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Spitfire Girl: My Life in the Sky – The trials and tribulations, successes and frustrations – Only 59p 0 comments

Jackie Moggridge was just nineteen when World War Two broke out. Determined to do her bit, she joined the Air Transport Auxiliary. Ferrying aircraft from factory to frontline was dangerous work, but there was also fun, friendship and even love in the air. At last the world was opening up to women… or at least it seemed to be.
From her first flight at fifteen to smuggling Spitfires into Burma, Jackie describes the trials and tribulations, successes and frustrations of her life in the sky. Buy Jackie’s story today for only 59p.
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The Scent of Death – Historical thriller set during the American War of Independence – £1.99 0 comments

August, 1778. British-controlled Manhattan is a melting pot of soldiers, traitors and refugees, surrounded by rebel forces as the American War of Independence rages on.
Into this simmering tension sails Edward Savill, a London clerk tasked with assessing the claims of loyalists who have lost out during the war.
Savill lodges with the ageing Judge Wintour, his ailing wife, and their enigmatic daughter-in-law Arabella. However, as Savill soon learns, what the Wintours have lost in wealth, they have gained in secrets.
The murder of a gentleman in the slums pulls Savill into the city’s underbelly. But when life is so cheap, why does one death matter? Because making a nation is a lucrative business, and some people cannot afford to miss out, whatever the price…
Buy this historical thriller for only £1.99 today.
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Trafficked: The Terrifying True Story of a British Girl Forced into the Sex Trade – £1.99 0 comments

He’d been her friend for years. He said he loved her. Then she realised she didn’t know him at all…When everything seemed to be falling apart in Sophie’s life, she was thankful for her friend Kas. He made her believe there was at least one man who truly cared about her.
But she was wrong.
At first when Sophie went to stay for a few days with Kas in Italy, he was kind and caring. But three days after she arrived, everything changed.
His eyes were cold as he described the things he expected her to do ‘for love’. But soon Sophie’s bewilderment turned to fear as he punched and shouted at her and threatened to kill her adored younger brothers if she didn’t do exactly as she was told…to sell her body on the streets to pay off Kas’s debts.
Terrified of Kas, the police and the men whose pleasures she was forced to satisfy, Sophie worked seven nights a week for the next six months on the dark and lonely streets of a town in northern Italy.
And then, one day, after she’d been admitted to hospital with stomach pains – and knowing that Kas would kill her if he found out – she dared to phone her mother. But who would reach her first?
Buy this terrifying true story for only £1.99 today.
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Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon – A tale of power, love and intrigue – £1.99 0 comments

Jennifer Parker is brilliant, beautiful and bold. A lawyer, the most glamorous and successful in America, she dominates the court with her intelligence and charm.
When Jennifer falls in love, she can hardly believe her luck. Adam Warner is handsome, smart, destined to be the next President of the United States – and married…
Jennifer falls pregnant and yet is determined not to allow her broken heart to get in the way of her success. But she soon realises that being alone makes her more vulnerable to those who are determined to destroy her…
Buy this tale of power, love and intrigue for £1.99 today.
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Summer with my Sister – Contemporary women’s fiction – £1.59 0 comments

Polly has always been the high-flier of the family, with the glamorous lifestyle to match. Clare is a single mum with two children, struggling to make ends meet in a ramshackle cottage. The two sisters are poles apart and can’t stand each other.
But then Polly’s fortunes unexpectedly change and her world comes crashing down. With no money and nowhere to go, she’s forced back to the village where she and Clare grew up, and the sisters find themselves living together for the first time in years.
With an old flame reappearing for Polly, a blossoming new career for Clare and a long-buried family secret in the mix, sparks are sure to fly. Unless the two women have more in common than they first thought?
Buy this contemporary women’s novel for £1.59 today.
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Clockwork Angel & Clockwork Prince – The Infernal Devices Series – Urban fantasy full of vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters – 99p and £1.89 0 comments

The Infernal Devices 1: Clockwork Angel (Only 99p) London, 1878: Sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray’s priority should be finding her brother, not falling in love, especially with two boys. She is soon caught in a dangerous love triangle where a wrong decision could prove fatal. Tessa will need all her strength to save her brother and stay alive as she learns the chilling truth of what really lurks on London’s streets after dark.
Clockwork Prince (£1.89) In the magical underworld of Victorian London, Tessa Gray finds her heart drawn more and more to Jem, while her desire for Will, despite his dark moods, continues to unsettle her. But something is changing in Will – the wall he has built around himself is crumbling. Could finding the Magister free Will from his secrets and give Tessa the answers about who she is and what she was born to do? As their dangerous search for the truth leads the three friends into peril, Tessa’s heart is ever more torn, especially when one of their own betrays them…

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Free now: Larger Than Life – Novella by Jodi Picoult – Pre-order from Hodder & Stoughton 0 comments

Free now: Larger Than Life – Novella by Jodi Picoult – Pre-order from Hodder & Stoughton
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only and only in some geographical regions.
Larger Than Life introduces Alice, the unforgettable character at the centre of Picoult’s much anticipated new novel, Leaving Time (£9.99).
Alice is a researcher studying memory in elephants, and is fascinated by the bonds between mother and calf – the mother’s powerful protective instincts and her newborn’s unwavering loyalty. Living on a game reserve in Botswana, Alice is able to view the animals in their natural habitat, as long as she obeys one important rule: she must only observe and never interfere.
Then she finds an orphaned young elephant in the bush and cannot bear to leave the helpless baby behind. Alice will risk her career to care for the calf. Yet what she comes to understand is the depth of a parent’s love.
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Free now: Inspirational non-fiction from faith-based publishers 0 comments

Free now: Inspirational non-fiction from faith-based publishers
Always confirm price before purchase. Many free and reduced books are offered for a limited time only and only in some geographical regions.

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Kindle Daily Deals: Lights of Liverpool, One Hundred Proposals and more 0 comments

Lights of Liverpool (£0.99) Kindle Book: Three families in post-war Liverpool, connected by history, separated by circumstance. Behind the three families, two men are at work. One will do serious damage; the other will reunite a clan that goes all the way back to Ireland and to ancestors thrown ashore from the ships of the Spanish Armada.
One Hundred Proposals (£0.99) Kindle Romance: This business proposal should come with one hundred broken heart warnings…One hundred proposals, one hundred chances to say yes.
Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy (£1.19) Kindle Non-Fiction: In this updated (2012) second edition of this acclaimed book, you will learn how to recognize thyroid dysfunction and its many associated problems.
Dolphins of the Caribbean (Free) App for Kindle Fire and Android: You’ll spend your vacation on the gorgeous Caribbean island and there you’ll have the once in a lifetime opportunity to help in a dolphin station.
Prices good today only until 11:59pm. Regular daily posts are below this post.

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The Song Before it is Sung – Historical fiction by Justin Cartwright – Only 51p 0 comments

On 20 July l944 Adolf Hitler narrowly escaped death when an assassin’s bomb failed to kill him in his Eastern command, the Wolf’s Lair. The conspirators were hunted down and hanged from meat-hooks, and their executions were filmed. Among them was Axel von Gottberg.
Sixty years after his death, von Gottberg’s close friend and now a legendary Oxford professor, Elya Mendel, leaves a legacy of papers and letters to a former student, Conrad Senior. Senior becomes obsessed with what they reveal, but as he becomes more and more involved with the past his own relationship with his wife Francine begins to fall apart.
The friendship between Mendel and von Gottberg is fatally undermined by a romantic rivalry when two mysterious cousins, Rosamund and Elizabeth, enter their lives in a richly imagined pre-war Jerusalem. But it is finally destroyed when von Gottberg returns to Germany. Mendel, who is Jewish, believes him to be a Nazi, and alerts the Allies to his doubts about his friend, doubts which torment him after von Gottberg is garrotted. Conrad is desperate to find a film Hitler had made of these appalling executions, for reasons he himself cannot fully understand.
Buy this historical novel for only 51p today – SuperCheap!
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