Free now: New Beginnings at The Birdie and Bramble – A sunny and uplifting romance from Orion, a Hachette imprint
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The Birdie & Bramble used to have queues out the door, but when Maddy Campbell makes her way back to St Andrews after her father’s sudden death, the restaurant and her future seems bleak. Especially when she discovers that the restaurant isn’t worth a thing. Now Maddy needs to save the restaurant before everything her dad built falls apart, even if she is planning to head back to London any day now.
Then she meets Jack, utterly gorgeous and grumpy, which is very inconvenient when a single look from him makes her heart race. But when someone steps in to ruin her plans at The Birdie & Bramble, Maddy has to decide if she’s going to stay and fight to save her dad’s legacy and forge her very own new beginning, or run away again?
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