for friendship and loyalty in business. Can she be as tough as she needs to be in a world of deceit and double-dealing, where honesty and integrity are rare commodities?
Caroline, fed up being a victim, is no longer shy, unsure and needy. She’s about to take a step that will change her life. Then tragedy strikes, and her plans change completely. But when one door closes…another opens.
And Maggie, alone, unsupported and unhappy in her marriage, has to make a choice that will put her children’s needs before her own. Has she the strength to do what she has to do?
City Lives is the story of three women who have one great certainty in their lives. Their friendship. The enduring bonds of loyalty and love will carry them through the worst of times and the best of times. Buy this women’s novel for only £1.49 today.
Click here to purchase City Lives

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Cider With Rosie – The Autobiographical Trilogy #1 – £1.99 0 comments

Cider with Rosie is a wonderfully vivid memoir of childhood in a remote Cotswold village, a village before electricity or cars, a timeless place on the verge of change.
Growing up amongst the fields and woods and characters of the place, Laurie Lee depicts a world that is both immediate and real and belongs to a now-distant past. Buy this book for £1.99 today.
Click here to purchase Cider With Rosie

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I Can See You – Romantic suspense #10 by Karen Rose – Just 99p 0 comments

The killer stalks his prey online.
He learns about their dreams, their fears and their vulnerabilities. Then he finds them in the real world and for his victims the game is over.
Eve Wilson has spent years hiding from the damage inflicted on her by a madman. Retreating into the virtual world, she made a new life for herself on screen. Now Eve is helping others use the virtual world to kick-start their own recovery.
Detective Noah Webster knows that his victims’ suicides have been staged. When Eve contacts Webster to say that one of the dead women was participating in her online study, it becomes clear that this killer is a new breed of predator. With Eve herself now a target, can they find a killer who can disappear with the strike of a key…
Buy this romantic suspense novel for only 99p today.
Click here to purchase I Can See You

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Repost at a lower price – Ross Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall 1783 – 1787 – Historical fiction – Just 79p 0 comments

Cornwall, 1783-87.
Tired from a grim war in America, Ross Poldark returns to his land and his family. But the joyful homecoming he had anticipated turns sour, for his father is dead, his estate derelict, and the girl he loves is engaged to his cousin.
However, his sympathy for the destitute miners and farmers of the district leads him to rescue a half-starved urchin girl from a fairground brawl and take her home – an act which alters the whole course of his life . . .
Buy this historical fiction novel for only 79p today.
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Hello Love – A charming novel about two strangers who find a second chance at happiness when they’re brought together by one extraordinary dog – Only 99p 0 comments

A year after the death of his wife, Christine, Dan is barely holding on. But one thing gets him through the long, lonely nights and that is his cherished dog, Anni. When she is stolen from his front yard, Dan and his daughter, Lindsay, are devastated. Meanwhile in another part of town, Andrea Keller is recovering from the heartbreak of a messy divorce. After she rescues a defenseless dog from an abusive tenant, her life changes in ways she never could have anticipated.
Dan and Andrea cross paths again and again, only to keep missing each other and the opportunity of a lifetime. As Anni works to find her way home, can she bring together these two lost souls desperately in need of a second chance at happiness?
Buy this romantic comedy for only 99p today. Audiobook: Only 99p.
Click here to purchase Hello Love

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The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult – Combines topical moral issues and emotional human drama – £1.49 0 comments

Sage Singer has a past that makes her want to hide from the world. Sleeping by day and working in a bakery by night, she kneads her emotion into the beautiful bread she bakes.
But when she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Josef Weber, a quiet man old enough to be her grandfather, and respected pillar of the community, she feels that finally, she may have found someone she can open up to.
Until Josef tells her the evil secret he’s kept for sixty years.
Caught between Josef’s search for redemption and her shattered illusions, Sage turns to her family history and her own life for answers. As she uncovers the truth from the darkest horrors of war, she must follow a twisting trail between betrayal and forgiveness, love and revenge. And ask herself the most difficult question she has ever faced – can murder ever be justice? Or mercy?
Buy this page-turning compulsion of a thriller by Jodi Picoult for only £1.49 today.
Click here to purchase The Storyteller

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Brainrush – Terrorism thriller – Only £1.00 0 comments

Before he slid into the MRI machine, Jake Bronson was just an ordinary guy with terminal cancer. But when an earthquake hits during the procedure, Jake staggers from the wreckage a profoundly changed man, now endowed with uncanny mental abilities.
An ocean away, Luciano Battista wants a piece of Jake’s talent. Posing as a pioneering scientist, the terrorist leader has been conducting cerebral-implant experiments in a sinister quest to create a breed of super jihadist agents…and Jake’s altered brain may be the key to his success. But Jake refuses to play the pawn in an unholy war–and when an innocent woman and autistic child are taken hostage to force his cooperation, he embarks on a jihad of his own. Jake and his band of loyal friends are thrust into a deadly chase that leads from the canals of Venice through Monte Carlo and finally to an ancient cavern in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan–where Jake discovers that his newfound talents carry a hidden price that threatens the entire human race.
Buy this terrorism thriller today for only £1.00. Audiobook: £3.49.
Click here to purchase Brainrush

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Amazon is price matching Barnes & Noble – Harper Collins/Harlequin Bank Holiday Weekend Sale 0 comments

The sale is this weekend only! Barnes & Noble has sixty top titles at bottom prices From HarperCollins and Harlequin. The good news is that Amazon is price matching.
The best suggestion I have to find the books is to do this:
1) Go to B&N with this link and see all the books available.
2) If you find a title you want, click on this link to get to the Kindle Store. This will get you to Amazon under our Associate’s ID so we will get sales credit.
3) Type the book title in the search bar and check Amazon’s price.
4) If the book is price-matched, then buy it. If it is not, scroll down the Kindle page to PRODUCT DETAILS. At the bottom of the product details you will see this:

Did we miss any relevant features for this product? Tell us what we missed.
Would you like to give feedback on images or tell us about a lower price?
Click on the TELL US ABOUT A LOWER PRICE and complete the information.

You will have to check back later to see if the price dropped.
These three books are selling for only 99p each:

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