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Some tips to help you make the most of Daily Cheap Reads:
–New books are posted throughout the day from 5:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. London time every day. The Amazon Daily Deals – usually three books of varying genre – are always posted at the top with new posts following.
–We do not set book prices. Those are entirely at the discretion of Amazon or the publishers and authors. Prices can change quickly and often. If you see a book you want at a price you like, our recommendation is to buy it. If you don’t see a book you like, come back later and look around again.
–Free books are posted as they become available. These are determined by the publishers and most are available for a limited time – some only for a few hours. In other cases, a book may be free for a month or more. Some books are only available in certain geographic areas, so readers outside of the United Kingdom may not be offered the book for free. Always, always, always double-check to make sure a book is free before ordering.
–Books that are less than £2 are called SuperCheap. We feature SuperCheap books every day in the 5:45 a.m. London time post.
–We want our website to be family-friendly. Therefore, we do not post books we deem inappropriate.
We showcase a variety of fiction and non-fiction books, as well as short stories and book bundles. On Sunday mornings, we focus on Christian fiction, religious and inspirational offerings. The exception is free books. Many faith-based publishers offer free books and these are posted throughout the week as they come available. (Hint: Look for free books at the beginning of the month and on Mondays.)
We routinely share book reviews. Sometimes these books will be over our £6 cheap threshold because the price fluctuates, but we also make a point to let you know when these books drop in price. Amazon news, publishing updates and other news is posted on Thursdays in the Housekeeping column.
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