He was not the sort of man to do such a thing. This was something he knew, unquestionably, deep in his heart. If ever he was to turn into one of these men, he would not do it with the daughter of his best friend, however terrific she looked in her skirt and blouse, and then, later, without her skirt and blouse.
In The Book of Life, as in life, moments of unsettling tension and grief sit alongside those of humour and happiness. There are uncompromisingly awkward situations, there are tales of broken bonds and the struggle for redemption, and there are huge betrayals – including the man who sleeps with his best friend’s daughter.
Stuart Nadler is a fresh voice, a writer in the great American tradition, but one who emerges from the shadows – of Updike, of Bellow, of Cheever – and stakes his own bold and exciting claim. You can purchase this story collection for only 89p today.

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