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The Negotiator: My life at the heart of the hostage trade – True crime account – £1.99 0 comments

Ben Lopez is a Kidnap-for-Ransom consultant. He spends his days travelling from one crisis zone to the next, negotiating with people who value money over life.
On behalf of government agencies, law enforcement teams, multinational corporations and private clients, Ben sets up and commands the negotiator’s cell, bartering with some of the world’s most desperate people for the safe return of their captives. Working alongside a shadowy team of former spies and special operatives, his arsenal of psychological techniques is just as powerful as brute force. He remains on location for as long as it takes to get the job done. Then he disappears.
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The Wedding Hoax – Contemporary romance – Just 99p 0 comments

edding dress designer Daisy Willows always imagined marrying the man of her dreams. The fantasy did not include a fake engagement or a fake wedding. Or that her ex, Cole Benton, would be the groom. But as her mom’s medical bills pile up, Daisy can’t refuse the help of a well-known bridal show expo owner…or his plan for the fake wedding of the century.
Cole Benton’s bridal magazine is on the verge of capsizing, taking Cole’s dream of an outdoor lifestyle magazine with it. So Cole agrees to the publicity stunt and becomes “engaged” to Daisy. But despite their searing-hot chemistry—both in public and in private—not everyone is buying the charade. And now the only way to save their skins and prove that their big white wedding isn’t a big white lie is to say “I do…”
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Five quick picks: Fiona Griffiths Crime Thrillers – Just 99p each 0 comments

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Blood Rush: Lilly Valentine Series #4 – Crime thriller – £1.99 0 comments

The UK is gripped by the threat of gang violence – the media is building on that hysteria, convincing us that knife crime is rife and the streets are flooded with guns and drugs. So when a member of a notorious girl gang is charged with a brutal murder, sympathy is in short supply. Enter Lilly Valentine, a tough talking lawyer who is never prepared to take things at face value and is determined to uncover the truth, whatever the cost. A gripping crime novel that will force every reader to reassess what they think they know about society and gang culture. You can purchase the book today for £1.99.
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Tabloid Girl – The ‘Dark’ Carpathian #12 – A smart, funny, revealing look – £1.99 0 comments

Sharon Marshall worked on four tabloid newspapers over the course of ten years. Along the way she did and saw some Very Bad Things, and failed – spectacularly – to find love. It was only when she realised that these two things were connected that she finally realised it was time to quit.
In her hilarious and eye-opening memoir she reveals what really goes on behind the scenes at a major tabloid newspaper – just how far journalists will go to get a story, and just how far celebrities will go (secretly) to get their name in the headlines. In the tradition of Hotel Babylon and City Boy, TABLOID GIRL is a smart, funny, revealing look into a fascinating world.
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A Day at the Office – One office, five lives, on the most romantic day of the year – Just 99p 0 comments

For most people, Valentine’s Day means flowers, chocolates, and candlelit dinners. But for five of Seek Software’s employees, it’s shaping up to be as much fun as a trip to the dentist.
Long-term singleton Sophie has a crush on colleague Nathan but worries he doesn’t even know her name. And is there really any point in her sending a card to the man who organises the annual office Anti-Valentine’s party?
Overweight, insecure, and still living with his mum, Calum’s desperate for a girlfriend. He’s recently met the woman of his dreams online but his exaggerated profile might mean tonight’s first date could also be their last.
Mark’s been besotted with Julie since she kissed him at the office Christmas party. While she doesn’t seem to remember a thing, today might be his best chance to remind her. If only he could work out how.
Buy this wise, wonderfully moving, and laugh-out-loud novel about life, love, and relationships for only 99p today.
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Three quick picks: Stranger Series – Crime fiction – Just 99p each 0 comments

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Three quick picks: Wiltshire Girls – Women’s fiction – £1.89 or 99p each 0 comments

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Keep The Midnight Out – DCI Lorimer Series #12 – Two murders; twenty years apart – £1.99 0 comments

When the body of a red-haired young man is washed up on the shore of the beautiful Isle of Mull, Detective Superintendent Lorimer’s tranquil holiday away from the gritty streets of Glasgow is rudely interrupted. The body has been bound with twine in a ghoulishly unnatural position and strongly reminds Lorimer of another murder: a twenty year old Glasgow case that he failed to solve as a newly fledged detective constable and which has haunted him ever since.
As local cop DI Stevie Crozier takes charge of the island murder investigation, Lorimer tries to avoid stepping on her toes. But as the similarities between the young man’s death and his cold case grow more obvious, Lorimer realises that there could be a serial killer on the loose after all these years.
As the action switches dramatically between the Mull murder and the Glasgow cold case twenty years earlier, Lorimer tries desperately to catch a cold-hearted killer. Has someone got away with murder for decades?
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The Moon of Gomrath – Weirdstone Trilogy #2 – Fantasy for teens and adults – Just 99p 0 comments

It is the Eve of Gomrath – the night of the year when the Old Magic is aroused. Had Colin and Susan known this, they would never have lighted a fire on the Beacon, thereby releasing the uncontrollable ferocity of the Wild Hunt. Soon they are inextricably caught up in the struggle between their friend, the Wizard Cadellin, and the evil Morrigan.
The strength of their courage will determine whether or not they survive the awaiting ordeal…
Buy this second book in the series for only 99p today.
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