Dubliner Anna is the fourth of five Walsh sisters who seems to have it all – gorgeous husband Aidan, an apartment in Manhattan and The Best Job In The World. So it’s not surprising she doesn’t want to stay for long in her parents’ Good Front Room in Blackrock, where there’s nothing to do but watch the antics of her sister Helen who spends most of her time hiding in bushes with binoculars trying to catch errant spouses ‘at it’.
Anna doesn’t wait too long before heading back to her life in New York – her ridiculous mandatory work wardrobe and gut-clenching Monday Morning Meetings, the city of eight minute speeding dating, the Labradoodle and Feathery Strokers.
Back in Manhattan Anna sees Aidan everywhere – walking down the street and passing by in a bus – so why won’t he return her calls or emails?
Meanwhile, Helen’s professional life becomes weirder than fiction when she gets entangled in the Dublin criminal underworld and is charged with spying on Mrs Big and Racey O’Grady. And who is the old lady encouraging her dog to do ‘his business’ outside the Walsh house? And how far is Mammy Walsh willing to go to put a stop to it?
One thing’s for sure, when the Walsh women get together there’s no telling how things will turn out…
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