Meet nine women from history spanning from 1776 to 1944 feel the sting of having lost out on love. Can their hope for experiencing romance again be renewed? Buy this inspirational romance collection for only 75p today.
Love in the Crossfire by Lauralee Bliss – Trenton, New Jersey, 1776
Daughter of Orion by Ramona K. Cecil – New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1859
The Substitute Husband and the Unexpected Bride by Pamela Griffin – Washington Territory, 1864
The Prickly Pear Bride by Pam Hillman – Little Prickly Pear Creek, Montana Territory, 1884
The Widow of St. Charles Avenue by Grace Hitchcock – New Orleans, 1895
Married by Mistake by Laura V. Hilton – Mackinac Island, 1902
Fanned Embers by Angela Breidenbach – Bitterroot Mountains, Montana/Idaho border, 1910
From a Distance by Amber Stockton – Breckenridge, Colorado, 1925
What the Heart Sees by Liz Tolsma – Hartford, Wisconsin, 1944
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