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Night Broken: A Mercy Thompson Novel – Urban fantasy – Just 99p 0 comments

An unexpected phone call heralds a new challenge for Mercy. Her mate Adam’s ex-wife is in trouble, on the run from her new boyfriend. Adam won’t turn away a person in need, but with Christy holed up in Adam’s house, Mercy can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right.
Soon, Mercy learns that Christy has the farthest thing from good intentions. She wants Adam back and will anything to get him, including turning Adam’s pack against Mercy.
On top of this, there’s an even more dangerous threat circling. Christy’s ex is more than a bad man – in fact, he may not be human at all. As the bodies pile up, Mercy must put her personal troubles aside to face a creature with the power to tear her world apart.
This urban fantasy is selling for just 99p today.
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Blossom Street Brides – Contemporary romance by Debbie Macomber – £2.84 0 comments

This is a weddings novel in the Blossom Street series from international bestseller Debbie Macomber. Buy the book for £2.84 today.
Does the perfect wedding make the perfect marriage? As three very different women meet in their local knitting store, they find strength in friendship to help them through their problems. After adopting a daughter, Lydia hoped her life would be complete, but traumatic memories from her daughter’s past threaten to ruin their happiness. Bethanne is still madly in love with her husband, but their long-distance marriage is becoming difficult to deal with. And Lauren has always yearned for marriage and a family of her own, but her long-term boyfriend just won’t commit. Will a whirlwind romance with an unlikely stranger lead to the happily-ever-after she’s always dreamed of?
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Killed in Cornwall & Buried in Cornwall – Crime fiction by Janie Bolitho – £0.99/£1.19 0 comments

Killed in Cornwall (£0.99) DI Jack Pearce is investigating a series of burglaries and brutal attacks on young women which has broken out in Cornwall. Once again his on-off girlfriend Rose Trevelyan finds herself at the heart of the investigation.
With her intimate knowledge of the private lives of those connected to the case, Rose must work hard not to jump to conclusions about the innocence of those she knows. As the crimes become more serious, both newcomers to the area and familiar faces become suspects. But who should Rose – and Jack – believe?
Buried in Cornwall (£1.19) After the death of her husband, Rose Trevelyan lives peacefully in Cornwall, working as an artist and photographer. But when she hears terrified screams as she paints the rugged Cornish countryside, and a local woman is reported missing, Rose finds herself suddenly caught at the centre of a police investigation.
With so many people who trust her, Rose is – reluctantly, at times – privy to the secrets of many. When the things she is told in confidence appear connected to the investigation, Rose must decide how far the bonds of friendship reach.

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The Helper – A Detective Callum Doyle mystery – £1.78 0 comments

A young woman is brutally murdered in a New York bookshop; Detective Callum Doyle receives a call from her killer, telling him he’s willing to give him clues as to the identity of his next victim – but only on condition that Doyle doesn’t tell anyone.
And so as the killings continue, Doyle must interpret the ‘helper’s’ riddles in order to establish a link between his victims, and prevent more from being killed – while all the time trying to protect his career, and his family . . .
Buy this crime novel today for £1.78.
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Molly’s Millions – A heartwarming romantic comedy – £1.19 0 comments

Hard-up florist Molly Bailey has just won a fortune in the National Lottery. And she wants to get rid of it – fast!
Tom Mackenzie is on the verge of losing his job. He needs one hell of a story if he hopes to secure his future in journalism. And his luck may have just come in…
With a strong belief that sharing her good fortune is the only way forward, Molly unwittingly becomes the most sought-after person in the country as she distributes her wealth to the masses. With only her terrier pup, Fizz, and her trusty Beetle for company, Molly embarks on the journey of her life. But with Tom hot on her heels, will she succeed before her family and the media catch up with her? And, with Tom leading the pack, would that really be such a bad thing…?
Buy this romantic comedy for only £1.19 today.
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The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: or The Murder at Road Hill House – £1.54 0 comments

It is a summer’s night in 1860. In an elegant detached Georgian house in the village of Road, Wiltshire, all is quiet. Behind shuttered windows the Kent family lies sound asleep. At some point after midnight a dog barks.
The family wakes the next morning to a horrific discovery: an unimaginably gruesome murder has taken place in their home. The household reverberates with shock, not least because the guilty party is surely still among them. Jack Whicher of Scotland Yard, the most celebrated detective of his day, reaches Road Hill House a fortnight later. He faces an unenviable task: to solve a case in which the grieving family are the suspects.
The murder provokes national hysteria. The thought of what might be festering behind the closed doors of respectable middle-class homes – scheming servants, rebellious children, insanity, jealousy, loneliness and loathing – arouses fear and a kind of excitement. But when Whicher reaches his shocking conclusion there is uproar and bewilderment.
A true story that inspired a generation of writers such as Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle, this has all the hallmarks of the classic murder mystery – a body; a detective; a country house steeped in secrets. In The Suspicions of Mr Whicher Kate Summerscale untangles the facts behind this notorious case, bringing it back to vivid, extraordinary life. Buy this true crime account for £1.54 today.
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Kindle Daily Deals: Concrete Island, Bull Street and more 0 comments

Concrete Island (£4.05-price as of 4:00am) Kindle Book: A chilling novel about our modern world. In this twisted version of Robinson Crusoe, our hero must learn to survive – using only what he can find in his crashed car.
Bull Street (£0.99) Kindle Book: Bull Street is the story of Richard Blum, a naïve, young Wall Streeter who gives a jaded billionaire the chance for redemption, as they team up to bring down an insider trading ring before they wind up in jail or dead.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run (Free) App for Kindle Fire and Android: Run through Panem while collecting sparks and resources to empower your District.
Prices good today only until 11:59pm. Regular daily posts are below this post.


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Truly, Madly, Deeply – Romance story collection – Just 59p 0 comments

Fall Head-Over-Heels…From wedding days to special anniversaries, steamy one-night encounters to everlasting loves, Truly, Madly, Deeply takes you on an unforgettable romantic adventure where love really is all you need.
This collection brings together all-new specially selected stories from star authors from the Romantic Novelists’ Association, including international bestsellers Adele Parks, Katie Fforde, Carole Matthews and Miranda Dickinson, and many, many more and is edited by Sue Moorcroft.
The perfect indulgence to curl up with, Truly, Madly, Deeply is the ultimate romantic treat! Buy it today for only 59p – SuperCheap!
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Morning, Noon and Night – Contemporary fiction by Sidney Sheldon – £1.99 0 comments

The Stanford family is one of the most respected in America – but behind the facade of fame and glamour lies a hidden web of blackmail, drugs and murder…
When Harry Stanford, one of the wealthiest men in the world, mysteriously drowns while cruising on his yacht off the rugged coast of Corsica, it sets off a chain of events that reverberates around the globe.
At the family gathering following the funeral in Boston, a strikingly beautiful young woman appears. She claims to be Stanford’s daughter and entitled to a share of the tycoon’s estate. Is she genuine, or is she an imposter?
Buy this contemporary novel for £1.99 today.
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Past Caring – A riveting suspense thriller – Only 99p 0 comments

Martin Radford, history graduate, disaffected and unemployed, jumps at the chance to visit Madeira at the invitation of an old university friend who is running the local English language newspaper. Luck continues to run for him when he is offered a lucrative commission to research the mysterious resignation and subsequent obscure retirement on Madeira of Edwardian cabinet minister Edwin Strafford.
However, his investigation triggers a bizarre and inveitably violent train of events which remoreslessly entagles him and those who believed they had escaped the spectre of crimes long past but never paid for.
This riveting bestseller is selling for just 99p today.
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