Today is the last day of the regular daily posts!


Greetings to the loyal followers of Daily Cheap Reads –
I have made the difficult decision to end this website. Amazon recently lowered the commissions rate so drastically that I do not earn enough to pay the monthly server costs.
This site has never been a large moneymaker but I enjoyed producing it. The Daily Cheap Reads site in the United States made enough to keep this one going. Earlier this month, Amazon terminated my association for the US site.
The last active date of the website will be April 30, 2021. As I have paid for the server through June 30, I will post a link to the Kindle Daily Deal and the Amazon Daily Deal at the top of the page. I would appreciate if you would use those links to click through to Amazon to help me recover server costs.
Through our years together, I have enjoyed bringing this website to you and being a part of your daily lives. This site started in December 2010 and has posted every day since then.
I am a few years shy of retirement age in the US so I will keep working my day job. My free time will be spent reading through my Kindle library. I will also take every opportunity to listen to the thousands of audio titles I have acquired.
Best wishes to each of you! Read on!